Naagin update Friday 5 August 2022

Naagin 5 August 2022: Episode starts with Bani telling Veer and Jai that she thought enough and realized that Maarkaat has the special powers using which she can be available at two different places at the same time. She tells that we have to save our family, because of this. Maarkaat attacks Jai, Chachi and Meera and others in car. Maarkaat as snake lifts the car with its tail and blows fire at them. Jai looks shocked. Bani catches Maarkaat at Singhania house and says she understood her secret.

Maarkaat asks how she will save her family now and asks if she will save her mayka or sasural. Bani looks shocked.

15 hours before:

Veer asks Bani to see Daksh. Daksh signs that he is keeping eye on Veer’s mother. Bani and Veer look at him. Veer calls her sweetheart…She pushes him and falls on his lap. Dil ibadat plays….He asks her to tell…She asks what, that you are too much. He asks her to tell that he was right, else he will kiss her right now. She asks him not to dare? He says I will count till three. She says if I want then I will throw you far. He says you will not do this and even I don’t want you to agree that I was right. He is about to kiss her. She says you was right. Veer says my luck broke. He lies down on her lap. Later in the night, Maarkaat keeps eye on them as an eagle. Veer and Bani are sleeping. Veer falls on her while sleeping.

She looks at him and recalls his words. She sleeps with her head on his head. Just then she sees eagle coming there, Maarkaat appears in her form and asks if she is not getting sleep. Bani is shocked. Maarkaat says this is my trap, nobody gets saved. Bani calls Veer and Jai, but Maarkaat vanishes. Veer wakes up. Jai comes there. They ask what happened? Bani says Maarkaat came here. Daksh calls them there and says Tai ji is sleeping, I was here. He says you might have got a dream. Bani says she is playing some magical trick with us. They go out of room.Bani tells Jai and Veer that if they call her mad then she will bite them. Jai says how can this be possible? Veer says may be she is some imposter. Bani says I know that Chandrakala is Maarkaat. Veer asks Jai to go and asks whose room is this? Jai says yours. Veer asks whose wife is this? Jai says yours. Veer asks him to go. Jai goes. Bani tells that she needs to talk. Veer says it is late night, you shall sleep. He holds her hand. Bani says I will sleep. She drinks water. Veer throws pillow on her and tells that his sweetheart wants to share bedroom with him, gets happy, dances with her. Bani takes pillow and blanket and rests on couch.

She says I enjoy to trouble you. He lifts her and swirls. He makes her rest on bed and tells that he don’t enjoy to trouble her, but love her. He covers blanket on her. Bani looks at him. Veer goes to the couch to sleep. Bani looks at him. Dil Ibadat plays…He says hasi to phasi.Later Bani wakes up in the night and says she was waiting for him to sleep. She covers bedsheet on her and goes. Jai and Daksh keep eye on Veer’s mom from outside and finds her sleeping in the room. Bani catches Maarkaa and says I know this is you? Maarkaat says yes, what will you do? I will vanish again. She becomes snake and crawls out. Bani comes out as snake and becomes human. She finds Maarkaat kidnapping watchman’s granddaughter and taking her from there. Bani asks her to stop. She thinks she can’t become snake infront of watchman and sends him to other way. Bani comes to Maarkaat and asks her to give the girl to her.

Maarkaat says I know that you have special powers more than me, but I am more brutal and merciless. She throws the girl in the air and then becomes maarkaat. She swallows the girl and becomes human. Bani cries and shouts. She says you would have fought with me, and accuses her for killing an innocent girl. She cries. Maarkaat laughs and goes. Bani cries badly. Watchman comes there and asks Bani if she found his Koyal? Bani runs and comes home. She takes Chandrakala to the hall and tells Veer that she has kidnapped watchman’s grand daughter and then? Chandrakala asks what did I do? Balwant comes there and asks what is this tamasha? He asks watchman what is he doing here? Kishore says Bani called me here. Bani tells that Chandrakala took the girl to the jungle and then she…Chandrakala says she was in the room. Veer asks did she kidnap your grand daughter?

