Lost in Love update Friday 13 January 2023

Lost in Love 13 January 2023: Sai expresses her displeasure when Bhavani decides Pakhi as her baby’s surrogate mother. She says she and Virat should select their baby’s surrogate and not Bhavani. Virat asks her to calm down and says he is just waiting to see their baby in the world soon. On the other side, Pakhi tells Vaishali how Sai opposed Bhavani’s decision and tried to disapprove Pakhi as the surrogate. Vaishali says she already warned her not to think of that. Pakhi says she will not listen to anyone and will become Virat’s baby’s mother at any cost. Vaishali gets concerned seeing Pakhi’s behavior.Ashwini visits Virat and Sai and says she knows their anxiousness, but Pakhi has convinced Bhavani that only she can be the surrogate mother of Sai and Virat’s baby. Sai asks if even she thinks so. Ashwini says not her, but Bhavani and a few others want that. Sai asks how can she let a woman who once loved her husband become her baby’s surrogate mother.

Virat and Ashwini stand stunned hearing that. Vaishali tries to explain Pakhi that she won’t be able to call her baby as hers even if she gives birth to it. Pakhi say she doesn’t care as she just wants to get closer to Virat and win his heart some day via the baby. Vaishali says baby will be called Virat and Sai’s baby and not hers, nobody will even ask her once the baby comes in this world. Pakhi asks what if everyone forgets Sai and she makes a place into Virat’s heart forever.Virat tells Sai that Pakhi forgot him and loves Samrat immensely. Sai asks how can she forget Samrat so soon then and change her tone suddenly and insisting to become surrogate of her while she was blamed her till yesterday. Sai says as a woman, she can sense Pakhi’s intention. Virat says they just want a woman who is fit to be their baby’s surrogate. Sai says she will find a woman soon and will not agree to Bhavani’s order.Pakhi walks to Bhavani’s room. Bhavani asks her not to worry as she will force Sai to accept her as surrogate. Pakhi says nobody can convince Sai easily, she had humiliated Sai a lot before, but has changed now and wants to truly help Sai. Bhavani says she will not let Sai select someone else as surrogate and will take her to the doctor for examination to shut up Sai’s mouth. Next day, she takes Pakhi to doctor for examination. Doctor checks Pakhi and tells Bhavani that her DIL is completely fit to become a mother. She praises Bhavani for thinking about getting her DIL married again.

Bhavani tongues lashes her for thinking like that and says she wants Pakhi to become Sai’s baby’s surrogate mother. Doctor says its not possible as one needs to be a mother before to become someone’s surrogate. Bhavani thinks Sai was telling truth.

Sai’s patient’s wife thanks Sai for saving her husband’s life and expresses her desire to become her baby’s surrogate mother to repay Sai’s debt. Sai gets emotional and asks if she really wants to help her. Lady husband also backs the lady. Sai thanks them. Lady says she wants to see Sai having her baby soon. Sai says she will speak to a doctor regarding this and first give this good news to someone. She calls Virat and happily informs him that her search is over. Virat sits confused. Sai says she will visit his office and inform him everything.Virat waits for Sai. Pakhi walks in instead and apologizes for her misbehavior with Sai earlier and says Sai is still angry on her. Virat says Sai is when Pakhi gave this shocking proposal and says he and Sai should decide about their baby’s mother and Pakhi should understand Sai’s behavior as a woman. Pakhi says even she lost her love and lot more and says she is talking about Samrat. Virat says he can understand her feeling of missing Samrat, even he misses Samrat, but they can’t do anything. Pakhi says she experiences the pain each second, but instead of understanding her pain, Sai is accusing her true intentions and asks if she has any defect in her that she cannot become Virat’s baby’s mother. Virat opens his eyes wide in shock hearing that. Pakhi says she means a surrogate and says her intentions are different.

Pakhi tells Virat that her intentions are different. Virat asks what does she mean. Pakhi says she and Samrat had planned to move on in life and have a baby of their own, now that she cannot have a baby of her woman, she wants become Virat and Sai’s baby’s surrogate mother and become a complete woman. She further accuses Sai of opposing her every move to take revenge from her. Virat says choosing surrogate should be his and Sai’s right and he cannot force Sai to change her decision. Pakhi gets adamant that she is fit to be the surrogate and lies that Bhavani got her checkup via a gynecologist who approved her, etc. Virat tries to stop her, but she holds Virat’s hand and pleads him.Sai walks in and stands stunned seeing Pakhi forcefully holding Virat’s hand. Pakhi leaves Virat’s hand and alleges Sai that she enters at the wrong place at the wrong time always. Sai says Pakhi is at the wrong place instead as Pakhi is at her husband’s office, she had informed Virat that she is coming and even then he let Pakhi stay in his cabin and calmly listening to her. Virat asks Sai to calm down and says Pakhi felt uncomfortable speaking to Sai, hence she came here to request him to convince Sai to let her be their baby’s surrogate mother. Sai says it shows Pakhi’s wrong intentions and reveals that she doesn’t need Pakhi as a surrogate as she already found a surrogate. Virat rejoices hearing that. Pakhi asks who is she. Sai says its none of her business.

Back home, Sai informs Virat details about the surrogate mother when Bhavani enters and as usual in her rudest tone yells at Sai that she will not permit any other woman become a surrogate other than Pakhi. Sai says its her baby and her right to select the surrogate and she will not listen to her this time. Bhavani shouts the baby is her family heir and she will not let her do that. Pakhi joins Bhavani. Bhavani insists to test the chosen surrogate and Pakhi and choose whoever she feels more fit. Sai denies and says she will not listen to her this time. Bhavani continues to shout.Ashwini and other family members rush in and asks Bhavani why she is angry. Pakhi says Sai has chosen a surrogate and Bhavani wants to test her, but Sai is not agreeing for that. Sonali and Omkar ask Sai why don’t she let Bhavani test her selected surrogate. Sai asks why should she and reveals that Bhavani got Pakhi tested and even she revealed that only a woman who already had become a mother can be a surrogate, but Pakhi visited Virat’s office and forced him to accept her as surrogate. Bhavani calls Sai as infertile and says she should be thankful to Pakhi who is lending her womb.

Karishma says even a baby’s maternal grandmother can lend her womb. Shivani explains that a womb who lends a womb cannot be baby’s mother. Bhavani yells at Sai that she cannot understand family emotions as she is an orphan. Virat asks Bhavani how can she use such words to prove her mettle. Ashwini says they are Sai’s family, then how can Sai be an orphan. Sonali says even Pakhi is part of the family, then why don’t Sai accept her as surrogate. Bhavani shouts again. Sai says whatever they all do, she will not accept Pakhi as her baby’s surrogate mother and walks away from there. Nind asks Virat to tell his opinion. Virat says even his opinion is same. Bhavani walks away feeling humiliated. Virat walks behind Bhavai and asks her not to feel disheartened. Bhavani tries to manipulate him saying even he wants Pakhi to be his baby’s surrogate, but is afraid of Sai. Virat says Sai went through an abortion and emotionally labile, so she wants to be careful. Bhavani continues her emotional blackmail.

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