Every Girl’s Dream update Sunday 29 January 2023

Every Girl’s dream 29 January 2023: Aarav says is Krishan inside it? Krisha is running out of breath. They dig it. Jaya calls Roma. She says we are trying to find Krisha. Jaya says please find her. We can’t lose her. Naina hears. They keep digging. Krishan has fainted inside. Roma says she isn’t there. The song humari adhuri kahan play. Devraj cries. He recalls his moments with Krisha. Aarav sees metal untel thears. They remove it and see the car.Naina says to Raghav they’re looking for Krisha. Roma and Devraj are in jungle looking for her. I hope they don’t find her. Ugra says pack your bags and go from here Raghav.

Scene 2
Devraj, Aarav and Roma take out the car. They take out Krisha. Devraj says Krisha open your eyes please. Roma says there’s no heartbeat.They give her CPR. She doesn’t get up. Devraj shouts Krisha. Krisha opens her eyes. Devraj hugs her. Devraj says you can’t leave me. You can never. Krisha hugs him and cries. Devraj says Aarav bring water.

Scene 3
Raghav sneaks out of the house. Ugra says let’s go before anyone sees. Rati says where is Raghav going? jaya sees them too. rati says where are you going? Ugra says we don’t need to tell you. UGra says don’t contact me. Go from here. I will call you myself. Raghav says you are panicking too much. She says you have created enough problems. Take this bag and go. She shoves him.Devraj comes in. Devraj says before leaving meet the one you burried to die. Krisha comes in. Everyone is shocked. Roma holds Krisha. Ugra says what are you saying? Devraj says tell yourself before I do. Jaya says what happened? Devraj says Krisha was right. He shot me. When she went to find the car, he burried Krisha in the s ame car. Everyone is shocked. Rati recalls mud in his shoes.

Jaya says Krisha are you okay? Jaya says I knew there were people in this house who are jealous of Devraj but I didn’t know they would stoop so low. You’re right Devraj they’re snakes. A snake like him should be in jail. Let me call the police. Ugra says so you will call police for this girl? Jaya says enough. You are his mom but you would still take his side after all that she did? Ugra says and you’re trusting this girl and complaining against my son? Do you have any proof? Any witness? Devraj says I am the witness. I dug Krisha out of that grave. Ugra says did you see his burrying her? No right?

Roma says those car tyres are Raghav’s car’s. The same CCTV car is his. He shot Krisha too. Raghav says someone is trapping me. Krisha says don’t lie. You shot me, you shot Devraj and you burried me. She trips, Devraj holds her. Ugra says no one would trust you. You’re the woman who went to meet a stranger. Raghav says she’s lying. Ugra says who knows she might want to kill Devraj to get his money. It was all her plan. She might have burried herself to get sympathy. She’s a liar. Raghav says what a disgusting woman. Devraj says enough. He says yeah it was my mistake that I let you live here. You will go to jail.

Raghav says for her you will send me to jail? The sneaked out of the house. SHe must have taken that car to the old jungle. Devraj says how do you know it was in old jungle? We didn’t say it. He says you said it. Devraj says I didn’t. Aarav says enough. Don’t lie. I saw you leaving from there myself. Ugra says no one has the proof. Who here can say for sure that he did it? Aarav only saw him driving past. Who here can claim he is the criminal? Rati says me. Everyone is shocked.

Rati says Raghav did it all. Ugra says stay out of it. You weren’t even there. Rati says but I was here at the right place on right time. I knew he was planning something that’s why he hit me when I questioned him. Raghav says shut up.. He’s about to slap her. Krisha holds his hand. She shoves him. Krisha says I won’t let you hurt Rati. He says it’s between me and my wife. You stay out of it. He says you.. do you have any shame going against your husband? Krisha says to Rati tell everyone. Don’t be scared. Raghav says everyone knows the truth. Devraj shoves him and says don’t dare to touch Krisha again. Ugra says we are all with you Rati. Don’t be scared.

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