Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 6 February 2024

Lost in love 6 February 2024: Ishan suspends Anvi for a week from her college. Yashwant enters and says Ishan is a director of Bhosale institute and nobody should dare to question him, Durva will be bear punishment if Ishan ordered so.

He scolds Durva for ruining their family’s reputation and says she will clean the house, do household chores, help Asmita and Shikha in kitchen from tomorrow and Surekha will explain her kitchen. Durva pleads not to do that. Surekha says she can’t disobey Yashwant and takes her mobile. Durva walks away crying. Ishan says she did right. Surekha says Durva will be fine in a week and asks him to go to his room while she sends tea for him.

Savi brings a plant home. Harini says her problem must have been solved, so she is thanking mother earth. Savi says she understands her well. Harini says she knows her since childhood and asks if the culprits got punished. Savi says they got punished, but then she got them forgiven as she knows the value of education. Harini says that is like Sai Joshi’s daughter who used to fight for justice and then forgive people. She drops water on Savi by mistake and goes to get towel. Kiran offers towel to Savi and says it doesn’t matter whether sister or BIL gives towel. Savi thanks him and walks to her room.

Savi calls Isha. Isha asks if she got her phone. Savi says she got phone and self-respect and justice because of Isha. Isha says Savi bravely fought against stalwarts like Yashwant and Bharve, she is proud of her. Savi says Ishan helped her a lot in getting justice and informs her how she found out that Ishan is her son, he was fighting for injustice just like she does, he is good but a bit short tempered.

Isha says he has gone on her. Savi asks what happened between her and Ishan that Ishan is so angry on his mother. Isha recalls Surekha not letting her take Ishan with her when she left Bhosale house and tells Savi that a few things are not in their hands. She disconnects call and gets emotional. Savi thinks madam got emotional hearing Ishan’s name, why madam had to go away from her son or if she was forced; whatever he reason is, she will unite madam with her son and it would be her gurudakshina.

Ishan cries lying on bed. Isha looks at her and Ishan’s photo and thinks why he calls her Dr Isha Bhosale and not aayi, a mother and son’s relationship is so sensitive, why don’t he accept her as aayi. Ishan thinks why did Isha call him son, why is her controlling his mind, it’s wrong. Surekha talks to her son Chinmay who doesn’t give her much time and disconnects call. She gets disheartened. Ishan walks in and lies on her lap. Surekha asks if he is fine. Ishan says yes.

Surekha asks him not to lie, if he is upset with Ishan’s call. Ishan says yes and hence had called her back. Surekha says Isha wants to get back in this house and she wants him back now as he can be her support in her old age. She says she will give whatever Isha wants, but will never return Ishan to him. She pleads him not to go away from him and fall for Isha’s trick. Ishan assures that he will be with her always.

Next morning, Savi thanks Anvi for supporting her against her sister. Anvi says she just did her job which she should have long ago. Ishan takes class on nation’s economy and explains who women contribute less to the GDP of their country. Savi defers his views. She explains if someone is hired for the household chores from cleaning, cooking, to taking care of elders, one has to pay 20000 rs to 60000 rs and how that contributes to GDP.

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