Lost in Love update Sunday 8 January 2023

Lost in love 8 January 2023: Sai imagines Virat and herself bathing a baby and enjoying quality family time. Ashwini walks to her and gets her out of imagination. She shows her concern towards Sai and says she can understand Bhavani pressurizing her for a baby, but she needs to stay strong. She assures that they all are there with her, while the latter stays quiet. Ashwini tries to talk to Sai, while the latter finally shares her pain stating that she just wanted to give happiness to Virat and her whole family. She blames herself for not being able to protect their child, while Ashwini tries to console her.Sai sees Virat thinking about something and confronts him. She states that she understand what he is going through, but ask him to share his feelings with her. She declares that he just can’t isolate him from everyone. She cries stating that she has carried their child in her womb and is going through the same feelings as Virat.

Sai insists Virat not to avoid her and breaks down stating that she needs him in this tough time. She remembers how she informed him about the baby and tells that now she can’t even imagine being pregnant. Whereas, they both gets flashes of how Virat has constructed a nursery for their baby.Sai remembers how she complained about not feeling well when she was pregnant and Virat took care of her. She recalls his words that she will become the best mother, as she always helps others and have made everyone happy. He also told that Sai will teach their kid to always say the truth and declares that he have full confidence on Sai’s parenting. Sai and Virat cry remembering their happy moments, while he goes away from there making some excuses. Sai stops him and tells that she has found some solutions for their problem. She reminds Virat about the doctor’s advice to either adopt a child or go for surrogacy. She questions that which way Virat wants to bring their child into the world?Virat denies to accept Sai’s suggestion and declines it. He says that he doesn’t want to bring their child via any other medium rather then her. He goes away while Sai gets devastated. Meanwhile, Pakhi sees her luggage and becomes emotional. Vaishali comes inside Pakhi’s room and instigates her against Bhavani.

Vaishali says that Bhavani doesn’t care about Pakhi and that is why have thrown her out of the house after Samrat’s death. She then suggests Pakhi to move on in her life and notify her about Rohan. She ask Pakhi to meet him, while the latter gets furious. Vaishali somehow makes Pakhi understand and gets her ready, while Mansi gets shocked seeing her. Ashwini shares her worry regarding Sai and Virat’s relationship. She says that Virat doesn’t share his agony with anyone and proclaims that it will hamper their bond. Ninad decides to talk with Virat and says that he is going through a lot. They both prays for Sai and Virat’s betterment.Ninad asks Virat if he got ready so early to go to the office. Virat says he got woken up early. Ninad says he got the chance to spend time with him. He reminisces about his childhood and says let us go and have coffee together. Virat says coffee. Ninad jokes if your father will drink only tea all life. Virat asks him to come. Sai stands on the balcony looking at them. They arrive at the café. Ninad checks the menu card and gives it to Virat. Virat checks the menu.Pakhi comes to the cafe, and thinks if Virat sees me dressed well, then what will he think? Ninad asks Virat if there is some problem between Sai and him. Pakhi thinks she shall listen and sits nearby.

Sai checks a patient and asks him not to trouble his Mummy. The boy complains of stomach pain. Sai says no junk food from now onwards. She makes him have medicine. A nurse comes there and says the baby’s mother hasn’t gained consciousness and the baby is hungry. The baby’s father asks if they shall feed him formula milk. Pakhi says for the baby’s good health, he needs only his mother’s milk. The baby’s grandmother asks if we shall keep him hungry and says they feed cow’s milk to newborns in their families. Pakhi asks the Nurse to go and check if the mother has gained consciousness. Nurse goes. Pakhi takes the baby in her hand and the baby stops crying hearing her. She feels motherly love for the baby. The nurse comes back and tells that the mother gained consciousness. The baby’s grandmother says you will be a good mother one day.Ninad asks Virat to say what is going on between Sai and him. Virat says nothing. Ninad says I can see clearly that there is some problem between you both and you seems to be lost. Virat says nothing. Ninad says if you hide something in yourself, it will hurt you more. He asks again. Virat asks if Sai told you something. Ninad says parents get the quality to understand their children’s problems. He says Sai couldn’t talk to you openly. Virat says I am not able to talk to her in this matter. Ninad asks if you are blaming Sai for the happenings. Virat says never and says I have so much pain in myself, that I couldn’t stay with Sai, and remember that we have lost the baby. Pakhi hears them and thinks they are growing apart because of the baby loss.

Sai cries. The nurse asks Sai to change her duty and not to work in the pediatric ward. Sai says some memories might bring tears in our eyes, but can’t forget them. She says she is a doctor and sworn to treat patients, she can’t let her personal life affect her professional life. She says I can’t be a mother, but I can solve other mothers’ problems. She says this way God gave me the chance to express my motherly love.A little girl comes to Virat. Virat looks at the girl and gets emotional, recalling Sai and his conversation. The little girl signs him to give her the straw umbrella. Virat gives it to her and smiles. The girl’s father comes there calling her and takes her.Virat recalls their conversation again. Ninad asks him to sit. He says see your condition, if you have so much pain then why don’t you think of adoption. Virat says even Sai asked me to opt for adoption or surrogacy. He says I said none of them. He says I want the baby to have Sai and my reflection in the baby, and those 9 months must have been beautiful if we would have lived together. He says this was my plan. Ninad asks did you think about what she is going through? Virat says she is broken, but standing strong in front of me. He says she asked this, thinking about me, but I couldn’t talk to her properly and is upset. Ninad asks him to forget and move on. Virat says I had seen some dreams which are shattered now, and it is like I am walking on my dreams dead body. Ninad says life’s journey doesn’t depend on one way and says one way is full of thorns, then you shall take the other way. He asks him to think about answering Sai and take a decision. Virat gets up and goes. Pakhi hides her face. Ninad pays the money to the waiter and goes.

Pakhi thinks Virat has distanced himself from Sai, as she couldn’t give him a baby. She thinks if she can get Virat back. Rohan comes there and says sorry for coming late. She thanks him for coming late and says you came at the right time.Pakhi tells Vaishali that she can start her new life with Virat. Vaishali says every husband and wife have problems in their lives. Pakhi says Sai can’t give him a baby. Vaishali asks will you give the baby to Virat. Pakhi gets an idea and says I can give the baby to Virat. Vaishali asks her to think about Rohan. Pakhi shouts saying that she can’t forget Virat. She tried to move on with Samrat, but he was snatched from her. She says every time others can’t decide about me. She says first Virat asked me to marry Samrat, and I did. Then family blamed me for Sai’s condition and asked me to leave home. She says nobody thinks about me or asks me where my happiness lies. She says I always heard from others. Now I will decide about my life. She says she has nothing to lose today but has so much to gain. She says I married Samrat so that I can stay close to Virat. She says I went far from Virat hearing the family and you. She says I need to go back to Chavan Nivas, even if I have to stay as his friend.

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