Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 7 May 2024

Savi and Durva’s teams’ tug of war competition starts. Nishi cheers up for Durva. Durva asks Ayush to do something. Ayush focuses his watch’s light on Savi’s face. Savi loses match and falls down injuring her hand. Ishan rushes to her concerned and asks Shukla to get a first-aid box. Durva and Surekha look jealous seeing that. Ishan checks Savi’s hand and bandages it. Serial’s title music plays in the background.

Yashwant takes Surekha to a room. Surekha asks why is he not talking to him, she made a mistake by trusting Leela and fixing Durva’s alliance with a cheap man, but she didn’t do it purposefully; he can punish him for her 1 mistake. Yashwant asks why did she stop Isha at the college gate and humiliate her. Surekha asks why is he shouting at her supporting Isha. Yashwant says Isha is in a high position in education department and can pose problems to their college. He then tongue lashes her for spoiling Savi’s painting. She asks how did he find out. He says he deleted all the footage with Sathe’s help or else Ishan would have seen it; Ishan blindly believes her and if he learns her about her evil acts, he will start hating her. Surekha starts her emotional blackmailing and says Isha is trying to snatch Ishan from her via Savi, she can’t lose Ishan. Yashwant melts down and says Ishan will not go anywhere.

Ishan brings Savi to his office after doctor’s visit and thanks god that she got just a sprain and not a fracture. He applies ice pack to her hand and says she can’t participate in the competition now. She feels nervous seeing him holding her hand. Shukla walks in and asks him why didn’t he have lunch yet. Ishan asks him to serve it and asks Savi if she had lunch. Shukla says even she didn’t have food yet. Ishan asks Shukla to serve food to them both. Savi hesitates. Ishan says hotel people must be craving for home-cooked food. Savi eats whole food. Ishan drinks water. Savi notices tiffin empty and apologizes for finishing whole food alone. Ishan jokes that she can note it down in her diary and pay him later. He applies to her hand again and jokes that it’s a punishment for eating his food.

Surekha asks Yashwant if Savi will snatch Ishan from her as Ishan is getting closer to her these days. She badmouths about Savi next.

Yashwant says sometimes he feels he should got Ishan married to Reeva. Surekha says Reeva is an ambitious girl with high dreams, she is unfit for Ishan; they need to find a girl who can always be with Ishan and support him. Reeva packs her bags and tells her father over phone that she will meet him soon. She looks at Ishan’s photo and expresses her love for him.

Savi calls Isha. Isha says if she wants to come here, then she shouldn’t and rest for tomorrow’s competition. Savi says she has a dance competition tomorrow and then a week’s off for the play. She asks what is Mr Chidkiya’s favorite food. Ishan warns her not address her son as chidkiya. Savi says whenever it’s question of her son, she forgets that Savi is her favorite student. Isha says it’s not like that. Savi explains that she finished Ishan’s tiffin and wants to prepare his favorite food. Ishan describes what dishes Ishan used to like and have them even if they were spicy. Shantanu hears that and says he likes them even today. Isha disconnects call.

Shantanu asks Ishan if she fell ill again that she didn’t visit college yesterday. Ishan says she had come there, but Surekha humiliate her and didn’t let her in. Shantanu gets angry on Surekha and picks phone to confront her. Isha snatches his phone and says he doesn’t want her to react and lose his position in the house as Surekha is manipulative and has already manipulated Isan with her lies. She gets emotional and fears that her son will never be back to her in life until Surekha continues to manipulate him. Next day, Savi reaches college and asks her friends if they are ready for the performance. Friends complain that they didn’t get props they ordered. Savi walks to Durva’s team. Durva makes fun of her as usual. Savi warns her to be in her limits or else she knows how to handle her in 2 minutes.

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