Kishore says no, he saw golden saree woman and didn’t see her face. Bani says this was that woman. Chandrakala says I was sleeping here and asks Veer to ask Daksh and Jai. Jai and Daksh tell that she was inside. Bani says she is fooling you. She asks did you hear when I come back. She asks Chandrakala to say. Chandrakala says I have kidnapped his grand daughter and then…what did I do bahu? Bani says you have swallowed that girl? A woman comes there and tells that the girl is found. Watchman gets relieved and tells Bani that he didn’t see her kidnapping the girl. Bani says I have seen that with my eyes and tells that the girl is fake. She asks where is she? Balwant asks Kishore to go. Chandrakala asks what enmity you have with me. Bani says you are liar and cruel. Meera asks Bani to come with her. Jai and Veer look at each other. They come out. Jai tells Veer that Bani didn’t sleep all night, may be this is happening because of this. Veer says something is wrong. Jai says she is imaginary things which didn’t happen. Veer says he trusts bani and gets angry on Jai. Jai says you also trusted Daksh and says don’t know who is real and who is fake?

Chandrakala comes to the room and laughs. She thinks Maarkaat won. Chandrakala won. She starts dancing and separates into a snake and eagle. She becomes two. She says years will pass and then also nobody will know that we are one, but two. They say Bani will not know, who have killed her.Chandrakala brings tea and serves to Chachi, Meera, Ponky and others. She asks Chachi to call Veer’s family. Chachi says your family. She goes to call them. Bani and Jai come to the room. Veer asks why you are showing your face to me, early morning. Jai says my face is better than you, and calls him bade bhaiyya. Veer calls him chote and argues. Bani asks them to be quiet and closes the door. She says I know that you both don’t believe me, but I am sure that Chandrakala is Maarkaat. She says I have thought enough and realized that she has special powers using which she can be at two places at the same time. Jai says she is mad. Veer says he badmouthed behind you. Bani shows her snaky eyes and scares them. She then asks Jai to save his family as they are human. She tells that Jai shall take care of her family. Veer asks him to protect his family and see if she is attacking them.

She tells Jai that his work is very difficult as her family are humans. She says I have to go before Maarkaat comes to know that I am here. She asks them to decide what to do. Jai and Veer come to the dining table. Jai tells Chachi that he wants to talk to her at her house infront of her husband. Chachi says we will go later. Jai says I need to talk about marriage. Chachi says lets go now. They leave. Veer thinks now I have to keep eye on Maa more and stops Chandrakala from going. He says I need to talk about marriage. Daksh says let our number come? Balwant says if you want to leave Aadinaagin and marry someone else, then go ahead. Veer says he is talking about Tapish’s marriage, he has chosen a girl, a human. Tapish is clueless about it. Everyone gets happy for Tapish.

Jai is driving in car and informs Chachi, Meera and others about Meera’s marriage. He says I have called Girish uncle there. Chachi asks who has chosen her? Meera says there is nothing like that. They ask who is the guy? Jai says Tapish Singhania. Meera asks when did I say this? Jai says Bani and I were discussing when and how to take you for shopping? Just then Maarkaat as snake lifts the car with her tail. Chachi, Meera, Dahek, Mahek and Jai gets shocked. Jai sees the snake spitting fire from its mouth and asks everyone to lower their heads. The fire hits their car.

Bani watches everything on the mobile and comes out of the house. She finds Maarkaat as eagle there and locking the house with evil powers. Bani says I got all the proofs now. She catches her with her tail. She says now I have all the proofs against you. She says you are attacking Jai and my family as snake avatar and also your family in eagle avatar at two places. Maarkaat says you have known everything, but who will save your family. Bani says Jai will save them. Maarkaat moves her finger and burns the car. She says what will be Bani’s next move, if she will fight with her saas or save the mayka. Bani shouts no, becomes snake and crawls from there. Maarkaat laughs and says now starts Aadinaagin’s end. Everyone laugh in Singhania house. Ponky says Tapish bhai likes Bani’s sister. Balwant asks if you don’t like someone else, rather than from Bani’s family.

Chacha ji says it is heart matter. Veer realizes his mother missing and goes from there. He comes to his mother. She says I went to keep the jug. Veer asks her to come. She finds them laughing and says you didn’t know that I can take two avatar at the same time. She thinks she is enjoying.

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