Laxmi update Saturday 7 January 2023

Laxmi 7 January 2023: The episode begins with Arjun welcoming the guests at the wedding while the female guests are gossiping about him in the background.. they have been observing him throughout the functions and believe he is a nice good looking guy.. When Laxmi comes to introduce another guests to her maucy and bua.. they question her as to her relationship with Arjun she discloses that they should not even think about playing matchmaker for him because he already belongs to someone else.. and she emphasizes once again that they are simply friends.. Arjun is watching this conversation taking place and is smiling to himself.. ( it was so cute when she said he was already taken..Embarrassed)

Arjun checks his phone and realizes that he has 4 missed calls from Purva.. he hopes everything is fine.. and as he decides to return the call he notices Laxmi is bringing her sister out in the her wedding finery.. he forgets about the phone and stands watching as the bride and groom are settled on the stage.. Laxmi stands by him and thanks him by stating it was all possible because of him.. she smiles and confides her final wish in him of sending her sister off in a car chosen by her..Purva has finally been brought to the location where the driver dropped Arjun off.. she wonders where he could have gone because there are four possible routes.. just then Arjun calls his driver and tell him to do something for him.. refusing to listen to the current situation.. he tells the driver to be there within an hour and not to be late.. Purva questions the driver as to what Arjun said.. he explains that sir wants him to bring his fathers latest car to a certain location after having it decorated with flowers.. she takes the address and tells the driver to go and do as he was told..

At the wedding the veramala ceremony is taking place.. while the caterer is demanding extra money from Laxmi’s father because of the extra guests.. he begins to threaten him that he will refuse to serve when Arjun comes and tells him to behave himself and talk respectfully to Laxmi’s father.. he tells the man to be ashamed of himself for lying for a few extra dollars.. the man apologizes to the father.. and Laxmi is standing in the background looking on pleased with the way Arjun stood up for her father..Purva arrives at the marriage and meets Laxmi on her way in.. they reminisce on where they have met before.. Laxmi reminds her of the gol gappa stall.. Laxmi asks her who she was looking for.. to which Purva replies Arjun.. (Arjun is a bit shocked in the background)..but interfered just in time.. by sending Laxmi away on false pretense.. Once she has left Arjun pulls Purva aside and wants to know what she was doing there.. She tells him about his fathers anger and the loss their company and incurred.. she is shocked to know Arjun is already aware of the dilemma.. and requests him to go home and talk to his father..

Laxmi has heard everything and deeply hurt by Ajay’s lies walks away while he followes.. she wants to know why he put his job on the line for her benefit.. leaving Arjun a bit perplexed because he believed she had learned the entire truth.. and quickly recovers by saying it was due to their friendship.. and for it he would just as easily give up his life.. very cute sequence worth a watch..Embarrassed.. she tells him he is being bookish.. Arjun says why is this unacceptable when to him her dreams will one day be a reality..Laxmi goes and invites Purva to sit down and she discusses Arjun’s father with her asking her if he will forgive Ajay.. (although she does not use him name).. Purva explains that he has a temper but she will try her best.. laxmi continues by saying I care for him but he cares even more for me.. Purva seems pleased and says Arjun is really lucky to have you in his life..(just then Arjun is walking by worried about what they must be discussing).. Laxmi is happy to hear about Arjun and asks Purva how she knows about her and Arjun.. before she could reply everyone is gathered together for the marriage ceremony.. During the ceremony Laxmi brings up the topic once again.. and seeing Purva looking at Ajay understands that he must have told her.. she feels bad thinking that she must be feeling bad as well since she also likes Arjun.

Purva and Lakshmi talk. Purva is talking about Lakshmi-Arjun jodi being perfect for one another while Lakshmi is like we wouold first have to meet… She reveals her “love story” to Purva and the poor girl is confused because normally we stop dreaming like this by high school. Then she asks Purva to help Ajay so he doesn’t lose his job. She soften ups for her. I think at first she thought Lakshmi was nuts or gold digger. Meanwhile we see flashes of Arjun tensed.As the conversation ends, so do the pheras. Ajay goes to talk to Purva as Lakshmi goes to help out in the rasams. Purva tells Arjun she understands why he’s Ajay and go (I guess win your love and what not).Ajay see Lakshmi-Daddy bonding and becomes happy. Saraswati’s bidaii and all that fun stuff; you know daddy’s speech, sister’s leg pulling. Ajay beings a decorated car and we see Lakshmi’s happy/confused. Lakshmi is afraid he’ll lose his job while he says for didi’s wedding, anything. He promises Saraswati he’ll never let Lakshmi break. Saraswati leaves and everyone’s sad. Lakshmi is crying while Ajay comes to cheer her up.

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