Lost in love update Sunday 29 January 2023

Lost in love 29 January 2023: Bhavani says Sai’s symptoms are of pregnancy. Ashwini feels elated hearing that and asks if Sai is pregnant. Virat reminds doctor’s warning that Sai cannot become a mother. Sonali says even if she gets pregnant, her baby won’t survive. Ashwini says these symptoms prove that Sai is pregnant. Pakhi says they got surrogacy procedure as Sai cannot become a mother. Bhavani says she has seen many women who miraculously became mothers. Karishma says even she read many articles about it. Sonali says that means Sai can become a mother. Sai returns from bathroom and stumbles. Family asks if she is feeling nauseous with food and also having other symptoms. Sai asks if they all think she is pregnant. They all smile at her. Sai asks them not to keep any hope as a person breaks down if the hope breaks.

Mansi suggests Sai to take a pregnancy test if Ashwini is sure about her pregnancy. Karishma says Sai will have 2 babies then, its good that someone would be younger than her in this house. Bhavani says Sai will have 2 baby boys. Sonali says there should be a boy and a girl to complete Sai’s family. Sai says she will take a pregnancy test if they are all insisting, but they shouldn’t hope much. Pakhi gets jealous hearing that and thinks she garnered Virat’s attention after much difficulty and would lose it if Sai gets pregnant. She sneezes. Sonali says one shouldn’t sneeze in this situation as its inauspicious. Pakhi sneezes again. Bhavani says double sneees means good news.

Sai says they should take care of the already pregnant Pakhi. Pakhi rudely shouts at her not to bother about her. Sai says she knows, but she cnanot stop taking care of her baby. She asks Virat to take Pakhi to hospital if need be. Virat says he will drop her to hospital and buy pregnancy kit on the way. Sai says there would be a pregnancy kit available in the hospital. Virat insists to let him drop her. Sai agrees. Pakhi burns in jealousy and walks away from there to her room. Ashwini says she will go and give her herbal decoction/kadha. Pakhi tells Vaishali that she tried to gain Virat’s attention with great difficulty and if Sai is pregnant, Virat’s attention would be only towards Sai.

Sai takes a pregnancy test and anxiously thinks if Ashwini’s words are true. Virat nervously calls her and asks if she took the test. Sai says yes and results are yet to show up. A girl drops her pregnancy kit, her mother apologizes Sai and leaves. Sai tells Virat that she needs to repeat her test and will call him later to inform the results. Virat asks her to inform him as soon as the results come. Pakhi asks Vaishali if Virat’s attention would be towards her or Sai if Sai is pregnant. Ashwini enters and says obviously towards Sai. Pakhi changes topic and says she was telling her mother that Sai is pregnant. Ashwini says she clearly heard what Pakhi said and knows how she is eager to gain Virat and family attention and how she blackmailed Sai at the cliff end, ec. Pakhi says her opinion doesn’t matter to her and she can leave from there as she needs to rest as she is Ashwini’s last hope to get a grandchild. Ashwini says she doesn’t opine anyone, maybe Pakhi is wrong and Sai is really pregnant.

Virat’s senior questions him about his recent case. Virat confronts him for his personal comments during their last meeting and says he is a responsible officer and knows his duty. He then takes permission to go out on some important work and leaves. Senior thinks he needs to find out Virat’s complete details. Virat takes Pakhi for a doctor’s checkup who says baby is absolutely healthy and would be in the world after 8 months. Sai feels happy hearing the conversation over phone. Pakhi says she is happy as baby’s father is happy. Doctor misunderstands Virat as Pakhi’s husband and congratulate her. Pakhi doesn’t let virat to speak.

At Chavan nivas, family eagerly waits for Sai’s call. Ashwini says they will question her once she returns home. Pakhi returns home and asks if Sai called. Sonali asks why is Pakhi eager to know about Sai’s pregnancy. Pakhi says she doesn’t think Sai is pregnant. Ashwini asks what if Sai is pregnant, Pakhi would be unhappy then. Pakhi asks why would she as her baby is in her womb and Sai’s baby would be in Sai’s womb. Bhavani supports Pakhi as usual. Sai returns home. Bhavani asks her about her pregnancy results. Sai asks why they are all so eager. Sonali tongue lashes Sai for not giving a straight answer. Pakhi says what she expect from Sai and says few people are too arrogant and insensitive. Sai says she knows such woman looking at Pakhi. Their argument starts. Bhavani asks Pakhi to stop her misbehavior and inform if she is pregnant or not. Devi with Pulkit walks in and feels excited hearing about Sai’s pregnancy. Pulkit asks Sai if she is really pregnant.

Chavan family pampers pregnant Sai. Virat brings tamarind for her. Bhavani says today is her baby shower ceremony. Pakhi walks in and shouts at Sai what kind of a joke is it. Sai says she is acting as pregnant for her baby shower ritual and removes pillow from her tummy. Shivani hopes Sai was really pregnant. Virat says he hoped high when Sai showed pregnancy symptoms. Sai says those were false pregnancy symptoms which she is experiencing even now. Bhavani says even she had a positive hope, but then thought Sai is acting as pregnant seeing Virat’s attention towards Pakhi. Sonali backs her. Sonali discusses about false pregnancy symptoms in detail. Virat hopes she doesn’t get false labor pain as he heard a mother gets new life when she gives birth to a child. Ashwini describes how she felt during Virat’s birth.

Pakhi gets jealous seeing Sai getting family’s attention and says she is pregnant though. Bhavani says they will get her ready like a bride, shower their love on her and perform her baby shower ceremony.Virat gets Sai ready for the function and says though she is not pregnant, she is the mother of the baby. Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai Piya..song plays in the background. He then gets romantic with her. Sai says she has to take care of 2 babies after baby’s arrival, one is mischievous baby Virat. Virat says even she is mischievous and says she will be a mother for sure. He lifts her and is about to kiss her when Ashwini walks in to call Sai. They both get nervous. Ashwini praises Sai’s look and says she is glowing like a pregnant mother. Sai says Virat got her ready. Virat nods yes.

Guests gather for the ceremony. Pakhi gets jealous seeing Sai ready for the ceremony. Sai tells Pakhi that she is looking very pretty. Karishma says Sai is looking more pretty as if its her baby shower ceremony. Sai mimics Karishma and everyone laughs. Bhavani asks Ashwini why did she get Sai ready. Ashwini says Virat got her ready. Virat says technically is becoming a mother. Sonali asks if there wouble be baby shower ceremony of 2 mothers. Sai says only Pakhi’s and asks Pakhi to take a seat. Virat makes Sai sit on a swing and swings her. Guests say Sai is really looking pretty as if she is the mother.
Pakhi stands jealous seeing that. Vaishali says she should accept the fact that Sai is baby’s mother. Pakhi angrily says she already told her that she will not give baby to Sai. Vaishali says Virat will not let that happen as he loves Sai.

Chavans perform Pakhi’s ritual. Virat makes sai sit next to Pakhhi and gifts her photoframe, and says they will fix their baby’s photo between their photos. Pakhi gets more jealous seeing Virat’s attention towards Sai and thinks its her day today and she will do something which will get Sai’s smile off her face. Guests ask Sai to pick a sweet bowl. Sai picks kheer. Guests say Sai will get a baby girl. Pakhi picks gulab jamoon. Bhavani says Pakhi will get a baby boy and feeds her gulab jamoon. Virat gets his junior’s call and walks away. Pakhi asks Sai why she is so happy. Sai says she will be have her baby with her soon. Pakhi says she will not give her baby to Sai and Virat himself will give the baby to her. Sai looks shocked hearing that.

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