Lost in love update Saturday 24 June 2023

Lost in love 24 June 2023: Sai gets out of a hospital and notices Karishma getting out of her boyfriend’s bike and hugging him. Once boyfriend leaves, Sai holds Karishma and says she needs to speak. Ashwini tries to console Pakhi and she has to accept her fate or else she won’t be able to live peacefully. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to live. Virat walks in and asks can he spend some time alone with Pakhi.

Lost in love 23 June 2023

Ashwini leaves. Virat tells Pakhi that he can understand her pain, but wants to say that any pain in life is not so big that they should stop living; time heals all pains, she has a a lot more left in her life. Pakhi says she is his wife, but they can’t have their own baby. Virat says she gave him Vinu, they all 3 are a family, she should forget whatever happened with her.

Pakhi says she can’t forget that she cannot give him a child. Virat asks her to stop repeating that; Vinu, her, and him can be a family and she can take care of them; Vinu doesn’t know what happened to his mamma and is worried for her; she should take care of herself at least for Vinu’s sake. He asks her to promise him that she will not harm herself. She promises her. He thanks her for taking care of them. Vinu walks in and asks Sai why didn’t she have soup,

Aaji told she listens to her always. Pakhi says she didn’t as she wants her son to feed her. Vinu feeds her soup.Sai asks Karishma if everything is fine between her and Mohit. Karishma says yes and asks why? Sai says then what was she doing with another man and questions her about her affair with that man. Karishma gets offensive and accuses her trying to break Virat and Pakhi’s relationship and now trying to break her and Mohit’s relationship just because her husband left her,

why is she bothered about Chavan family when she is not a part of it anymore. Sai says she is trying to hide her mistake by acting offensive, which will not work on her. She leaves from there. Karishma fears Sai will reveal her affair to Chavan family. Sai while traveling in an auto thinks she needs to get information about that man, finds his name is Vikrant Adolse, and seeks Jagtap’s help to find out about Vikrant.

Jagtap gets happy hearing she needs his help. Sai gets angry and says she can take police help, but wants to give him a chance. Jagtap his jokergiri in excitement. Sai asks him to get details of Vikrant Adolse. Jagtap continues. Sai disconnects. She reaches Bal Orphanage.Virat, giving an example, tells Bhavani that she has both a grandson and a granddaughter and should accept them instead of making Pakhi realize that she can’t become a mother again.

Bhavani says a nightingale can’t accept a crow as its child. Virat says one can accept even a stranger by heart, and if she can’t, she should at least not trouble Pakhi. Bhavani promises to never discuss about a heir with Pakhi. Virat thanks her and hopes Vinu’s secret is maintained. Sai visit orphanage and offers Sahiba’s paintings to its manger’s assistant. Assistant likes painting and thanks her. Sai then walks out and seeing a toddler crying comforts her.

She hears staff discussing about recent adoption and one happened after Gadchiroli bus accident.She questions staff who say they can’t reveal any critical information and suggests her to go and enquire with the manager if she needs any further information. Sai returns to manager’s cabin and finds a note on board about City Hospital’s dean calling regarding a boy saved during Gadchiroli bus accident. Manager’s assistant returns and says her madam sticks notes there.

Sai requests her to give information about the boy who was saved during Gadchiroli bus accident and brought here. Assistant refuse to divulge any information and asks her to contact manager after a few days.

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