Close to my heart update Friday 24 March 2023

Close to my heart 24 March 2023: Ginni tells Gulabo you don’t need to beg to anyone, I trust my morals more than anything so you don’t need to apologize to anyone. She takes her from there. Supreet says I wanted to invite Gulabo to the dinner but Adi is being stubborn.

Ginni brings Gulabo to her room and shouts I can’t see my mother begging to anyone. Gulabo says you hid so many things from me, you don’t even share your pain with me anymore. Ginni says there is nothing wrong. Gulabo says they are ready to throw you out of the house. Ginni asks her to calm down. Ginni says I found out that Sam’s baby is not of Adi’s, I just have to prove it and bring her truth out. I have 12 hours left but I will leave this house with my head held high.

Darji is in his room and recalls everything. he finds an old box there and opens it to find a picture of him and Ginni’s father. He moves away a furniture piece and takes out his diary from the locker room. He thinks Adi is bearing the outcomes of my sins. I just pray he doesn’t do any injustice with Ginni. He cries and hides his diary.

Adi is in the gym and recalls Sam and Ginni’s words. Armaan comes there and asks if he wants to do all this? Adi says let me workout and do the work I gave you. Armaan says you can’t ignore Ginni’s acts also. Adi asks him to just focus on his job, don’t tell anyone about it. Armaan nods and leaves.

Scene 2
Ginni calls Santo and asks if the police called her? I am really sorry. Santo says don’t worry about me, I have a good news. I went to the lawyer and he told me that Goldie and Sam’s divorce papers are fake. I will send the proof to you. Ginni says people are doubting my character now so I have to bring Sam’s truth out. She ends call and finds Armaan coming there. He says I can still help you. Ginni says I will tell you when the time comes. Armaan turns to leave but they find Supreet there. Supreet tells Ginni that I am sending a dress for you, a beautician will come to help you. Ginni nods. Armaan leaves. Ginni gets a call and leaves from there. Supreet looks on.

The gala dinner starts, all family members are shouting at Ginni for cheating and lying to them. Adi shouts at Ginni and says you always wanted money from us.. it all turns out to be Ginni’s dream.

Goldie gets a call about the gala dinner and gets happy. Goldie tells Gulabo that they will announce Adi and Ginni as a couple to the media now. Ginni will be honored today. I will bring Simran here after the gala. Gulabo glares at him and says they will throw your sister out and accept your Simran.. Goldie gets shocked and says no, she is my life. He runs from there. Gulabo cries and says God has to help Ginni.

Ginni gets ready for the gala dinner and says I have to fight for my honor now.

The gala dinner starts, all guests are coming to the party. Gurleen arrives there alone so Amber asks where are her inlaws? Gurleen says they had some work.

Ginni and Sam are going to the party. They bump into each other. Ginni shows her the fake divorce papers and says the lawyer confirmed you faked the papers. You tried to taunt my upbringing so I will bring your truth out now.


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