Lost in love update Thursday 11 January 2024

Lost in love 11 January 2024: Ishan threatens his father to reveal how Savi entered college or else he will file a police complaint that she entered college illegally. Shantanu stops him and says Savi is not lying. Ishan says that means that woman sent Savi there.

Shantanu says that woman is his mother and he should respect his mother. Ishan says that woman is no one else to him. Surekha and Yashwant continue to grill Shantanu for still having contact with Isha and following her orders and letting Savi stay in Ishan’s cabin for a night. Shantanu says he got a call from Isha after many years requesting him to give admission to her student on the basis of her capability. Yashwant shouts how could he let that girl stay in Bhosale institute, his name would have spoilt if that girl had done something.

Shantanu says he let that lonely girl stay in institute to protect her from any unforeseen events. Ishan shouts why in his cabin, that girl is arrogant like her teacher and arrogantly told him that she will meet Shantanu sir at any cost and get admission based on her capbility. Shantanu says he had asked Shukla to let the girl stay in his cabin, but Shukla goofed up; that girl said right and they should give admission based on capability. Yashwant and Ishan say they will not.

Savi notices students looking at their admission list and says she will also get admission after meeting Shantanu sir. Watchman asks her to leave before he loses his job. Savi says she has a meeting with Shantanu in 15 minutes and will get admission. Watchman disagrees. Durva and Avni interfere and try to humiliate her. Savi gives them a befitting reply and humiliates them in return, leaving them fuming. She then rushes to meet Shantanu and asks a student about Shantanu’s office. Durva and Avni signal student to misguide her. He says Shantanu’s office is in 3rd building’s 7th floor and there is no lift there. Savi rushes towards 3rd building. Student asks them why they asked him to lie to that girl. They say they don’t want that girl to get admission in their institute.

Savi reaches 7th floor and learns that Shantanu’s office is 1st building 3rd floor itself and students pranked him. Shantanu waits for Savi and calls Isha. Isha informs him that Savi must be reaching him soon. Shukla informs Shantanu that he is called for a board meeting at director’s cabin. Shantanu informs him that yesterday’s girl will come and he should let her wait in his cabin until he returns. Shukla agrees. Savi finally reaches near Shantanu’s cabin somehow and asks Shukla about his cabin. Shukla says it’s Shantanu’s cabin, but Shantanu left for a meeting 5 classes away. Savi rushes towards cabin. Yashwant starts boarding meeting and asks Ishan to pitch in his ideas regarding changing curriculum.

Savi rushes in and calls for Shantanu. Shantanu walks to her. She introduces herself. Shantanu says at least they met. Savi gives her brief introduction and describes how she aspires to get admission in Bhosale institute and become an IAS officer. Nishikanth humiliates her followed by Yashwant and Ishan. Shantanu asks her to wait for him in his cabin. Ishan asks him to speak right there and continues to humiliate her. They finally refuse to give admission to her.

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