Lost in love update Friday 24 March 2023


Lost in love 24 March 2023: Pakhi opposes Bhavani’s decision and says its unfair to involve kids in elder’s fight. Bhavani orders that Sai and Savi will not attend Pakhi and Virat’s anniversary party at Chavan nivas.

She continues tongue lashing her that she is inviting her sautan home and risking her own marriage. Virat says lets end this topic right now. Pakhi says she is inviting Vinayak’s friend Savi and not her sautan Sai. She asks Virat to go and invite Savi as she doesn’t want her son to be heart broken.

Virat says he already cleared Sai that they will not interfere in each other’s personal lives. Pakhi says she will not compromise on her son’s happiness and asks him to keep his hand over his heart and remember Savi’s contribution in Vinayak’s improvement in health.

Virat reaches Sai’s house and knocks door. Savi opens door excitedly thinks Vinayak came. Virat says Vinayak didn’t come today as its his parents’ marriage anniversary. She asks what does that mean. He explains just like they celebrate birthday, they celebrate marriage anniversary. Savi greets him happy marriage anniversary and asks if Vinayak invited her for the same party. Virat says yes. Sai walks to them.

Savi asks when is her and baba’s marriage anniversary. Sai asks what kind of question is this, who told her about anniversary. Savi says police uncle informed her about it and its his and aunty’s anniversary today and hence came to take her for party. Sai denies her permission and asks her to go in. Savi tells Virat that she will get him something as Sai taught her to treat guests well and walks in.


Sai confronts Virat that he humiliated outside his house and didn’t want her to entre his house and continues reminding his words and tongue lashing her. Savi returns with a drawing for Virat and says its his gift. Sai still refuses to let Savi go. Savi breaks down and walks in. Savi also gets emotional seeing her crying. Virat says they shouldn’t involve their children in their personal issues, Pakhi said this to him and sent him here to invite Savi. Sai says he always does mistakes and then tries to justify himself always. Virat requests her to let him meet Savi and comfort her. Sai agrees for Sai’s sake.

Chavan family gets busy in party arrangements. Shivani fumes that Karishma is out of the house when family is busy making party arrangements. Mohit says Karishma doesn’t listen to her at all. Pakhi thinks she somehow comforted Vinayak and hopes Virat convinces Sai and brings Savi for the party. Vinayak walks to Savi and comforts her. Vinayak calls Sai and requests her to send Savi for the party. Sai refuses. He asks reason. She thinks how to reveal the conflict between his parents and her. He says he will cancel the party if Savi doesn’t attend it.

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