Laxmi update Monday 9 January 2023

Lakshmi dances as Arjun play guitar, both remembers sad memories when Lakshmi says ‘No’ to Ajay and both start bleeding…they dance n play to such an extent. At home, Arjun tells dadi he has decided to forget Lakshmi and move on…he knows Lakshmi for 10 days but Lakshmi knows Arjun for 10 yrs and there is no way she will give up on her dreams..Dadi gets worried and poorva overhead them.Poorva is also worried for Arjun and tries to convince him that what happened was for the best…Lakshmi was not right for him but Arjun cuts her off and tells her to leave him alone..At home, Bua confronts Lakshmi about why she is crying and why Ajay is not with her, Laxmi lied by saying Ajay left because he had some work to attend.  However, Saraswati on the other hand sense something was wrong which is somehow related to Ajay.

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