Lost in love starlife update Friday 24 May 2024

Ashwini offers Siddhi Vinayak prasad to Ninad and asks him to have it. Ninad asks who is she. Bhavani asks Ashwini not to feel disheartened, she knows whom Ninad identifies. She calls Savi and tells her that Ninad is not identifying her and Ashwini and not having food, she should feed him food at any cost. Savi offers him moong dal halwa. Ninad asks who is she.

Savi drops halwa bowl in shock. Reeva walks behind Ishan. Ishan asks what she wants now. Reeva gives him medicines and asks him to give them to Surekha as Surekha has hypertension. Ishan warns her to be professional and stop getting personal, he is a professor in this college and she is a temporary assistant professor and there is nothing more between them.

Savi tries to revive Ninad’s memories by showing him candy floss and remining him that it’s her favorite snack and he used to get it for her, how she used to tell her that she is his real granddaughter. Ashwini says Savi uses word real for everything since then. Vinayak walks in and tells Savi there is no use of doing all this and she shouldn’t have brought azoba to this trust hospital. Savi asks him to forget it and help her revive azoba’s memories with old enactments, they will play police and thief game with Ashwini and Bhavani enacting as Virat and Sai and her enacting as a police officer and Harini as a thief.

Ishan calls Prateek and asks how to handle Reeva as she finds excuses to meet him. Prateek asks why did he accept a challenge to let her around him. Ishan says education board appointed her as assistant professor, he has put her on a 3-month probation and will dismiss her saying her performance was not up to the mark after that. Prateek says his idea is good, but can he bear her for 3 months. Ishan says he will come and meet him discuss further.

Reeva walks to him again and says she wants to talk to him professionally, though she knows he hates her and wouldn’t like to talk to her. Ishan asks her to go ahead. She says this college has everything except a counseling center where student’s mental issues should be addressed and they can discuss their stress with the counselor. Ishan likes her idea and asks her to prepare a proposal and submit it to him. She thanks him. Ishan leaves. He stops his car at a signal and notices Savi’s friends carrying college’s harmonium in their scooty. He questions them and they say Savi’s azoba’s condition is critical and she asked them to bring harmonium.

Savi enacts as a police officer and Harini as a thief. Ninad recalls Savi’s childhood game. Ashwini asks him to remember it and inform Savi that the thief is hiding behind a wall. Ninad doesn’t react at all. Savi continues to act. Vinayak also joins her, but Ninad doesn’t react at all.

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