Lost in love update Saturday 28 January 2023

Lost in love 28 January 2023: Virat and Sai reach Pakhi. Pakhi asks Virat why did he bring Sai here when he knows she left the house silently because of Sai. Sai asks how can she leave the house with her baby uninformed. Virat asks if she.. Pakhi says she will not take a wrong stop of committing suicide as she cares for the baby. Sai says if she cares for the baby, she wouldn’t have come here. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to talk to Sai. Virat asks Pakhi why did she come here when she looked normal when he left her in her room. Pakhi says Sai is the reason and says she heard Sai telling Ashwini that she will get Pakhi’s signature on the documents at any cost. Virat asks Sai if she did so even after his warning. Sai says even he does a lot after her warning.

Virat tells Pakhi that she should have gone to her mother or any relative’s house instead of coming to Mahabaleshwar. Pakhi says she didn’t want to trouble anyone and wanted to feel close to Samrat by serving orphan kids like Samrat used to; Samrat informed her about this cliff, so she came here to feel his presence. Virat says he respects her emotions, he would have brought her here if she had informed him. Pakhi says when she just asked him to take her out for ice cream, Sai didn’t let her go out of her room and served ice cream in her room instelf; she was feeling suffocated with Sai locking her in her house, especially after the consent form incident, and will not return home till her delivery.

Virat pleads her not to do that as whole family is worried for her. Pakhi says she cannot come there until Sai is in that house. Sai says she is just worried for her baby and wants to take care of it. Pakhi says she can’t take care of the baby without taking care of its mother and shouts at Sai to get out of her view. Virat tries to speak to her. Pakhi shouts at that he is supporting Sai even now and tries to leave. Sai says she promised family to bring her back home, so Pakhi cannot go anywhere until delivery. Pakhi insists her to promise her not to talk about getting her signatures on consent form and stop interfering in her life.

Virat asks Sai to accept it. Sai promises her for the consent form, but disgrees for the other condition. Pakhi says she will deal with only a sensible parent Virat and will not deal with mentally unstable Sai.Sai and Virat return home. Family ask them about Pakhi. Pakhi walks in. Bhavani gets happy seeing her and asks where she had been. Pakhi says she went to Mahabaleshwar to find peace. Bhavani promises to never let anyone trouble her, especially Sai. Sai reminds her that she brought Sai back as promised. Ashwini says Sai is right. Pakhi says she returned because of Virat and has made an arrangement herself. Sonali asks if she took promise from Sai to stay away from the baby. Bhavani says its impossible as Sai would never agree.

Pakhi says this baby belongs to even Virat and hence Virat will take care of her and baby. Karishmka asks if Sai agreed to her condition. Pakhi says Sai agreed and promised to never interfere in her pregnancy. Bhavani says Sai at last got into her senses. Sai says Pakhi blackmailed her to agree to her terms. Virat asks Sai not to tell anything which would disturb Pakhi and asks Pakhi to go to her room and rest.Vaishali walks in and shows her concern for Pakhi. Pakhi says she is fine and wants to rest now. She asks Virat to drop her to her room. Virat agrees and accompanied her, leaving Sai heart broken. After some time, Pakhi then informs Vishali what she did to keep Sai away from her and says paved a road for her happiness.

Ashwini asks Sai why did she agree to let Virat take care of Pakhi. Sai says she can sacrifice her life for her baby and informs that they found Pakhi at the cliff end. Ashwini is shocked to hear that. Vaishali asks Pakhi if she was mad to try to commit suicide. Pakhi says she was just trying to prove her point and blackmailed Sai to accept to her conditions. Sai tells Ashwini that she didn’t have any other option and hence had to promise Pakhi for the sake of her baby, she trusts Virat completely and thinks he will take care of baby well.

