Kulfi the singing star update Monday 16 January 2023

Kulfi the singing star 16 January 2023: Kulfi roaming around the hall, Jimmy dashes her. Sikander slowly walks over the sill. Jimmy says don’t be scared so soon kid, I want strong contender be confident be strong and Leaves. Kulfi sees a man crying and asks what’s wrong, he says a man was so rude I didn’t give him cold water and it wasn’t even my fault and he punched me look his rings mark on my face, Kulfi asks where is he, he points that room, Kulfi sees it’s the kidnapper well dressed. Sikander reaches a rooms window and gets in. Sikander sees Tony and Jimmy in that room and attacks Tony and Jimmy, he says stop it and keep my Amyra out if it, and I won’t do any crime for you just return my daughter, Sikander is scared by shooting by bullet just by his ear.

Kidnapper pulls Kulfi in and asks who are you, I have seen you somewhere, where. He says don’t worry sikander, it’s first time, Sikander says please leave me and my daughter I can’t do it, he says you are best we need you and CM trusts you, and so you will kill CM. Tony and Jimmy shocked hearing that. Kulfi says baba, you are my baba, why did you leave me and go, kidnapper gets annoyed and leaves, Kulfi c ontinues her acting and keeps following him thinking she will get to Amyra. Sikander pleads not to do so, he says we have to do so, Sikander says please give me my daughter. He says we will tell you whole set up when to kill CM, Sikander says I can’t kill CM, he says and Amyra.Kulfi gets locked in the room, she says how will I reach Amyra and tell Baba about it, God please help. Kulfi sings she sings near a pipe, sikander in washroom, hears it and feels calmed, sikander thinks he is missing kulfi and so hearing her voice, Sikander says I can’t loose hope, I have to save Amyra. Kulfi sees a waiter walk in talking on phone saying yes yes I will come to the room the girl is kept. Sikander agrees to do the job, he is put under security and asked to change the clothes. Kulfi hides beneath the food trolly. Sikander gets to the hall, CMs assistant says sir come let’s go I will show you your seat, Sikander gets instructions to change the sheet, Sikander realises that this is asked to be done so that it looks like his murder move was planned move and he gets caught.

Sikander asks assistant that can he get seat next to CM she says no it’s booked, Sikander says CM will get upset if i don’t, Sikander is instructed to ask to keep food packet near CM seat saying CM has sugar problem, Sikander does so, CM walks in, Sikander is instructed to be ready, go to CM, Sikander is stopped by guards, CM says let him, and says you look worried, take care I will give media bite and come back.Sikander is asked by an old man to drop him till a seat and he pushes gun in his pocket, sikander panics, Sikander is asked to calm down and take his seat and put the gun in food packet, and now shoot CM. Sikander prays god to help him save Amyra, Kulfi sees Amyra with the kidnapper. Amyra pleads to let her go, she is scolded by kidnapper and asked to eat the food, she says I want dad not food. Kulfi slowly pushes the trolley towards Amyra. Sikander starts shivering and seats down, CM gets down the stage, Sikander is tied up and beaten. Kulfi almost reaches Amyra but kidnapper gets a call and they leave with Amyra. Kulfi follows. Sikander is said now see your punishment, sikander hears Amyra shout please leave me let me go to my dad. Amyra is tied up, Kulfi sees it and says I have to remember this room and come back with help, Kulfi makes a mark on the door.

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