Lost in Love update Monday 9 January 2023

Lost in Love 9 January 2023: Sai calls Virat. Virat messages her that he will call her after some time. Sai gets sad/ Ashwini comes there and asks Sai not to hide her pain from her. She says Virat is distancing himself from you. Sai says I want to make everything fine with him, but he doesn’t want to stay in the same room with me. Ashwini says I know that he slept in the other room. He says I made you both sleep in separate rooms after your accident, to make you both closer. She says now you both are distancing from each other, this is the sign of going apart. She says we shall go to Dr. Anjali Gupta, she might show us a way. Sai says the idea is good, but if Virat sir will agree. Ashwini asks if there is any other way to stop him from sleeping to another room. Sai says I am tired of thinking all this, why there is always troubles and sadness in my destiny. She asks what are the bad lines in my hand. Ashwini pretends to take it out.

Vaishali asks Mansi where is she going? Mansi says you have taken good care of me, but I had said already that I can’t stay here for many days. She says she will go to an old age home. Vaishali asks why are you saying this? Mansi says no. She tells that she wishes Pakhi to remarry and she will start her new life, and she herself doesn’t want to burden her. Pakhi comes there and says you came here leaving Chavan Nivas, and now wants to leave me. She says she is Samrat’s widow and if he left then that doesn’t mean that she shall hold another’s hand. She says you are Samrat’s mother, I will take you to Chavan Nivas today. She thinks I will not go away from you Virat, I had married Samrat to stay near you, now I am returning to be with you.Virat comes to the baby’s room and finds Sai taking the toys and other stuff from the room. He questions her. Sai says she has decided to give this stuff to a patient’s baby in the hospital. Virat asks if our baby will not play with these toys. Sai says we will get this stuff when you decide to adopt the baby, I have noticed that you feel pain seeing this, and that’s why I am giving it. She says you are distancing yourself from me, I can’t stay away from you. She asks him to decide if he wants to adopt, opt for surrogacy, or wants to go to a counselor. Virat hugs her.

Bhavani tells that she can’t permit adoption, fear about the baby’s parents’ caste, status, etc. She asks what was the other thing? Sonali says Surrogacy and tells that the baby will be of Sai and Virat, but it will be born to another woman. She says Virat is fine, we shall get him remarried. Ashwini dismisses her idea and says nobody will take Sai’s place in his life. Bhavani agrees with her. Ashwini says there are issues in Sai and Virat’s relationship. Bhavani says she will talk to them and will convince them, hoping everything will be fine.Sai gets an alert and says tomorrow is Samrat Dada’s birthday, we shall celebrate his birthday. Virat says it will be difficult for everyone, and we shall not talk about Samrat and increase everyone’s pain. Sai says we feel pain when someone goes, but that doesn’t mean that we shall forget him. She says she wants to give shraddhanjali to him and wants to keep puja for him. She asks if you will convince Kaku for this puja, and also we have to fulfill Dada’s last wish, we have promised him that we will take care of Bua and Pakhi. It is our responsibility to bring them back.

Pakhi comes to Chavan Nivas with Mansi. Bhavani says Mansi can come, as she is the family, but how dare you to return. Mansi says I told you that nobody will accept you. Pakhi says you have accepted Sai, though you refused at first. Bhavani says she is the bahu of the house. Pakhi says she is Samrat’s widow and Aai’s bahu. She says Aai was worried and that’s why I have brought her here. Bhavani says you can’t come. Pakhi threatens to file a Police complaint that a widow is thrown out of Chavan Nivas. She says Police will come and arrest you. Bhavani says you were good, what happened to you.

Pakhi says she got nothing going against Sai and was thrown out. She says I should have supported Sai and would have been stubborn in everything. She says she has realized and came to fight for her saas and herself. She says even her husband has the right to the house.Bhavani says I used to give your example to all the family members and doesn’t expect this from you. Pakhi says even I used to respect you a lot and when Samrat left me after a day of marriage, I had stayed in this house for you. She says you were the one who had accused me and thrown me out, even though I didn’t expect this from you. She says you keep changing with the seasons and says I have understood you well now. She says that day I had left home, but now nobody can stop me from staying here. She asks Mansi to come inside. She walks inside the house with Mansi.

