Destined by fate update Saturday 24 June 2023

Destined by fate 24 June 2023: Nakul walks into Kanha’s room while he is busy vlogging with Sayuri. Kanha asks him to come in. Nakul feels happy seeing Kanha recording vlog again and hugging Sayuri thanks her for encouraging Kanha to pursue his dream. He says only he could do it. He says they both are #Kayuri, #Sayuka, then says they are #Krisa. Kanha and Sayuri like the name.

Destined by fate  23 June 2022

Saroj continues to humiliate Indu and says her gold chain cannot buy Kanha. Indu requests her to take the chain and keep her son with her and spare herself and her daughters. Saroj says this chain cannot compensate the agony of losing her sons, etc. She continues venting out her frustration on Indu and says she will take the chain with her as she wants her to feel the pain of separating from the dear one’s gifts. She walks to temple and justifies her heinous act in front of god.

Pihu tells Indu that she will inform Kanha about Saroj humiliating them repeatedly. Indu warns her not to do that as she doesn’t want any rift between mother and son. Saroj returns home. Kanha questions her for her inhuman and mentally agonizing act. Saroj justifies herself and challenges to destroy Sayuri and her family. Kanha supports Sayuri’s family and asks what is wrong if he supports his sasural like their son. Dhanraj asks Saroj not to stoop so low that she cannot get up in her people’s eyes.

Indu learns about Pihu informing Kanha about Saroj’s mentally agonizing act. Rashmi says Pihu just sent an apology to Kanha and when he insisted sensing her crying she had to reveal what had happened. Indu says Saroj will make Sayuri’s life a hell now. Saroj continues her adamancy and determination to destroy Sayuri and her family. Kusum supports Saroj. Kanha warns her that he will support Sayuri’s family like a son, will take his and Sayuri’s decision himself,

and asks Sayuri to inform her family that he will be their son from hereon. Saroj stands frustrated.Sayuri transfers 7000 rs to Kanha and says she will repay his 33000 rs soon. Kanha asks if he doesn’t have any right on her family, why can’t he fund Priya’s hockey training, he gave a big lecture outside about becoming her family’s son and she is proving him wrong. She says it doesn’t matter if he or she pays. Kanha angrily continues to scold her.

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