Unspoken Bond update Friday 5 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 5 August 2022: Mohit tells family that they are angry on Sai vahini that she didn’t inform where she is staying, but they forgot that vahini informed Ashwini kaki that she is staying at Devi tai’s house. Pakhi asks if she should also question about Mohit and Sai’s relationship. Karishma yells at Mohit to reply as he considers Sai as most pious and a role model. Mohit warns her to shut her mouth. Sai asks Pakhi if she realized what she told. Pakhi says one which she told yesterday shamelessly. Sai says she wasn’t shameless as she knew what she spoke, truth will not change if Pakhi tries her best to change it, Pakhi should know that Mohit is her brother and she cannot stoop low like Pakhi. Mohit asks Karishma if she is happy creating a rift in family. Ashwini stops her. Pakhi asks why is he shouting at Karishma, she will speak if he respects another woman instead of her and thinks only Sai can fight for her self-respect and not others. Sai asks where was her self-respect then. Pakhi says she should let her live in peace. Sai asks if she was in peace when she didn’t come home for a day, she will leave home soon as Pakhi will not.

Bhavani yells that she cannot ask Pakhi to leave this house as she has right on this house. Sai asks when did she say that, she shouldn’t assume things herself. Ninad yells to control her tongue. Sai says she will not as her tongue is her weapon and one who cannot tolerate truth thinks others speak much. Sonali asks Karishma to stop crying as she thinks Sai will leave this house today and then Mohit will stop praising her. Karishma smiles.Bhavani yells at Ashwini next that if she doesn’t stop her bahu, her husband will get a heart attack, so she should mend herself before its too late. Ashwini says Bhavani and Ninad are elders and they should show some maturity, anyways they started all this. Omkar yells next. Ashwini asks him to stop. Ninad yells next and starts feeling short of breath. Pakhi and others rush to him and offer him water. Mohit consoles Ashwini. Bhavani yells that Sai wants to become a doctor, but its waste for them as there are doctors in town and her work is only in kitchen. Ninad says she is right.

Pakhi says Sai is senseless to understand this. Sai says she cannot understand how one feels when their talent and dreams are questioned, her dream is to always spy on her and one who does that will lag behind in life forever. She tells Mohit that when a person tries to fly with dreams, many people try to throw stones on him/her forgetting that stone will fall back on them. Pakhi yells to stop her drama. Sai says she has come here to leave this house. Bhavani yells if she will go to Pulkit’s house, even he will not let her stay for free like this family did. Sai says she doesn’t need anyone’s favor and has booked a room in hostel, she is paying both her studies and hostel feels. Ashwini cries that she will not go from this house and starts coughing. Mohit rushes and brings water for her. Ashwini asks him to explain Sai not to leave this house. Sai says she thought this is her last day in this house and she will not fight, but they as usual yelled at them. She asks Ashwini not to stop her and rushes to her room.Virat returns from hospital and seeing Ashwini crying thinks what new drama started again. Pakhi hopes Virat got into his senses after seeing all this. Virat asks Ashwini why is she crying. Sai walks down with her suitcase. Pakhi says Virat that Sai is leaving the house. Virat asks why didn’t she inform him when she met him in hospital. Ashwini asks if she went to hospital. Sai says yes as Virat had a doctor’s appointment to collect his fitness report. Pakhi says she cannot understand this girl’s double standards, she is boasting about going to hospital, but didn’t even message or call Virat yesterday.

Sai asks how she knows if she called or message Virat, she should be ashamed instead for not answering her simple question. Pakhi yells who is she to question her and if she again tries to trouble her again, she will file a mental harassment case against her. Sai says she has to file mental harassment case against her and Bhavani for mentally harassing her since she came into his house. Bhavani tells Virat Sai doesn’t care about her dignity or else she wouldn’t have taken a such a big decision herself. Pakhi says Sai doesn’t care about herself or Virat, anyways Sai has decided to stay in hostel and has made arrangements and nobody is responsible for her decision. Sai asks why she is giving explanation, if she is repenting or afraid that she would stay back, she is asking as she tried to create a good imagine in Virat’s eyes. Pakhi says she doesn’t have to. Sai says she is worried only about her and wants to know what she does, how she does, etc. Pakhi yells to stop talking rubbish. Sai says she is not and when she already told that she will leave this house after Virat gets well, why are they stretching the issue.