Bhavani stops Pakhi and asks Omi if he will not say anything. Omi says even Pakhi is threatening us like Sai. Sonali reminds that Sai had called Police and got them insulted. She says Pakhi will call the Police. Ashwini says I was telling that day that we shouldn’t have let Mansi tai go, I am happy that Pakhi brought her back home. Virat says it is good that you both came and says just now Sai was telling that we shall bring you both back. Sai says tomorrow is Samrat dada’s birthday and we shall celebrate it. Bhavani asks if you have gone mad to celebrate his birthday, not even one month has passed. Pakhi hugs Sai surprising everyone.Bhavani says not even one month has passed since Samrat left, and you want to celebrate his birthday. Pakhi hugs Sai surprising everyone. She thanks Sai for thinking to celebrate his birthday. She says even I thought the same. She says it is difficult for you to believe me, but now I have changed and decided not to blame you for anything happening with my life, says I think there is no love in my destiny. Sai apologizes to Pakhi and says nobody shall have the same fate as you, even you deserve to get the happiness and love, and Samrat Dada was remembering you in his last moment. Pakhi says I had cursed you and asks for forgiveness. She says if Samrat would have been alive then he would have said this. Sai remembers Samrat’s last words and hugs Pakhi. Ashwini feels bad for Pakhi. Pakhi tells Virat and Sai, that she did wrong to both of them. Virat asks her not to think much. Pakhi forwards her hand. Sai makes him shake his hand with her. Virat hugs Mansi. Pakhi says even Samrat wanted to see the family stay together and every one support each other. She asks Shivani and Ashwini to come and says today I want to end all the complaints. She calls Mohit and Karishma and also Devi.

Sonali is about to go, but Bhavani stops her. Shivani thanks Pakhi for bringing Mansi back home. She asks her not to leave again. They make a promise that they will never leave the family. Bhavani says these buttery talks seem to be good, but don’t think that I will come to your talks and give permission for Samrat’s birthday. She says I am not that weak, birthday will not be celebrated. Mohit goes to bring Pakhi’s bag. Pakhi says I don’t think Badi Mami will give permission. She says we will celebrate with her permission. Mohit says how we will do it. Sai asks Mansi if she has any objection to the celebration. Mansi says no, and says Samrat is in my hand and everyone’s heart. She requests that no fight shall happen in the house. Sai asks them to rest and says welcome back home. She is about to lift Pakhi’s bag. Pakhi tries to stop her from telling about her pregnancy but stops. Ashwini says you shouldn’t have said this. Pakhi apologizes to Sai and says I didn’t mean to hurt you. Sai says it’s ok. Pakhi looks at Samrat’s photo frame.In the room, Sai tells Virat if Pakhi said it intentionally. She says Pakhi knows that we have lost the baby. Virat says I know that you will find her good behavior strange and since you came, she was against you. He says Pakhi seems to be inspired from your talks and actions, and wants to walk on your footsteps. Sai turns and sees Pakhi standing and hearing them. Pakhi says you both don’t believe me, as I haven’t earn that trust, I always gave taunts to Sai. She asks her to see her without discrimination. She says even today Samrat’s memories makes me cry, I had thought about everything while staying in Aai’s house, and realized my mistake. She says I feel sad about cursing you, and I blame myself for whatever happened with you. She apologizes again. Sai says I had said before also, whatever happened with you, it is not your fault. She says we both are in pain and waiting for this bad phase to pass. Pakhi says if I can be of any help in this testing time, then tell me, I will be happy to help you. Virat says Sai and I can be helpful to each other to relieve our pain. He thanks her. Pakhi says I will leave you both alone. She goes. Virat tells Sai that they can’t trust Pakhi. He says may be she is changed really after Samrat went, but my heart is not convinced and I couldn’t trust her words.

Pakhi takes out the canister from the shelf in her pregnancy and the box drops. Virat comes there and asks her to call him for help, as she is going to his baby’s mother. Sai calls Virat. Virat drops the canister on the ground. It turns out to be Pakhi’s dream. She thinks she saw a good dream, but Sai broke it. She thinks nobody can break my dream.Virat is sitting in the baby’s room. Sai brings food and asks until when we will keep our feelings to ourselves, until when we will stay separate from each other, until when you will stay here, until you will avoid me, until when you are going to ignore this problem, we stay in the same house, but stay separate. She says she can feel their separation. Virat says I am not in a position to talk. She says I can bear your anger, but not your ignorance. Virat asks her to try to understand him and says I am not turning my face. Sai says you are doing this, you wanted to be a good father and this incident left an empty space in your heart. She asks him to adopt the child or opt for child, else search someone else. Pakhi hears them. Virat asks how can you think of such cheap thing, didn’t you know how much I love you. He says I want our baby, not just baby. He hugs her and asks him to understand his emotions and give him sometime. Pakhi hears them from outside. Virat asks her not to think this again. Sai hugs him and is relieved.

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