Lost in Love update Friday 5 August 2022


Lost in Love 5 August 2022: The Episode starts with Nandini taking care of the girl. She goes out and cries. She says if anything happens to Jhunjhunwala, then who will see his granddaughter, how long will I stay with her, Darsh and his family will find me here, I don’t want to meet him now. Rajvi comes to look for Darsh. She doesn’t see Nandini. Vipul says relax, head injury is minor, doctors are preparing Darsh for his eye surgery. Rajvi asks did you find Nandini. Rajvi says I wish we find Nandini. He says Shobit is looking for her. Rajvi says I will apologize to her. Vipul asks doctor are you doing Darsh’s eye surgery. Doctor Vivek says yes.

Rajvi asks is this procedure safe for him. Vivek says its risky, but this is the only chance. Rajvi asks can I meet him once. He says okay, we have to prepare him for OT. Darsh gets up and says I have to find Nandini. Rajvi, Chetan and Vipul come. Darsh says I have to find Nandini. She says Shobit found her, he is taking her home. Darsh asks really, is she upset with me. She says we did much wrong with her, we will apologize to her, she loves you a lot, she planned your surgery all alone, you need to take rest, don’t take stress. Darsh says I can’t wait to see Nandini’s face. Rajvi asks him to take rest. Vipul says Shobit said he will get Nandini. She says I don’t believe him, we have to do something. She calls the commissioner. She asks him to find Nandini.Rajvi says Nandini has to come back, I feel she is around. Nandini looks for Vini. Shobit comes there and asks the nurse about Nandini. The nurse says her body is taken to the morgue room. He runs to see. Nandini finds Vini and pacifies her. She says your Nanu wants to talk to you, come. Charmi calls Shobit. Shobit thinks sorry, I can’t talk to you right now. He doesn’t see Nandini. He sees the dead body. The man says you can’t see her face, it got damaged by the accident.

Shobit sees the face. He cries. He sees the saree and recalls Nandini. He thinks its same saree. He cries. Vini talks to Jhunjhunwala. He asks nurse to take Vini outside and play a game with her. Vini goes. Jhunjhunwala says you are Darsh’s wife right. She says yes, I got you here after the accident, is there any relative to call. He says there is no one, Vini is my granddaughter, my daughter and son-in-law died in an accident when Vini was too young, I told Vini that her parents stay abroad, if she counts to 100, then her mum will come back, but she counts to just 99, she is afraid that it will not get true, she counted to 100, she opened eyes and saw you, she thinks her mum has come back. Nandini worries. She says you will get fine, don’t worry.

Vivek says Ritesh told me you are here. Nandini asks is Darsh admitted. He says yes, don’t you know. She asks did everything happen well. He says there is a problem. He says his family is here, I thought to talk to you first, the donor cornea got contaminated, we can’t do his surgery now. She asks how can you say this now. Vivek says we will inform your family together, come. Jhunjhunwala hears them. He gets restless. Vivek checks him. Jhunjhunwala says I m a registered donor, if anything happens to me, I want my eyes to be given to Darsh. Nandini cries. Rajvi comes home. She asks about Nandini. She sees everyone crying. She scolds Shobit. She says you ruined your brother’s family, you are disgusting, where is Nandini, I will apologize and get her back, tell me, where is she. Shobit cries and says sit down first. She says just answer me, where is Nandini, take me to her right now. He asks her to just sit. He lies in her lap and cries. She worries. He says I can’t take you there, I had seen the car accident. She asks what are you saying. He says Nandini met a car accident, she is no more. Rajvi gets shocked.


family going to Darsh. He says Nandini isn’t at home, where is she, what are you hiding, I sensed that she had come here, is she much upset with me. Rajvi cries and says I… Chetan says she left from here without meeting you. Darsh says I knew it, she came here, I sensed it, she cares for me, she will give me another chance, I want to see Nandini’s face first, promise me. Rajvi says promise. She hugs him.Nandini gets Vini to her big mansion. She recalls Darsh. Vini acts to take their selfie. Some men stop them. Nandini thinks who are these people. Vini says teddy bear went to London. The man says so much, you are here. Shobit cries. Charmy comes. Shobit asks did mom send you to ask me to leave. He says I won’t leave until Darsh’s surgery happens, I m worried for Darsh, go and tell them. She says no, no one sent me, I wanted to say that you did much wrong, but I realized how much you love me, I have come here, I will fix everything, I will talk to Rajvi, you don’t need to keep this forced relation with Gunjan, I will talk to Gunjan. He says no, I love you, but I became Darsh’s enemy, family’s embarrassment, Nandini’s murderer because of this love, its enough, its time to keep my duty, I did wrong with Gunjan, I will keep my relation with honesty, forgive me. Charmy says how many times will you break my heart, you aren’t realizing what you are doing with me, we will find a nice guy for Gunjan, she deserves a loving husband.

He says I decided, I can’t leave Gunjan. They argue. She says I can’t live without you, I always said that you have no courage to take a stand, you took a stand for someone else, not me. He says I m committed, leave me alone, I m stressed for Darsh’s surgery. He goes. She cries.The man says its a fashion to have money scam and run to London, its about 4.5 crores, we won’t leave Jhunjhunwala. Nandini asks why would he run away, maybe he planned to return money. The man takes Vini. Nandini says leave her, give me time to think. He recalls and asks for a phone to arrange their money. She calls the lawyer and says Jhunjhunwala died in the hospital. Vini asks her to hurry up. Lawyer says Jhunjhunwala took many loans, except Rawal sweets, all his business went in loss, he got cheated by people, the house is also mortgaged, he is in debt of 50 crores. Nandini gets shocked.

Darsh’s operation gets done. Vivek says surgery was successful, it was challenging operation, next 15 days are critical, we have to monitor him for side effects, we have to slowly expose him to light, he can see well after 15 days, he shouldn’t get tears in eyes. Rajvi says I will be careful, thanks. Vipul says he would like to see Nandini first, what will we do. Nandini says we need time to return money, but we will pay it. The man says fine, take the girl after some days. Nandini says you also have kids, how would you feel if you kids get punished for your mistake, you can get jailed for this crime. The man says get money and take the girl. He pushes her. They take Vini in the jeep. Nandini tries to fight. She takes an axe. She stops their jeep. She beats the men with the axe. She scolds the men.She takes Vini from them. The man says we won’t spare you until you give the money. The men leave. Vini asks did you learn martial arts. Nandini says helplessness can make every woman skilled, I m sufficient for myself. She takes Vini home. After 13 days, Darsh feels Nandini coming to meet him. He asks her to say something. He calls her out. He thinks I have to go home and see Nandini.

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