Lost in Love update Monday 2 January 2023


Lost in Love 2 January 2023: Jagtap via a video message threatens Chavans to get him married to Sai if they want to live in peace. He says he just cut electric and water supply for now and will make their life help if they don’t oblige. Chavans are shocked to see that. Samrat takes Sai to police station and informs Vriat about Jagtap’s threat. Virat gets angry on Jagtap and leaves police station.Jagtap exercises at his place. His aide asks why he shifted from alcoholism to bodybuilding suddenly. Jagtap sayshis love for Sai changed him and says Virat will not leave his wife easily, so he will build body to break Virat’s bone. His aide applies face pack on his face saying Sai will like it. Virat enters breaking the door. Jagtap says he called his wife and not him. Virat says he came to punish him for his misbehavior. Jagtap humilates him. Virat removes his cap and shirt and says a husband has come here to punish him for his heinous act. He trashes Jagtap’s goons. Goons run away. Jagtap attacks him, but Virat overpowers him and trashes him brutally.

Virat then ties Jagtap to his jeep and drags him on road. Jagtap warns him to leave him or else he will kill him like he killed Kamal. Mob records Jagtap’s video. Jagtap threatens even them. Virat takes Jagtap to Chavan nivas and calls Sai out. Sai pleads him to spare Jagtap. Virat brutally punishes Jagtap again for humiliating Sai. DIG reaches there and stops Virat for breaking the rule. Vittal complains against Virat and demands DIG to arrest Virat. Virat refuses. DIG asks Virat to apologize Jagtap for physically harassing him. Virat slaps Jagtap again and apologizes him. Vital demands Virat’s arrest. DIG warns him not to teach him his duty and sends him from there. He then takes Virat along to police station and suggests him not to do anything which will put his family into trouble and handle the situation wisely.Mansi’s health worsens. Family gets concerned for her. Sai asks what will they do now without power and water supply at home. Samrat says he will take Mansi to hospital. Sai says she will accompany him. Bhavani yells at Sai that she is responsible for all the problems. Jagtap enters on a horse as a groom and demands to marry Sai right now. Chavans try to leave. He threatens them to stay there and watch the drama. Sai asks Jagtap if he forgot how her husband trashed him just a few hours ago.

Jagtap enters Chavan Nivas on a horse ready as a groom and demands to marry Sai. Whereas, Bhavani scolds him for his misbehavior. He gets frustrated with her yelling and pushes her. Chavans get concerned for her. Sai gets angry and asks Jagtap to get out of her house. Jagtap insists that he will marry her at any cost. Sai says she will never fulfill his demand at any cost. Jagtap laughs and challenges to get her. Vithal as usual supports his son and says he will fulfill all his son’s wishes.Samrat angrily holds Jagtap’s neck and warns to teach him a lesson. Jagtap’s aides rescue Jagtap and threaten Samrat at gunpoint. Pakhi and others get concerned for him. Jagtap announces that he will not go from there without Sai. Sai gets more angry on him. Jagtap pulls his gun out and threatens to kill each Chavan if she doesn’t agree. Sai fears for her family’s life and walks towards hm when Bhavani stops her and declares that they will protect Sai and will not let Jagtap take her away. Pakhi and Karishma get more afraid seeing the situation. Mansi’s condition deteriorates more while Pakhi tries to calm her down. Jagtap stops them from taking Mansi the hospital. Sai warns that she will never accept Jagtap while Jagtap continues to claim to mary her at any cost.


Sunny takes Virat to meet a businessman named Kamat and says even Kamat is troubled by Jagtap and hence Kamat wants to hep Virat. Kamat offers him 1 crore rs to tackle Jagta. Virat refuses his offer. Sunny insists him to accept the money and save Sai. Kamat also insists Virat to accept the money without thinking much. Virat accepts money. Inspector Kadam with police team walks in and arrests Virat for taking bribe from Kamat. Virat tries to explain, but Kamat lies that Virat blackmailed him to give him 1 crore rs. Sunny and Virat are shocked to see Kadam changing suddenly. Kadam puts Virat behind the bars.Sai threatens to expose Vital and Jagtap and records their video stating Vital is trying to force her to marry his son Jagtap. Vital fears for his reputation and takes Jagtap from there. Pakhi rushes Mansi to the hospital. Virat calls Sai and informs her about his arrest. Sai stands shocked hearing that. She with Samrat visits Virat and assures to get him out proving his innocence. She blames herself for all the troubles. Virat comforts her and asks her to be confident of herself.Jagtap barges into Sai’s room and tries to force her. She shouts for help. Chavans hears her plea and rush towards her room . Samrat breaks the door open and trashes Jagtap for his heinous act.

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