Titli Starlife update Tuesday 7 May 2024

The Episode starts with Ishani asking Garv to leave. Garv says I had warned you to stay away from Titli and me, I m requesting you again. She asks why, are you scared I will tell the truth to her. He shouts enough, it was an accident, I didn’t break your hand intentionally. Titli comes there and sees Garv. Maina says Titli’s family has done a lot to keep your word. Manikant says I want to know how is he affording this.

She asks him to just enjoy. Jaishri says Titli went to parlour, she will come in some time, didn’t Garv come. Maina says Garv had come work, he will come. Garv asks Titli to see Ishani’s madness. He says I came to ask her what did she write in the note. Ishani says he is lying. Garv says I m shocked seeing this, she doesn’t want us to stay together, you wanted to know the reason for our breakup, Ishani’s dreams and ambitions were imp than me and my family, I will do everything for you, so I had come here, you are my life, I don’t like you doubting my love. Ishani says he is lying, he doesn’t deserve anyone’s love, he won’t let you stay in peace. Titli scolds her. She leaves. Ishani says you have lied. Garv says I will do anything if you try to do harm, no one will trust you now, its about my love, I will die if I lose, its your time to go from my life, so please leave. He leaves.

Baa gets the chunri. She falls. Chintu holds the chunri. Koel and Baa taunt each other. Hiral thinks Titli can’t forget this drama. Titli writes sorry on the ground and sends a balloon to Garv. She apologizes. He asks will we give anyone a chance to break us. She says sorry, I promise, I will not repeat it again.

She says I will drive the car. Garv says you mean I will sit beside, no, I will drive. She says you are possessive about the car. He says no, for you, just your comfort matters to me, just enjoy the ride. Chintu says I need a dance partner. Dhara smiles. Koel asks Jaishri to take care of the dupatta. Jaishri says its in safe hands. Koel says Bapu ji gave it to me at the time of my marriage, it has blessings. Baa checks the dupatta burnt. Jaishri worries. Koel asks what are you doing, show me. She is shocked. She scolds Jaishri. Hiral thinks Titli should get scolding. Koel gets angry. She argues with Jaishri. Everyone looks on. Manikant says I want Koel to show them their place. Paresh asks Jaishri to tell the truth, who did this. Baa says we don’t know. Koel asks how, you know everything. Garv and Titli come. Koel says Titli has come.

She shows the dupatta and says you didn’t take care of the dupatta. Titli asks how did this burn. Koel asks her to say. Garv says she would have kept it safe. Koel says no, she should be responsible. Titli sees Hiral smiling and recalls. Alpa taunts Titli. Titli says I don’t know anything, give me one chance, I will fix this. Maina says yes, we should give her a chance. Garv says trust her once, as you trust me, I trust her. Koel gives the dupatta. Titli goes and does the embroidery. Garv calms down Koel. He goes to get the juice. Manikant taunts Paresh. Titli scolds Hiral and asks why did you burn it. Hiral says because of you, everyone forgot me and they are spending a lot on your marriage. Chintu scolds Hiral. Paresh comes and asks who did this.

Koel and Baa argue. Baa says you gave the dupatta, we didn’t open it and check, so this happened. She asks Koel did you check the dupatta before giving it, how can you blame us. Manikant asks Koel to say. Paresh asks them to say the truth.

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