Lost in love update Thursday 18 January 2024

Lost in love 18 January 2024: Savi goes to a jeweler to sell Harini’s bangles to pay her college admission fees. Jeweler insists to call her family and dials Harini’s family landline. Kiran’s father Ramesh Sawant picks call.

Jeweler says a girl named Savi Chavan has come here to sell her sister’s bangles. Ramesh asks jeweler to wait for a mintue and informs family. They all accuse Savi of stealing bangles, and Kiran tries to call police. Harini stops Kiran and says she gave her bangles to Harini to pay her fees. They all 3 yell at her. Harini says she gave her aaji’s gifted jewelry during her wedding and not their jewelry. MIL yells that a girl’s jewelry belongs to her in-laws after marriage and she can’t give her jewelry to anyone just like that.

Kiran says he will go and bring bangles and Savi. Ramesh calls jeweler and asks him not to let Savi go as she stole the bangles and to handover jewelry to his son Kiran.

Savi demands her bangles back from jeweler. Jeweler refuses and says he knew she stole the bangles. Shukla calls Savi and says clerk is waiting for her. Savi records a video where she says jeweler is forcefully refusing to return her bangles, she is leaving now as she is in a hurry and will return to take back her bangles.

She leaves from there and reaches college. She pleads clerk to allow her some time to submit her transfer certificate/TC and fees. Clerk notices Yashwant’s instructions to let Savi submit TC and fees only till 11 a.m. and refuses to help her. He notices Ishan passing by and says Ishan can help her.

Savi rushes to Ishan and says she has a request for him. Ishan warns him to stay away from him as she creates troubles whenever she comes near him. She says she cleared the interview and has a right to request something. Ishan says he feels good seeing her requesting. Savi says she will submit her TC in some time, but needs a day’s time to pay her fees. Ishan bluntly refuses.

Savi holds his feet and pleads to allow her a day to pay her fees as it’s her dream to study in Bhosale institute. Yashwant notices that and tongue lashes Savi that it’s a college and not a drama hall. Savi pleads even him. He starts humiliating Savi. Kiran enters and introducing himself as Savi’s BIL asks them not to give admission to Savi as she eloped from marriage and stole her sister’s bangles. Savi says Harini herself gave her bangles. Ishan and Yashant refuse to believe Savi and continue to humiliate her.

Isha enters and asks Ishan how dare he is to trouble her student. Savi runs and hugs her. Isha asks Savi if she got her admission. Savi says no. Isha tongue lashes Yashwant and Ishan for making a mockery out of an institute and being cruel towards a student. She threatens Yashwant to complain him to to eduction trust if he refuses to give admission to Savi. Yashwant says Savi didn’t submit her TC yet. Isha hands him over TC and continues to fight for Savi. Teachers discuss that Isha is Shantanu’s estranged wife and Bhosale’s are venting out their grudge on a brilliant student just because she is Ishan’s student.


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