Mohit requests Virat to stop Sai from leaving the house as she is his wife and Ashwini fell ill when she heard about it. Virat says nobody has to say anything, Sai will not leave this house and this is his final decision. Ashwini asks if he is telling truth. Sai says he cannot stop her and her decision will not change. Virat says even his decision will not change and he will not let her go this time. She says he cannot force her and she is not a weak wife who gets afraid of her husband and obeys him. He says he never forced her or else she wouldn’t have said she will leave his house. He shuts the main door. She asks what is he doing. He says whatever she is seeing, she will not leave this house. She asks who is he to decide this. He says her husband.Virat tells Sai that a husband has a right to stop his wife if she tries to leave his house. He says when Sai can come to hospital to follow her duty, its his duty to fulfil his duty and stop her from leaving his house. She says he cannot stop her. He says he will call whole police force if she tries to leave. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He takes her bags back to her room, leaving Bhavani and her puppets fuming. After sometime, Virat tells Sai that she has submitted fitness certificate and got permission to rejoin the duty, he has to go out of station for a mission, but his seniors suggested him not to as its a dangerous mission; risk is part of his duty and he would do injustice to his job if he doesn’t, so he will go risking his life; he called Usha mausi to be with her until he returns and if he doesn’t to console her.

She asks when he has to give on mission. He asks if she was hearing him, he thought she wasn’t. She says there are only two of them in this room. He says he is not like her who hides things and wants to tell her that he won’t be in Nagpur for 2 days. She asks him not to start the issue again as she doesn’t want to hear it again. He asks why shouldn’t he ask why she went to Pulkit’s house and asked Pulkit not to inform him. She says she informed Aayi by herself and even texted him at night. She says it was just a formality, why didn’t she inform him in hospital. She says how could she, Pulkit seeing her sad insisted and took her home and cheer her up with Devi and Harini’s help, she was angry on Virat and didn’t want to see his face. He asks why is that so, if he is so bad. She asks if he was committed to Pakhi.Ninad writhes in pain. Ashwini worried for him asks if he is fine. He yells she was supporting her bahu against him. She asks not to stretch the issue and rest. He yells that Virat doesn’t even care for his father, don’t know what black magic Sai has done on Virat and made him against his father. Ashwini says he tried to hit Sai last time and today insulted her as usual; if he should have controlled his anger, he wouldn’t have been humiliated; he should remember this and rest now.

Sai asks Virat again if he was committed to Pakhi. He says yes and he informed about it to her during their wedding, but that is past and he is not committed to Pakhi anymore. She asks if its because of her interference and not following his commitment as she will feel bad. He asks if she will really feel bad, he doesn’t think so as she thinks their marriage is just a contract. She angrily says she doesn’t want to talk to him and get affected by his word. He asks if she is affected by his words so much. She remembers Pakhi confronting him. He apologizes her for her suffering because of him. She asks why is he apologizing him. He says because his family insulted her. She says he insulted her more than anyone else. He says if she is still stuck at Pakhi’s issue, she shouldn’t and anyways he is nothing to her and his presence doesn’t matter to him. She asks what does he mean. He says she says she is not his husband, but gets angry when he speaks to Pakhi. She asks if he wants to prove his acts right or is he feeling guilty. He asks her to calm down and stop giving judgement, he is just trying to tell her that she says there is nothing between them, but gets angry when he speaks with Pakhi. She asks if he wants to continue speaking with Pakhi. He asks if she will. She says anyone would, she will try not to feel bad hereon. She asks if he wouldn’t have reacted if he was in her situation.

He says no. She asks sure, promise? He says promise. She says anyways she won’t stay here to watch all this, he stopped her today, but can’t always; hopes she doesn’t have to all this. He says wanted to test him. She angrily says she will never react. He says she is reacting even now. She says he should sleep now as he has office tomorrow and she needs to study. He asks she didn’t give her opinion regarding his mission. She says he came from a mission recently and got shot. He says she is a police officer’s wife and knows there is a risk in his job. She says he should go and ask. He says he doesn’t have to ask Pakhi and is asking the one whom he has to; anyways he informed Pakhi about his mission and she doesn’t mind. She asks how can Pakhi say that. He says why will she bother even if he dies. She shuts his mouth and asks not to say that and asks if he can’t send anyone else in this mission, then nervously asks if he thinks himself as superman and Rambo that only he can complete his mission. He says when did he say that, why is she shouting; this mission can be crucial for his career and he will get promotion after completing it. She asks why he is worried about his career not worried for his family, Samrat is missing and Mohit is still not mature yet, so who will take care of family. He says he never thought about it. She says then he shouldn’t go for his family’s sake.He says who needs him here. She takes each family member’s name except her. He asks if she needs him. He says yes, she means his family needs him more as she can take care of herself, he would have said same if he was in her place.

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