Guddan update Thursday 5 May 2022

Guddan 5 May 2022: AJ says I saw him misbehaving with you in the house too. AJ saw Kunal touching Guddan and saying I would drop you. Guddan said no I will go with my driver. Kunal said Guddan this industry is forward. You have to sit in my car if you have to go forward. Guddan hit him and said don’t ever dare coming close to me. AJ says this man is disgusting. Guddan says we were acting only. AJ says you acted so bad. Guddan says that’s why you came to save me? The director says if you want to become a hero then give audition. Don’t do this.

Saru says you should be wearing this garland. Antra throws it away and says stop doing this drama. I am irritated. I am done with your greed. Whose money is this? Where is 10k from the locker? No one else used it. You have no value for my money. Saru says Laxmi and Durga depressed me so I brought a saree. Antra says you could get something else show me. Antra takes her bangle and says this is how I wil recover.Dadi comes to Guddan’s set. The director says now her MIL is here. Her in laws won’t let my shoot complete. The director says Dadi ji set has some rules and regulations. You have to come in a get up. Guddan says to AJ you can prepare for this content and me a teacher in my movie. You would earn as well. AJ says this fake world is for you only. I have no interest in it.

AJ says I have no interest in it. I only hit him because he was misbehaving with you. Guddan says so you care? He says I would do this for anyone. The director and team make Dadi a kid. They ask her to act. They laugh at her. Dadi is embarrassed. They says she’s Guddan’s ex. Guddan would be so happy to see this. She is her ex MIL after all. They ask Dadi to dance. Dadi is about to fall. Guddan comes there and hugs her.Guddan makes them dress as cartoons and asks them to dance. Dadi laughs. Everyone laughs at them. Guddan says do you people have shame? She is like a mother to me. How dare you misbehave with my mother. Is this all fun for you? Bullying makes people suicidal.

Never dare doing something like this again. Now touch her feet and apologize. They all apologize to dadi. Dadi says it’s okay. Guddan says I am sorry. Dadi says you are my superstar. You don’t have to say sorry. Guddan says let me drop you home.Guddan drops her home and says sorry. Dadi says you are still like how you were. Guddan says I have changed. Dadi says would you do something? Dadi says please come back to my AJ’s life.Dadi says come back to AJ’s life please. He doesn’t listen to anyone. He keeps drinking. I don’t see his face for days. He says he hates you but I know he loves you. He is supressing his love. He is alive because of you only. I beg you for his life. Guddan says please don’t say this. You know I can’t do this.

Dadi says for me please. Guddan says your Guddan can’t do this. I have moved on in life. I got over what I lost. Dadi says then kill me from your own bare hands. Guddan says what are you doing? Leave my hands. Drink water please. Don’t force me you know I can’t say no to you. Guddan says he asked me to leave that house. Dadi says he was angry. Guddan says would you send your daughter to a house where she was disrespected. I can give my life for you but please don’t force me to come to that house. I can’t. Please take care of your health and give me your blessings. AJ says to Guddan hey heroin you came to my place? Why do you keep coming here? Guddan says I came to drop dadi. AJ says ma ji saved you. Go from here. A net falls on Guddan and AJ. AJ says go from here. Who did this? Guddan leaves.

Durga says to Antra I need 50 thousand for Aarav’s fees. Saru says send him to a cheaper school. ANtra says no you would get the money. She gives her 4 lacs. Antra says deposit 50k and give me 150k. Durga says that’s wrong. I can’t misuse AJ’s money. Antra says do what I asked. She asks Durga to massage her feet. Laxmi comes. Antra says you massage the other one. Laxmi says why would we? Antra says don’t you want Aarav to go to a big school? They massage her feet. Laxmi says Guddan never did that. Antra twists her hand. AJ comes. ANtra cries and says why don’t you people give me a chance. I can’t be her. But she left this house. If I have to be Guddan I would leave this house. Durga says AJ listen. AJ says I won’t waste my time. I won’t hear Guddan’s name in this house. Antra is your MIL.

Revati says what happened now? Guddan says dadi wants me to be back in that house. I said no. Revati says you did right. You don’t care even if they die. Guddan says what are you saying. Guddan says I still respect them. Revati says she can’t hide that she still cares for them. Guddan comes to the set. The director says Guddan you’re in bridal dress. The villain would kidnap you in his car. Guddan stands there. A groom comes and puts her in the car. Guddan says leave my hand. She screams help. Director says what a shot. The real hero comes there with hands tied and no clothes. The director says what was that? If the hero is here who was in the car.Guddan screams who are you? Where are you taking me? Guddan screams help. It’s AJ. He says why do you talk so much. You are kidnapped for real.

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