Sai checks something in her cupboard. Virat asks if she is searching something. Sai asks if IPS Virat is not angry on her now. Virat says he was angry on her but not now after she accepted Pakhi’s conditions to return home. Sai says Pakhi blackmailed her and forcefully made her accept her conditions. Virat says Pakhi herself was helpless and had to vent out her frustration that way; he knows Pakhi shouldn’t have agreed for surrogtion if she was not ready for that, but Pakhi is also a human and got so frustration that she left home for peace of mind. Sai asks if he thinks giving timely medicines and food to Pakhi means forcing her. Virat asks her words unnecessarily put pressure on Sai and asks if she didn’t think Pakhi would take such an extreme step. Sai says no as Pakhi had all her conditions ready.

Virat says Pakhi has problems with Sai as Sai didn’t accept help when she offered to become a surrogate, so Pakhi is frustrated.Their argument continues when Pakhi calls Virat and asks him to come to her room. Virat asks if she needs anything. She asks if he cannot come without informing his wife. Virat asks her to relax as he is coming and tells Sai that Pakhi needs something. Sai says as if he doesn’t know what Pakhi needs, he should go and fulfill his duty. Virat walks to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi feels happy thinking she is finally getting what she desired and its happening because she has Virat’s baby in her womb. Virat asks Pakhi if she needs anything. Pakhi says a pregnant lady gets a flood of emotions in her mind and as per her mother, it should be calmed with an ice cream.

Virat asks shall he bring her ice cream. Pakhi frustratedly shouts she herself will go out alone and he shouldn’t follow her. Virat agrees to take her out. She feels happy.Sai feels disheartend seeing Virat and Pakhi going out. Karishma taunts Sai if she didn’t go with them. Sai reminds Pakhi’s condition. Sonali says they forgot and asks Sai if she is not feeling bad. Sai says she is not as Virat is taking care of their baby indirectly. She stumbles. Sonali holds her and asks if she is fine. Sai says she is. Virat buys ice cream for Pakhi asks if she is feeling better now. Pakhi says a lot better and says she wouldn’t have been frustrated if he had brought her out on her first request and says they shall come out often as friends. Virat agrees and says as a friend she can share her thoughts with him. Pakhi says when its about Sai, his view changes.

Ashwini walks to Sai and asks if she didn’t feel bad when Virat took Pakhi out. Sai says she didn’t as Virat is taking care of their baby and things change over time. Virat tells Pakhi that even she made a wrong opinion against Sai. Pakhi says let us go some as its not right to make 4 people wait. Virat asks who 4 people. Pakhi says he, her, his baby, and Sai. Sai feels headache. Ashwini gets concerned. Sai says she will be fine after having medicine. Ashwini leaves asking her to call her if needed. Virat returns home with icecream for Sai and says Pakhi wanted to have ice cream, hence he took her out without informing Sai. Sai says she doesn’t want to talk about it as he just followed her duty.

Virat says he bought her favorite cotton candy flavored ice cream for her. She excitedly takes icecream cup, but then rushes to washroom. Virat asks what happened to her. She says she feels weird with its smell and asks him to keep it away from her. Virat thinks what happened to her. Next morning, Pakhi walks to living room sneezing. Bhavani asks if she is fine. Pakhi says she just got cold. Karishma informs that Pakhi had gone out with virat to have icecream. Sai walks in and says though Pakhi doesn’t like her to take care of Pakhi, she will prepare kadha/herbal decoction for Pakhi’s cold. Pakhi rudely refuses. Sai says she is worried for her baby and will ask someone to hand over it to Pakhi. She walks to kitchen and feels nauseous. Ashwini gets concerned.

Virat walks to Pakhi and asks if she is having cold. Bhavani says Sai had gone to prepare kadha for Pakhi, its good she agreed to not give it directly and realized her mistake. Virat says Sai is mature from the beginning, she knows what she does. Sai rushes to her room holding her mouth. Ashwini walks behind her and informs Bhavani that Sai is feeling nauseous and having headache since 2-3 days. Bhavani says these are symptoms of pregnancy. Family is shocked to hear that.

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