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Savi accuses Ishan that he has a disease of acting like doing favors to others and hurting their feelings, he hurt her feelings by organizing her birthday party. Ishan says he looked very happy with Baji Rao, she and her friends invited Baji, they both were acting lovey dovey, she should tell if they both love each other.

Savi warns him to mind his tongue, she respects Baji and that’s it, he is creating stories with his cheap thinking. He asks then why did she invite Baji. She says she didn’t and didn’t even know about the party. He says she should keep her personal life outside the college premises and not do her cheap acts inside the college.

Samrudh thinks he easily trapped Bhosales. He finds Durva’s purse and thinks she left it purposefully to meet him again. He then notices Ishan speaking to someone near the gate and walks towards him to impress him. She continues to accuse Ishan for interfering in her life by paying her canteen bill, etc. He says their contact will be limited to their class. She says even she is not interested. He asks her to get lost. She leaves. Samrudh asks if everything is alright. Ishan says yes Samrudh gives him Durva’s purse and asks him to give it to her. Ishan says fine.

Shantanu walks silently towards the door while Isha meditates. Isha asks him to take his specs. Shantanu asks if her 3rd eye opens during meditation. Isha says all wives, she means all women have a 3rd eye. She asks if he is going to meet Ishan, he shouldn’t get angry on him and speak to him calmly. Shantanu asks how does she know. She says it’s called observation, he looks tensed since last night. He says he will meet Ishan and find out what happened to him. Isha thinks if not mother, at least father is with her Ishu.

At a cafeteria, Ishan sits recalling birthday incident and Savi’s accusation. He thinks his blood boils whenever he thinks about her now. Shantanu walks to him. Ishan asks why did he call him here. Shantanu says he just wanted a father-son duo have a casual talk and orders chocolate milkshake. He then asks why did he leave the party midway, he was worried for him. Ishan says sorry and says he should have informed him. Shantanu says he should have informed everyone as he had organized the party, he is here to talk openly with him and wants to know what is bothering him. Ishan describes that Savi was having financial issues and hadn’t paid canteen bill and hence he paid her bill; he even organized a surprise birthday party for her, but she thinks he did it as charity and warned her not to interfere in her life.

Shantanu hears a next table girls discussing that they didn’t bring cash and there is no network to pay online. He walks to them and asks if he can pay their bill. They firmly refuse. Shantanu returns to Ishan. Ishan asks what was that, why did he offer them help without them asking for it. Shantanu says similarly, Savi is a sensible girl and wouldn’t take any help without asking; Ishan organized a party for her, but left midway without speaking to her family; Savi thinks he organized for party out of guilt. Ishan asks if he saw how she was getting close to Baji and invited him. Shantanu says he invited Baji just like Ishan invited Ashwini. Ishan says Baji was acting too casual with Savi.

Shantanu says he knows Ishan doesn’t like Baji, but he can’t drag Savi in this; and even if there is something between Savi and Baji, why is he bothered . Ishan recalls Prateek saying same and says he needs to go now. Shantanu says he can’t go without finishing this issue. Ishan informs that he needs to shop for Durva’s engagement. Shantanu is shocked to hear that and says Rao Saheb didn’t inform him about it, when is the engagement. Ishan says after 2 days on Koja purnima, he can understand how Shantanu is feeling. Shantanu says he is fine and asks him to go and shop for the engagement.

Savi returns to her hostel room and thinks she showed Ishan his place, now he will not interfere in her life. She checks gifts and finds diary, pen, coffee mug, etc. gifted by her friends. She then opens Ishan’s gift and finds a note in it encouraging her to keep her flame for learning on and be happy. She thinks he wants her to grow on one side and accuses on the other side, she can’t understand him. Surekha organizes Durva and Samrudh’s engagement party and instructs Asmita what to prepare and how to behave in front of guests. Ishan walks in and gets sad recalling his and Reeva’s engagement. Surekha says Ishan must be remembering his engagement. Ishan says he is fine and tells Durva that he will take her for shopping today. Yashwant says they need to organize sangeet/musical event on koja purnima festival like every year. Nishi says Ishan organizes it every year. Ishan says he forgot to call singer Santosh. Surekha refuses to take Ishan’s help. Ishan requests her not to be so tough on him and punish him if she wants. Surekha walks away fuming.

Ishan calls Santosh who apologizes him and says he can’t perform sangeet event at his house this year as his mother is ill and he is going to visit his mother for a few days. Ishan asks if he can suggest some other singer. Santosh suggests his college mate Harini Sawant’s name. Ishan asks if it’s Kiran Sawant’s wife Harini Sawant. Santosh asks if he knows her. Ishan says she is his student’s elder sister and asks if Harini will agree. Santosh says she will if he tells his name. Ishan informs about it to Yashwant who firmly refuses to hire Harini because of Savi. Surekha convinces Yashwant saying if Harini is so talented, they should promote her forgetting Savi’s issue aside. Ishan goes to call Harini. Surekha reveals her evil intentions to Yashwant.

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