Lost in love update Monday 30 January 2023


Lost in love 30 January 2023: Pakhi tells Sai that she will not give her baby to Sai and will make Virat hand over the baby to her. Sai says baby belongs to her and she will not let Pakhi snatch her baby away. Pakhi says she is informing her beforehand not to give her a sudden shock and she knows that family will believe her and not Sai and will handle the baby to her. Sai says that is why she wanted to take Pakhi’s signature on a consent form. Pakhi says she not only will make Virat handover the baby to her, but also will name her baby as Vilekh or Vilekha with Virat’s V and Patralekha’s Lekh. She says Vilekh means thinking which Sai will do now and will accept that baby belongs to Pakhi.

Sai asks Pakhi not to take her easy and says she will go any extent to get her baby. Pakhi says Sai would be just a silent spectator. Sai challenges that she will snatch her baby from Pakhi. Chavans dance and take Pakhi to the dance floor. Pakhi dances holding Sai’s hands.Back to room, Virat notices Sai lost in thoughts and asks reason. Sai thinks if she informs him about Pakhi’s plan, he will question Pakhi and Pakhi will flatly deny it. She rests her head on Virat’s shoulder.

Virat says Ashwini told sometimes baby is born in 8 months. Sai says she just hopes 9 months passes and she gets her baby. Virat asks who will snatch her baby from her. Sai says she will not let anyone snatch her baby from her. He comforts her.Next morning, Pakhi watches delivery videos online. Virat brings breakfast for her and asks her to stop watching it. Pakhi says she will also go into labor after 8 months and is feeling nervous. Virat asks her not to think much. Pakhi says they both worked hard for this baby and she is thankful to him that he supported her always and followed a father’s duty. Virat tries to stop her. She says her baby kicked her.

Virat feels excited and chats with his baby. Pakhi acts emotional and says she won’t be the baby’s mother once it gets into the world. Virat says baby will be in this house in front of her eyes, she can spend as much time as she wants to with the baby; she doesn’t have to btoher about labor pains.Bhavani enters and says Virat is right. She informs that she has organized a bhoj/feast for baby’s blessings and is going out with family, so Virat should take care of Pakhi. Virat says even he is going out on duty, but she need not worry as Sai will be available for Pakhhi. Chavan family attends the event. Karishma tells Sonali that the mother for whom they organized the event for is missing.

Pakhi feels happy being alone in the house. She walks to Sai’s room, looks at Virat and Sai’s photoframe, opens widow to enjoy cool breeze, and drops photo frame on floor grinning and saying frame fell down due to air.Virat is busy in a meeting with his subordinates. A constable informs him that there is heavy rain outside and water blockage on roads and not even a single vehicle can move. Virat thiks he has to reach home early today as Pakhi is alone. Pakhi slips on stairs but controls herself. She gets labor pain, calls Virat, and informs that her water bag broke out and its time for delivery, so he should reach home soon. Virat asks her not to worry as he will reach there as soon as possible. He calls Sai who is busy in OT and doesn’t pick it. He then drives in rain trying to call Sai.


Virat rushes towards home in his jeep in heavy rain. He calls Sai repeatedly and hopes she picks call. Sai’s assistant picks call and informs that Sai is busy in operation, she relay his message to Sai once she is out of OT. Virat asks her to inform Sai to reach home immediately as there is a medical emergency. Bhavani’s guest tells her that she can predict baby’s gender seeing mother’s face. Bhavani video calls Pakhi who informs that her labor pains have started and she has asked Virat to reach home soon. Bhavani alerts whole family and rushes towards home. Sai picks Virat’s call who informs that Pakhi’s water bag broke and she should reach home immediately.

Virat gets stuck in a traffic jam with water logging into his vehicle. Sai books cab, but cab driver cancels cab roads blocked due to heavy rains. Sai seeks her friend’s help who informs that she cannot even get out due to water logging in the whole city.Pakhi tries to get up with great difficulty and is about to fall when Virat raches on time and holds her. He makes her lie on sofa and asks what was she doing on stairs. She writhes in pain. He asks her to relax and take a deep breath. He calls ambulance, but nobody agrees to come there due to water logging. Bhavani waits for Mohit to get the car out asks Ashwini to call Virat. Virat picks call and informs that he reached home, but ambulance is not ready to come.

Mohit informs that water logged in the whole parking area and he cannot get the car out. Bhavani prays god to protect her family heir.Sai connects to Virat who informs that he couldn’t get ambulance. Sai says even she couldn’t. Virat says he doesn’t know what he should do. Sai suggests Virat to perform Pakhi’s delivery as per her instructions as they can’t risk their baby’s lives. Pakhi hears that and shouts if she has gone mad. Virat asks Pakhi to calm down as they don’t have any other option. Sai reminds that home deliveries used to happen in old days and starts giving him instructions. Virat follows her instructions.

Sonalia sks Mohit to call Sai. Mohit calls Sai and asks if she reached home. She says she couldn’t and informs that Virat will perform Pakhi’s delivery as there is no other option. Bhavani yells if she has gone mad. Sai requests her to stop being negative and pray god for the safe delivery.Virat connects to Sai on laptop. Sai encourages him that male doctors also perform a woman’s delivery. Virat aks what shall he do next. Sai asks him to lie Pakhi on a flat surface. Virat clears dining table and makes Pakhi lie on it. Sai shows her slides and asks him if crowning is happening and if he can see baby’s head. Virat checks and says no. Sai asks Pakhi to keep pushing when she feels contractions. Pakhi shouts when is she coming here.

Sai asks Virat to help Pakhi. Virat helps Pakhi. Sai prays god for help. Chavan family also prays god. Sai’s colleague asks if she thinks Virat can successfully deliver a baby.

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  1. The writer should also change the narrative of the script Paki always playing the victim while in essence she’s the villain, you want to believe but this is not make believe there’s no way a husband will trust his surrogacy more than his wife and every surrogacy is being taking care of by the biological parents and a consent form is filled in respective of whom that person is not to talk of one that criminally done by paki but virat still supports paki that can never happened in reality except the writer is saying that’s how it happens in India and except virat never loved sai as he claims and no family will support the evil committed by Paki and allow virat to marry Paki again after all the evil also virat is telling us that the police in India doesn’t have brains


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