Kulfi the singing star update Friday 6 January 2023

Kulfi the singing star 6 January 2023: Society people discuss its visarjan day today abd without Kulfi they won’t,they come to a conclusion to help Sikander find Kulfi. Raju goes to call Sikander and finds no one in the room,they find Sikander and Amyra leaving from exit behind the society. Himmat asks Sikander whats the problem and not to loose hope and all society members will help stand with him in this situation. Sikander asks Amyra to stand aside and discusses the problem with them. Raju mummy says im like your elder brother trust me and let me accompany you, Sikander says okay and asks others to stay and pray for Kulfi.Sikander Amyra and Raju reach location, others in society praying for Kulfi. Lovely hiding says you are so stupid i asked you not to bring anyone, Amyra sees Lovely and says dad let me go to mom once, Lovely says see my baby wants her mother you kept her away from her mother you never loved her for you its always Kulfi and this is why you agreed to get her here for Kulfi, Amyra your dad doesnt love you. Sikander says i cant see kulfi, lovely says things here will work as per my wish and not yours first Amyra will come to me and then you will get Kulfi.

Amyra walking away, Sikander holds her hand, Lovely says leave her dont you want Kulfi, Sikander hugs Amyra, Amyra walks to Lovely, Lovely hugs her and says i missed you so much, Amyra says tell him where kulfi is and we will go away, Sikander asks where is Kulfi, Lovely says you made me rot there right this is my revenge im not telling you, Amyra says mom i never expected this from you,we were waiting you will come back and we will give a fresh start but you ran away and then did wrong to Kulfi,me and dad both want Kulfi this all was plan i want to stay with dad and not you because you are wrong.Police come in and take hold of Lovely, Lovely saysbyou betrayed me,brain washed my Amyra i will never tell you where Kulfi is,she will be right under your nose but you wont find her.,police takes her away.Sikander and society people start looking for Kulfi everywhere. Amyra gets angry rushes to Ganesha and says Kulfi trusted you the most but look what you did to her,and Lovely is no longer my mom Kulfi is in danger because of her, i can never forgive her, Matka sees lovelys picture and says that’s your mother, she was hiding here said goons are behind her, and so i helped im sorry i didnt know the truth,Raju and Sikander ask where qas she hiding,Matka shows,Sikander and Raju checks but Kulfi isn’t there.

Sikander calling out for Kulfi and searching for her. At the same time, some plumbers come to start the water while Kulfi is in the water tank. Himmat prays to Ganpati Bappa to help find Kulfi while Sikander also asks Bappa to give him a clue. At the same time, a mouse comes from behind Ganpati idol and goes straight to the water tank. Sikander gets the hint and opens the water tank to find Kulfi inside. He gets her out of the tank and she gets conscious. She is really scared of Lovely taking her again while Sikander assures her nothing will happen. They all later thank Bappa for saving Kulfi.Amyra and Kulfi enjoy their reunion while Sikander decides to do something for his daughter’s future. Later, they all gather in the Chawl for lunch.

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