Timeless love update Wednesday 17 January 2024

Timeless love 17 January 2024: Amba recalls the humiliation she faced in front of the media. The warden gives the food to Amba. Amba says to her it’s not hygiene. Take it from here. The warden says to her that this food is only available here. If she needs to just eat it or else stay up hungry the whole night.

She feels frustrated wiping her sweating using her saree. She asks them to turn on the fan at least. Durga asks her, should she turn on AC for her in a mocking way. She tells her it’s a jail, not her mansion to feel comfortable. Amba tells her that she isn’t doing right to her. Durga tells her that only one complaint has been made against her yet. If she gets a few more reports, then she will make sure that she can’t come out of this jail. Amba was frustrated to hear it.

The constable informs Amba that someone has come to meet her. Vidhi comes there and mocks at her. She says that she mayn’t have expected to end up here. Amba says that she can’t imagine what she will do to her when she comes out of jail. Vidhi says to her that she can’t go out of this place. She is paying for her sin. She is punished for her sins. She challenges Amba to make sure that she will pay for her deeds.

Amba mentioned Vidhi as a beggar. Vidhi says to her that she is the beggar in her life. However much she begs God, she will be punished in return. It’s written in her destiny. Due to God’s blessings, she can see the sky and the outside world. But Amba is like a bird locked inside a jail. She can’t come out of this jail. Amba says to her that she can’t win against her. Vidhi says to her that she won’t allow her to win this time. She can’t come out of this place, so please feel comfortable here.

Later, Priya makes a video call to Vidhi. She tells her that the truth wins in the end. She feels safe in this house. She feels happy for the first time. Simi says to her that she missed her a lot. Dev comes there so she disconnects the call. Dev tells her that he gave her many opportunities. Vidhi says to him that they shouldn’t treat their family like that. She takes a stand for Priya. She asks Dev whether he is prepared for his speech or not? Dev tells her it’s not a big deal. He tells her about his concept.

Vidhi says to him that she has prepared for his speech. It’s not a small thing, so he has a special gift for him. She gave a new shirt to him. Dev asks her where he got the money to buy this shirt? Vidhi tells him that she bought it for him. It’s her love for him. Vidhi recalls the way she got a gold loan to buy a new shirt. Vidhi thinks that Dev won’t leave this matter if he learns that she got a gold loan. Later, Satyavati prayed in the temple and blessed Dev. Abhimanyu and Chithra appreciate his new shirt. Dev asks Vidhi again how she got the money to buy it. Satyavati asks him why he is asking so many questions of her. Chithra feels dizzy there. Dev asks her what happened to her? She tells him that she has been feeling dizzy since morning. Dev asks Vidhi to accompany her to the speech but she refuses. She thinks that something is bothering her. She isn’t getting good vibes. She refuses to go with him. Dev convinces her to take him with her. Satyavati blessed them.

Dev’s student is discussing the guest details. He was disappointed when he invited Dev Raichand. He tries to convince him. Dev reaches there along with Vidhi. He asks Raichand to be professional. He had to arrive early to attend the speech. Later, he welcomes Dev on stage. Bimla calls him often. He was disappointed with Dev’s mannerisms. Dev excuses them for attending the call. He asks Vidhi to attend it on behalf of him and leaves. Vidhi thinks she will attend this speech better than him.

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