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Lost in Love 12 January 2023: Pakhi asks Sai if she got so anry on her that she is returning her gifted saris. Sai says she returned her sari not because she is angry on her but because she wants to see her in these saris in the future and give one more chance to herself. Pakhi asks what does she mean. Sai says she is still young and doesn’t have to spend her whole life as Samrat’s widow. Pakhi says she will never forget Samrat her whole life. Vaishali thinks where did her daughter learn this melodrama from as she and her husband are not melodramatic. Sai says Samrat would haven’t have liked see her sad, he wanted her to move head in life and live life to the fullest.

Pakhi says with her words, it looks like she is still angry and wants her to leave the house soon. Sai says she is not angry but is confused for sure as she is behaving well with her on one side and questioning her and Virat’s decision to adopt surrogacy and criticizing their decision. Pakhi says she shouldn’t deny the fact that she cannot bear a child for Virat, I just was worried for you and you are angry on me for that. Sai warns her that she and Virat have gone through a rough phase after losing their child and patched up with great difficulty, they have decided for surrogacy and would decide who would be fit to bear their child, so Pakhi should stop interfering in their issue.Pakhi says she is misunderstanding him, earlier she used to hate her but now admires her and wants to see her and her husband happy. She asks Vaishali if she says that or not. Vashali nervously nods yes. Sai thanks her for her concern and warns her that she wouldn’t tolerate if Pakhi interferes in her and her husand’s lives, especially the issue regarding their baby. Pakhi agrees. Sai apologizes Vaishali for disturbing her and leaves. Vaishali warns Pakhi to mend her ways before its too late as Sai sensed her intention. Pakhi says Sai gave her an idea instead. Vaishali senses her intention and asks her not to do that. Pakhi says she always does opposite to Vaishali’s advice.

An injured patient is rushed to Sai’s hospital by his family. Sai asks nurse to arrange for the blood and takes patient into the OT. Sonali taunts Bhavani if she will give an advertisement in the news paper for a surrogate mother. Bhavani says its a bad idea, but she needs a woman from their caste so that she can be assured that her grandchild has Chavan values. Karishma asks how will she convince the society that Sai got a baby suddenly after 9 months without a baby bump. Bhavani says she is right, where will she get a woman who can hide their secret.Pakhi enters and says she need not worry about this as she knows one woman. Sonali asks who is it. Pakhi says sometimes they fail to recognize the solution in front of them. Bhavani stunned asks if she means she wants to become a surrogate mother. Pakhi agrees. Sai performs her patient’s hospital and informs him that his condition is stable and he can be discharged soon. Patient’s wife thanks Sai for reviving her husband’s life. Sai says she just fulfilled her duty and goes to check other patient. Patient’s wife tells nurse that Dr. Sai is very good. Kavita says she is and reveals that Sai herself is going through a tragic incident in her life. Patient’s wife prays god to help Sai.

Sonali asks Pakhi if she really wants to help Sai by becoming a surrogate mother of her baby. Pakhi agrees and says she wants to help Chavan family. Karishma asks if she is ready to bear the pain and lose her figure and she will not get the baby at the end. Pakhi requests Bhavani to let her help the family get a heir. Bhavani says she is wondering why didn’t she get this idea, says the family secret will be between the family itself, says Paki proved that she is perfect Chavan bahu and thanks her. Pakhi thanks her for giving her the chance. Sonali asks if she informed Sai and Virat about her decision. Pakhi says let Bhavani as a head of the family handle this issue. Virat picks Sai from hospital and gifts her favorite flowers. They both laugh recalling Virat getting her favorite snacks. They drive towards house chatting when Karishma calls Sai and informs her that Bhavani wants them to reach home soon. Bhavani gathers whole family. Sai and Virat reach home. Bhavani reveals the news that she has selected Pakhi to be a surrogate mother of Sai and Virat. Everyone stands stunned hearing that.Bhavani announces that Pakhi would be Virat and Sai’s baby’s surrogate mother. Chavan family stands shocked hearing that. Ashwini asks how is it possible.


Bhavani asks why can’t Pakhi be a surrogate mother when she is Chavan bahu, healthy, and has good family values to be a mother. Mansi asks how can she take a decision for her bahu/DIL without informing her. Bhavani reveals that Pakhi herself wants to be a surrogate mother. Mansi says she wants Pakhi to marry and move on. Bhavani asks how can she think of marrying off Pakhi when Pakhi herself wants to be a Chavan bahu forever and says when a woman loves someone, its not necessary that she forget him after his death and marry someone else.Mansi gets disheartened and says her bahu is paying because she stayed in her brother’s house. Ninad says this house belongs to even Mansi. Sonali and Omkar back Pakhi’s wish. Sai confronts Pakhi that she should have discussed her intention with her first as she would be the baby’s mother and asks why didn’t she discuss when she visited her room last night. She reveals that Pakhi was criticizing her decision of surrogacy earlier and questioning the process, now she wants to be a surrogate; she would never consider Pakhi as her baby’s surrogate mother. Virat backs Sai and says he wouldn’t consider Pakhi as a surrogate if Sai doesn’t want to.

Pakhi says she didn’t discuss about it as Sai was angry and acting as blaming herself for loss of Sai’s baby because of her curse, so she genuinely wants to help Sai. She turns the tables in her favor and blames Sai that she still holds a grudge on her and is not agreeing to let her become Sai’s baby’s surrogate. She continues playing a victim card and acts as trying to help Chavan family get its heir.Sai says Pakhi cannot be a surrogate as one has to be already a mother if she wants to be a surrogate. Pakhi says she is cooking up story and giving a weird reason to stop her. Sai says she is not lying, Pakhi can do a search. Pakhi says she always thought good for Sai after her abortion and tried to help her by offering her coffee and her saris and now wants to become a surrogate for her, but Sai still considers her as enemy. Sai says Pakhi considers her as enemy instead and accuses her since day 1.Virat asks them to stop their argument and says he peacefully wanted a baby via surrogacy, but they are increasing the problem. He says they shouldn’t force Sai if she doesn’t Pakhi as her baby’s surrogate money. Bhavani says he is just blindly obeying his wife. Pakhi asks Virat if he is ready to make her as his baby’s surrogacy while Sai is opposing. Everyone stands shocked hearing her question. Virat says he never said that, he and Sai together would decide who their baby’s surrogate would be. Bhavani says however he tries to support his wife like a puppet, final decision of choosing a surrogate would be hers and she chooses Pakhi. Pakhi thanks and walks away grinning while Sai and Virat stand speechless.

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