Lost in love update Monday 17 July 2023

Lost in love 17 July 2023: Virat knocks Pakhi’s room door and requests her to open the door. Pakhi tries to lock it. Virat forcefully enters and asks where is Vinu. Pakhi shouts at him to get out as she sent Vinu away. Virat says manager told Vinu is here, so she should stop her stupidity and inform where Vinu is. Pakhi shouts that he tried to snatch Vinu away from her and give it to Sai and hence didn’t inform her that Vinu is their biological son. He asks how does she know about it. Pakhi says got an unanimous letter and then she confirmed it via Anandi, shouts again why did he hide the truth from her. Virat says when he learnt truth, Vinu and Savi were hostaged by a policeman and then Pakhi was hospitalized, how would he have informed her truth. Pakhi asks if he revealed truth to Sai instead of her. Virat says he didn’t and Sai herself found it. He says if Sai takes back her child, its not wrong.

Pakhi shouts how dare he is to say that, Vinu is her daughter and nobody can dare touch her; Virat always supports Sai against her, etc. Sai knocks door and asks Virat to open the door and return her son. Pakhi shouts she will not handover her son at any cost. Sai asks inspector to break open the door as they will not open it. Inspector refuses to do so and says Virat and Pakhi can’t escape. Sai says she can’t be patient when its a question of her children. Pakhi points gun at Virat and refuses to reveal Vinu’s information. Virat says she is getting herself into trouble by doing this. Pakhi then points gun at herself and threatens to kill herself. Virat tricks her and tries to snatch gun. Sai threatens manager to give room’s master key to her or else she will file police complaint against him that he helped Pakhi in kidnapping Vinu. Manager hands over her key. Virat tries to snatch gun from Pakhi. Bullet shoots during their tussle. Sai hearing gunshot runs toward room fearing for Vinu’s life.

Virat snatches gun and throws it away and promises Pakhi that he will not let anyone snatch Vinu away from her. Pakhi cries hugging him. Virat promises her again that nobody can take Vinu away from them and comforts her. Sai with policemen enters room and stands speechless seeing them hugging each other. She asks where is Vinu. Virat says Vinu is not here. Sai asks Pakhi why did she elope with Vinu and his passport, how dare she is to try to take Vinu away. She tries to slap Pakhi. Virat stops her and shouts what is she doing, Vinu is Pakhi’s son as Pakhi adopted Vinu and even gave birth to him, Sai did nothing to Vinu and no one to Pakhi, etc. He continues to praise and support Pakhi and asks Sai to stay out of their lives. Sai says Sai is her blood. Virat says Vinu is even his blood and Sai has no right on him.

Sai stands shocked. Vinu walks in and asks Pakhi what is happening and asks Virat and Sai if they also came for party, Pakhi is taking him to London after the party. Virat tells inspector that his wife had come here to part with her son and leaves holding Pakhi and Vinu’s hands.Sai returns home shattered and lights a candle. She imagines Vinu asking her not to worry as he is with her. Lukka Chuppi Bhaut Hui.. song plays in the background. Vinu asks if he can call her choti mamma. Sai asks him to call her aayi and tries to hug him, but then realizes its her imagination and breaks down. Savi walks to her and asks where was she and why is she late. Power returns. Next morning, Sai visits a lawyer and thinks this the only way to get back her son.

Savi asks Sai where she had been and why is she late. Sai sits silently crying. Savi asks why she looks upset, where is Vinu dada as she promised to bring Vinu dada home. She searches for Vinu, asks Sai why didn’t she bring Vinu home, and brings phone to call Vinu. Sai takes phone from her and cries hugging her. Savi asks if she is fine. Sai thinks how to inform her that she couldn’t bring Vinu home, Usha was right that Virat will support Pakhi even this time as always and Virat did same and told she doesn’t have right on her son. Chavans eagerly wait for Virat to return home with Vinu. Virat walks in with Vinu and Pakhi. Ashwin and Bhavani emotionally pamper Vinu and try to confront Pakhi, but Virat stops them. Vinu asks what happened to them, he had gone for a party with mamma, but baba brought them back home. Sai says she didn’t know his significance in this house and today she realized how much she loves him. Vinu says he will go out daily then. Bhavani asks him not to say so, she will not let him go away from her eyesight ever.

Ashwini performs Vinu’s nazar. Vinu asks what is she doing. Bhavani says she is performing Vinu’s nazar. Vinu says from whom. Bhavani looking at Pakhi says someone dear ones put nazar on them, Ashwini is protecting him from such nazar/evil eye. Next morning, Vinu wakes up and finds Ninad looking at him standing at a door. Vinu asks why is he standing there. Ninad says he surprised them yesterday. Ashwiini walks in and takes Ninad away. Vinu falls asleep. Bhavani walks in next and gifts him her husband’s gold chain and pendant. Vinu says he is feeling sleepy, she could have gifted it later. Bhavani says already late. Omkar walks in next. Vinu says let him sleep now. Bhavani takes Omkar out. Pakhi walks in next and sings a lullaby for him.

Pakhi notices Savi calling Vinu and switches off phone. Virat walks in next and notices Pakhi’s tension. He returns to his room and recalls Pakhi refusing to give Vinu to Sai and him supporting Pakhi. Sai walks towards a lawyer’s office recalling Virat’s supporting Pakhi and humiliating Sai. She tells lawyer that she wants to file a custody case of her son. Virat drives to a secluded place and shouts to vent out her frustration. He cries apologizing Sai and saying Vinu is Sai’s son, but if he had not supported Pakhi, she would have shot herself. Lawyer asks Sai after he accident and when she learnt about her pregnancy, did she herself take a decision of not returning to her husband. Sai says it was her own decision. Lawyer says her husband must have assumed her dead and had a second marriage and then adopted Vinayak. Sai says yes. Lawyer asks if Pakhi brought up Vinayak after adoption. Sai says yes. Lawyer says the can’t file a case in that case. Sai says Vinayak is her son. Lawyer says she didn’t return to her husband after marriage, her husband and surrogate mother adopted Vinu without knowing he is their biological son, and since surrogate mother and father took care of her son, legally she can’t file a case against them. Sai asks if she can’t get back her son legally. Lawyer says there is no legal way.

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