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Haider comes to Gazal and sees Altaf harrassing her. She pushes him away and runs to Haider, she hugs him and cries, she says he tharassingried to molest me, please save me. Altaf is shocked and says I didn’t do anything, she is lying. Haider starts beating him.

The flashback shows how Gazal told him that she is scared but he told her to stay with him for 10 minutes and then he will come to get her. The flashback ends. Dua comes there and tries to stop Haider from beating Altaf. She says stop for my sake. Haider stops and shouts that he tried to molest Gazal. Altaf says she is lying. Gazal cries and hugs Haider, she says if he didn’t come in time then who would save me? Dua is confused. Haider tells Gazal that you don’t need to cry, I will not spare this Altaf. He cries and says this girl is lying, I swear my parents that I am not lying.

Haider shouts at him to stop it, I will expose you in front of everyone. He holds Gazal’s hand and takes her from there. Dua thinks Dadi was right, Gazal doesn’t have good intentions towards Haider. Altaf tells Dua that girl tried to seduce me, she provoked me and then asked me to kiss her. Dua says I trust you, don’t worry. Altaf says how will I face my parents now? Dua says come with me.

Haider tells Altaf’s family about his deed. His mother says I trust my son, he would never do anything like that. Gazal says I am an orphan but that doesn’t mean your son can molest me. Dua comes there and asks her to stop her drama. She tells Haider that Gazal is lying, you shouldn’t trust her words only. Haider says I saw everything with my eyes and I trust that. Dua says I will tell you what really happened, she challenged Altaf’s manliness and provoked him then she acted like he was molesting her when you came there. This is all a lie. Hina asks Dua why would Gazal do this? don’t allege your friend like this.

Dua says but.. Hina says enough, I won’t hear a word against Gazal. Rahat asks Hina to not talk like that with Dua. Hina says see what she is saying. Dua is hurt and says you know I wouldn’t put false allegations on anyone. Hina asks her to stay away, I know Altaf is your brother so you are taking his side. Haider asks Hina to calm down. Dua cries and says listen to me. Hina says enough. Dadi says at least listen to Dua. Haider tells Dadi to not interfere in this matter, Gazal is not lying. He tells Altaf’s family that I want to call the police but it would be insulting for us. Altaf says this girl is lying, she trapped me. Haider slaps him, Altaf’s father asks him to stop, we are honorable men.

Hina says you should have taught honors to your son. Altaf says I didn’t do anything, this girl is lying. Haider tries to attack him but Altaf’s mother says you all be cursed, we don’t want to marry our son with a girl like Gazal, look at her, she has no shame. Hina asks her to stop it. Altaf’s mother says you couldn’t even keep your husband with you and pointing fingers at us? Dua says enough, she asks her to apologize to Hina otherwise she will cut her ties with them. Altaf’s mother says I would but what about injustice that happened today?

I know my son and Gazal is lying. Dua says I know that but you shouldn’t have insulted Hina, you know what she is to me, she is my mother. She asks her to apologize and leave for now. Altaf’s mother says we came here for you but we didn’t know we would be insilted like this. She apologizes to Hina. Atlaf says its not Dua’s fault, this Gazal is behind all this mess, I don’t know what she wants. Let’s go, they all leave. Haider asks Dua if she thinks Altaf is right and Gazal is wrong? Dua says Altaf is innocent. Hina says have you gone crazy? you have no concern for Gazal? Dua says there is nothing to be concerned about when nothing wrong happened with her, infact Altaf was provoked and trapped.

Gulnaz says enough. Gazal says she couldn’t understand my pain even as a woman. Dua says I am a woman that’s why I know when a woman is lying, you keep lying and your intentions are not good. Hina gets angry and is about to slap her but Haider holds her hand and stands in front of Dua. All are shocked. Gazal smirks and thinks Hina-Dua’s relationship have been severed today. Haider asks Hina what were you about to do? you were about to raise hand on your Dua? Dua is shocked seeing that. Hina realizes her mistake. Dua cries and says you can’t be my mother, my mother used to love me unconditionally, a mother can never raise her hand on her daughter, you can’t be my mother. Hina is hurt hearing that.

Dua tells Hina that you can’t be my mother, my mother would never try to hurt me. Gazal thinks I can’t let Hina become weak to her again. Gazal says Hina shouldn’t have raised her hand on Dua for her, she says Dua brought me in this house and I don’t want to create a rift between you both. She tells Hina that Dua is her daughter so don’t take my side for her. Hina says you are my daughter too and I can’t see injustice happening to you.

She tells Dua that you are calling her characterless but she is taking your side still, is your heart turned to stone? Rahat says enough, don’t say anything against Dua. Dua cries and says let her say it. Hina says she was molested but Dua is tarnishing her character. Gazal asks them to stop it, she tells Dua to care about Hina’s health at least. Dua asks her to shut up, I was blind before but I can see your real face now, I have never seen a more characterless girl than you, she pushes her away but Haider catches Gazal. He glares at Dua and asks her to stop it. Dua says you are unable to see the truth, this girl is lying to us all but you are believing her and not me. Haider says she didn’t say anything to me, I am believing what I saw myself, you are taking your brother’s side and going against your family only? I am doubting if you even have any soft corner for this family or not, do you even care about us? Dua is shocked and says I ended myself for this family, you are repaying my love like this? Haider says listen..

Dua stops him. Haider says I didn’t mean that, you are ignoring the truth just so save your brother. Dua says I would have taken anyone’s side even if it wasn’t Altaf today. I know Altaf since my childhood but how longer have you known this girl? for a month or two? Haider says I am believing what I saw, I don’t want to argue anymore. Dua says this girl is living in our house and playing these games so we have to find out what she wants. Hina shouts enough, you chose a wrong guy for her. She panics so Dua tries to explain but Hina stops her. She asks Gazal and Haider to take her away. Haider says please don’t talk to Dua like that, she did a mistake but she is our Dua only. Hina says I just want to leave. Dua is hurt as Gazal takes her away. Gazal smirks at her. Ruhaan comes there and sees Dua crying. He asks what’s going on? Gulnaz says Dua has crossed all the limits today. She tells him everything. Ruhaan is shocked.

Gazal is crying so Hina consoles her and says its not your fault. Haider says I am sorry for all this. Gazal says I am an orphan so no one cares. Hina says I am your mother, she hugs her and says you are innocent, that Altaf is cheap. Gazal says you are my mother and I just care about you. Hina says I trust you completely. You have been through so much but I am with you now. Gazal hugs her and cries. She thinks this oldie is in my trap and now its Haider. She asks Haider if he believes her? he says yes. Gazal says I felt that something wrong is going to happen that’s why I came to you. Hina says no one will force you to marry, I will keep you with me now. Gazal smirks and thinks this is what I wanted. Haider looks on. Hina asks what happened? Haider says I shouldn’t have talked to Dua like that. Hina says Altaf did a sin but Dua took his side. Gazal cries and says this is happening because of me. Ruhaan hears all that and thinks Altaf has to pay for all this.

Dua cries and tells Dadi that how could Haider say that to me? what is wrong with Hina? she raised her hand on me? Dadi says she is blinded. Dua says you were right, Gazal is very clever, she trapped Altaf in all this. Dadi says that witch wants to break this house. Dua says you are right, I could see maliciousness in her eyes. Dadi cries and says I haven’t forgotten how Gazal insulted me, you people should have listened to me. Dua says you were right, that Gazal is very clever but I won’t her destroy my family. She thinks to punish Gazal.

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