Love by chance Tuesday 6 December 2022

Love by chance 6 December 2022:  Akriti tells the family that Gungun isn’t in Lucknow, her house is locked. Charu says I requested her to leave from Anu’s life, she promised me, but I think even doesn’t value a promise like Anu. Sunanda asks how can you be sure that she is with Anu.

He says its not sure that she isn’t with Anu. Golu says maybe she has gone there on the police’s call. Akriti says I will not leave them this time, I know Gungun has gone with an intention of breaking my house. Sargam asks did you ask Garima. Akriti says even she is missing. Sargam says she is helping Gungun. Charu says if Akriti is saying right, then it won’t be good.

Gungun gets ready and comes to Anu. She asks why didn’t you let me stay in a different room. Anu holds her hand. She pats him and says you misunderstood me. He says sorry, I didn’t know that you are acting to protect me. She says I didn’t know I will fall weak so soon and break my promise. He asks who did you promise, tell me. She says Charu.

He says I thought so, he said and you agreed. She asks what could I do, he said it right, I didn’t want to become a reason for your marriage and family breaking. Anu says you broke my heart, why did you think of marrying Ranvijay. She says I thought you hate me and you will hate me also, then it will be easy to forget me. He asks how could you think that I can forget you, promise me, you will never leave me.

She promises. He says I like to live when you are with me. She ties the scared thread to his hand and says this will protect you. He says its called Mauli. She says yes, this is my belief. He says I don’t believe in this. She says but I do, pandit asked to never make this away. He says my heart says that you shouldn’t go away. They have a talk.

He asks her to close his eyes. Golu says Anu is happy with Gungun, he can never be happy with Akriti. Ankit says yes, don’t know why our family isn’t understanding this. Anu asks Gungun to open her eyes. He lights the candles and decorates the table with rose petal. She likes it. He gifts her dancing dolls. She says impressive, what else can you do for me. He says whatever you say. She asks him to sing a song. He agrees. He sings Dil me machi hai hulchul… His hand gets burnt by a candle. She cares for him. He holds her close. He says I really feel like I lived 100 years in a day.

Ranvijay meets Gaikwad. Gaikwad laughs seeing him scared. Ranvijay says its about my life, so I m scared, make me out of this case. Gaikwad says police has taken Anu’s statement, why did you come here. Ranvijay says I came here to hide, I thought I will be safe with you so I have come. Gaikwad says safety doesn’t come free.

Ranvijay gives him a blank cheque. He asks when are you going to kill Anu. Gaikwad says Anu won’t reach for the enquiry, it depends on this cheque clearing. He takes Ranvijay somewhere and asks him to hide there. Ranvijay asks will I stay here. Gaikwad says stay here if you want, its your wish. Ranvijay says fine, I will manage. Gaikwad says you have no option.

Charu sees Anu’s medals and certificates. He cries. Sunanda comes. Charu says Anu took me to the stage and said his real medal is my smile, he was sensible before, he isn’t able to understand now. The medal falls on the photo frame. The glass breaks. She says it’s a bad omen. He says nothing bad will happen. Anu says I have to go and give the statement. Gungun says we will go, why, won’t you come, I will come with you. He laughs and asks what will you go there. She says I will wait for you. They go to the police station. Anu gives his statement. He says Ranvijay told nonsense about Gungun, and we had a fight also. Gungun thinks I hope Ranvijay gets arrested soon.

Inspector saying I m checking the cctv footage of that area. Commissioner asks Anu to sign the papers. Anu signs the papers. Commissioner says you are the victim and the witness also, you will be taken to the court, we need more proof. Inspector says we got it. He shows the cctv footage. Commissioner sees Ranvijay in the footage and says perfect, this proof is enough to send the culprit to the jail.

Gungun smiles and hugs Anu. Commissioner says congrats, the culprit will get punished. Gunjan asks will he get free by using contacts. He says don’t worry, I will make the chargesheet this time, we need a good lawyer. Ranvijay says mosquitoes are troubling me, where did you keep me. He asks about Anu.

Gaikwad says we will kill him when we get a chance, you have to stay hidden here, because police will doubt you. Ranvijay asks how many days do I need to stay here, I need your help. Gaikwad says I don’t help but do work for money. Ranvijay gives him 50rs and asks him to get mosquito coil. The goons laugh. Ranvijay says I m not joking. They leave.

Golu asks is Anu around you. Gungun says no, he is with commissioner. He asks what’s tomorrow. She says Wednesday. He says its Anu’s birthday. She asks what. He says he doesn’t celebrate it. She says we will celebrate his birthday. Ankit says maybe he doesn’t like to celebrate. She says who would not like to celebrate the birthday, we will celebrate it tonight.

Ankit and Golu get glad, and act. She says we will celebrate it in a way that he will never forget. Golu says I will get the cake. Ankit says I will do the decoration. She says I will come along to get the cake, we will invite commissioner Sir, Prakash and his family. Ankit says we have to finish this before Anu comes. Golu says we will come and pick you. She says done. She goes to Anu and says I m going to the hotel. She stumbles and falls in his arms. Kabhi kabhi…. Plays… She says I didn’t get dizzy, balance spoiled because of heels.

She leaves. She goes to the cake shop with Golu. She buys a cake. Golu, Gungun and Ankit decorate the room. They laugh when a balloon bursts. Akriti also decorates the room for Anu’s birthday. Sargam and everyone come and like it. Sargam says you knew about his birthday. Akriti says yes, I used to keep a gift in his cabin, it’s the first time I will celebrate it, I m angry on him, but I m doing the arrangements, when there is no reason to be happy then we should find a reason, I want to forget everything and celebrate, he went away because of my anger, maybe my love gets him back.

Sunanda says yes, keep trying, he will value you. Chandra says but he is in Mumbai. Akriti says its his last day of enquiry, ask him to come by night, we will surprise him. Chandru says we don’t celebrate birthdays at home, but we will celebrate when you have worked hard. She asks if Gungun doesn’t let him come then.

Chandru calls Anu and asks him to come home if the enquiry is over. Anu asks why. Chandru says Akriti is waiting for you. Sunanda asks won’t you celebrate birthday with us. Chandru says someone has planned a surprise for you. Anu says Gungun is here, she has come for work purpose. She asks him to shut up. She throws things and ruins the decorations. She cries. Sargam and Sunanda console her. Anu thanks the Inspector. Inspector says its my duty, shall I drop you to the hotel. Anu says no, I will take a cab. The goon sees him and calls his boss. He says Anu left from the police station. Goons follow the cab. Ranvijay says this time, he shouldn’t get saved. Goons says we are following him. Gaikwad says you shoot him when there is no one around. Goon says we have less time, he will reach the hotel. He aims at Anu. He sees the cctv camera at the signal and stops. Anu reaches the hotel. Golu says he has come. Anu enters the hotel room. He sees the decorations. They surprise Anu. Gungun sings. Anu hugs her. She says happy birthday, how did you like the surprise. He says it’s the best birthday surprise of my life. Golu says you are saying, like you always get the surprise every year. Ankit says we three worked hard, but you just hugged her. They all hug.

Charu calls Anu. He wishes Anu on his birthday. He blesses Anu and Akriti. Sunanda says show us our grandchild soon. Chandru and Sargam also bless Anu and wish him. Akriti asks who did the room decorations. Anu says Golu and Ankit. She asks him to show her the entire room.

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