Lost in love update Tuesday 6 December 2022


Lost in love 6 December 2022: Sai takes Virat towards room. He walks smiling at her. Sunlight falls on his face. She shields his face with her hand. Tum Tak Bas Tum Tak… song plays in the background.

He smears color on her face. She gets overjoyed and emotional. People’s playing holi around them throw colors on them. She covers her and Virat’s faces with her veil. He walks closer to her and falls unconscious on her shoulder due to intoxicating effect. She smiles and removes her veil over them, and drops him to his room. Samrat also helps heavily intoxicated Pakhi to their room.

Chavans wish goodbye to guests. Sonali says she felt really happy seeing guests’ faces when they were confronted. Omkar asks till when they have to bear Sai’s nonsense. Bhavani says she had asked

Pakhi to keep Sai away from Virat, where is she. Karishma says she saw Pakhi herself intoxicated and Samrat taking her towards room and comments one bahu got intoxicated with just 1 glass of drink and other had many glasses just acting as intoxicated and created a big drama. Bhavani scolds her to keep her mouth shut. Mohit says Virat’s name will be in the newspaper tomorrow and praises Sai for her effort.

Shivani agrees and sas Sai made their holi celebration a memorable event. Bhavani scolds them to stop praising Sai. Omkar asks her to throw Sai out of their house as soon as possible.

Sai takes Virat to their room and laughs seeing his funny behavior. He looks at her bracelet and asks if she bought a new one. Sai reminds that DIG sir’s daughter gifted it to her and says it as their name SaiRat. He jokes and laughs. She says he is brave like a lion. He says she is a lioness then and asks her to produce a lion’s sound along with him. She mimicks lion and laughs with him again. The drama continues.

He removes his kurta. She feels nervous. He walks closer to her and smears color on her face again. Lahu Muh Lag Gaya.. song plays iin the background. Virat then smears color to her hand sensuously. They both get lost in each other and continue to get closer. She then gets conscious and remembers their differences and parts ways with him. He gets closer again. She thinks he is intoxicated, but she should control herself.

Samrat takes Pakhi to their room. She stares at him and imagines Virat in him. She feels happy and hugs him tightly and asks if he doesn’t know that she loves him. He feels elated hearing that and reciprocates to her moves.

Sai takes Virat to the bathroom and opens the shower. He enjoys the shower and pins her between the wall romantically. She escapes smiling and throws towel on him. Virat walks out after a bathe sneezing and scolds her for forcing him to bathe with cold water. She gives him medicine and says he will be fine now. He falls on her side of bed asking if he cannot sleep on her bed. Sai gets tense thinking about his reaction after he wakes up and tries to push him towards his side of bed but fails.

Samrat takes an intoxicated Pakhi to bed and holding her hand says he was waiting for this moment since a long and wanted her to get closer to him. She says even she was waiting for this moment and says there is no one else in her heart than him. He thinks she means she loves only him. She says she loves him immensely and takes Virat’s name. He is shocked to hear Virat’s name from her mouth. She gets into her senses and thinks if she was imagining Virat in Samrat.

She denies taking Virat’s name and alleges him that he is thinking of Virat instead. He says maybe she is right that he was thinking about Virat. She continues blaming him and falls asleep on the bed. He walks closer to her and tries to wake her up, but she acts sound asleep. He feels elated thinking at least she got closer to him.


Next morning, Sai removes the curtain between her and Virat’s bed and recalling their dance and romance thinks he is her superstar and she is his biggest fan. Pakhi gets out of the bathroom ready and seeing Samrat sleeping recalls imagining Virat in him and thanks god that she didn’t get intimate with Samrat. He opens his eyes and pulls her towards him and says she looks more beautiful in wet hair.

She excuses herself saying she needs to prepare breakfast and thinks she got the trouble on herself. He asks if she said something. She asks him to get ready and come down for breakfast. Sai hears Shivani scolding a delivery boy for delivering wrong parcel and walks down. She sees Shivani throwing parcel in dustbin and walking away, picks a parcel and notices cupcakes and a letter in it. She reads letter where Shivani’s boyfriend/husband Rajiv apologizes her for her mistake and requests to reconcile their differences and reunite again. She thinks who is Rajiv.

Sai then takes lemon water for Virat and wakes him up. Virat gets angry seeing him sleeping on her bed and scolds her. She says he forcefully slept on her bed while she tried to stop him, but anyways its also his bed. She describes how DIG and his team celebrated holi with him and organized press conferences. He scolds her for calling DIG and organizing press conference. Sh says she was worried for his reputation and hence asked DIG to organize a press conference.

He thinks what did he do after press conference and thinks he acted weird after having bhang in thandai and thinks Sunny must have mixed it. Sai offers him lemon water. He remembers Ashwini giving him gujiya, thinks if aaayi mixed bhang in her gujiya, and walks out of room to confront her.

Pakhi serves tea to family. Ashiwni says she will prepare something light for Virat and walks away. Bhavani asks Pakhi if she is fine as she looks tensed. Omkar noticing Karishmka busy looking at her mobile asks to bring something to eat. Sonali and Bhavani scold her. Karishma says she is searching a name for her future baby and suggests Karhit or Morishma. Sonali asks if she doesn’t have any other work. Pakhi says these are recent mindless trends. Karishma jokes on her and says she liked Sairat name for Virat and Sai’s baby. Bhavani gets angry and scolds them.

Virat walks to them and gets angry at them that his family betrayed him. Bhavani prays god to calm him down. Sunny walks in and asks Virat if he enjoyed the party. Virat says they must have enjoyed seeing his buffoonery. Bhavani says they enjoyed seeing him happy and asks not to trouble himself by thinking about it. Virat says they troubled him instead and his happiness was a lie. Samrat says he was truly happy yesterday, it’s just a difference of view. Virat says they all knew he doesn’t want to be part of holi celebrations, even then they tricked him. Bhavani asks who tricked him. He calls Ashwini.

Ashwini brings lemon juice for her. Virat asks if she mixed bhang in lemon juice like she mixed bhang in gujiya. Bhavani thinks she thought Sai did that. Virat says she fed him gujiya and he acted weird after that, he never thought his own mother will betray him and make a joke out of him in front of everyone. Ashwini says she didn’t mix anything in gujiya. Sunny says he mixed bhang in thandai instead. Virat asks him not to defend Ashwini as he remembers denying to have thandai. Sonali says who must have mixed bhang in gujiya. Bhavani says its definitely Sai. Sai walks to them and Sai Bhavani is right.

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