Lost in love update wednesday 7 December 2022

Lost in love 7 December 2022: Sonali asks family that if Ashwini didn’t mix bhang in gujiya, then who must have done that. Bhavani says everyone know that Sai must have done it.

Sai enters and accepts that she mixed bhang in gujiya and gave it to Ashwini to feed it to Virat, Ashwini didn’t know about it. Virat says he didn’t know Sai would stoop so low. Ashwini cries that she trapped her and misused her against her son. Bhavani yells at Sai that she misused Ashwini for her benefit. Pakhi says what else they can expect from clever Sai, that is the reason she wanted keep Virat away from Sai. Sai replies that these words don’t look good from her mouth as she had planned to feed her bhang mixed thandai to get her out of control and create drama. She tells Chavans that she mixed bhang in

gujiya so that Virat can celebrate holi with his family and asks if they were not happy seeing Virat enjoying holi full of life.
Mohit says he agrees with Sai, this year’s holi was one among the best and they saw Virat and Samrat’s magic again after many years. Samrat agrees and thanks Sai. Pakhi asks if he is in his senses to support a culprit. Samrat says Sai is Virat’s wife and did what they couldn’t have done, she cleared allegations on Virat via press conference and even accept her mistake in front of everyone. Pakhi says she can see Sai manipulating everyone slowly again and getting them into her team. Virat says he didn’t ask Sai to do that and she tricked him. Samrat asks why don’t he clear the bitterness in his heart and move on.

Virat asks if its a joke for him. Sai says its not for them, they saw a loving Virat which he is suppressing inside, he was sharing his love like before, all the allegations are cleared against him and soon the world will accept him again as a hero, so he should forgive them all.

Virat says one doesn’t relive after dying, he is dead for them and they should accept that the Virat they knew would never return. He says he has one way to make them explain it. Ashwini asks what is he going to do. Sai pleads him not to do anything wrong. He says he will not harm himself and walks away. Pakhi stops Sai and warns him to stay away from Virat. Pakhi warns her to stop trying to separate her from her husband and warns her of dire consequences.

Bhavani asks if she is threatening Pakhi. Sai says she knows that she can go to any extent to get her husband back. Samrat asks Pakhi to let Sai go. Sai walks away and reaches Virat’s room where she hears Virat requesting DIG to transfer him away from Nagpur. DIG asks if he knows what he is saying. Virat says he wants to go away from the people who trouble him. DIG says his family was very happy seeing him happy. Virat says their presence hurt him. DIG says he and Sai are like his family and is always ready to help him, but he should learn to face his problems first. Virat says if he really wants to help him, he should transfer him from Nagpur. DIG says he should prove his medical fitness first. Virat agrees.

Ashwini pleads Sai to stop Virat’s transfer somehow. Sai asks Virat if transfer will solve his problem. He says he is trying to get rid off her problems. She asks if he considers his wife as a problem. Sai says he doesn’t consider her as his wife and warns to dare not request DIG to stop his transfer or else she will go somewhere from where he will never return. She requests not to say that. He says she wanted to see him happily celebrate holi, this is her last holi with him. She says if she is alive till next holi, she will celebrate it with him for sure. He walks away saying dream while awake won’t come true. Sai prays god not to fulfill Virat’s wish.

Ashwini walks down crying. Family tries to console her and asks reason. Ashwini says Virat was requesting DIG for transfer orders. Pakhi blames Sai again for Virat’s decision. Virat walks down. Samrat asks why he is taking a wrong decision. Virat reminds even he tried to stay away from family and says he knows he is right and doesn’t need anyone’s interference. Samrat tries to stop him. He warns Samrat to stay away and walks away holding his shoulder due to pain. Ashwini curses herself failing to comfort Virat. Sai consoles her and says children can never go away from their mother. Pakhi yells at her to stop giving false hope to Ashwini. Sai says she is not. Ashwini shouts at her not to forget that she is responsible for all this.

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