Evil Affairs starlife update Friday 24 May 2024

The Episode starts with Piyush telling Aarohi that if Dayan put her sight on pregnant woman then the baby dies in her womb and everywhere there will be death ambience around the Dayan. Piyush comes there and says Bhaiyya….whatever I done was wrong and I am really sorry about that.

Prateik asks if you are really sorry, but for why. He says we are in this situation because of your wife. He says I will see and wait, if your wife fulfills what she had said, then I can trust her, until then dont expect anything from me. Sumitra comes and asks Suguna if Nikki has to do this vidhi. Suguna says my Dadi had said that whoever goes to invite the Dayan, doesn’t return. She says I understand that the last rites of the person is done before the he/she goes from there to invite Dayan.

She says that person never returns from there. Sumitra cries worrying for Nikki. Vikram says Nikki and Piyush shall not know this, and others too. Nikki and Piyush come there along with others. Suguna asks Nikki to lie down on the pyre. Piyush asks why? Suguna says the pyre or Nikki will not be burnt. Nikki says let me do this rasam. Suguna makes her lie down on the pyre and keeps cotton buds on her nose. Nikki closes her eyes.

Vikram, Sumitra, Prateik, Suguna, Rachna and others put the flower petals on her feet, and says Param shanti. Piyush feels helpless and thinks he can’t do anything in this situation and can’t go with her to give invite to the Dayan. He also puts flower petals on her feet and says Param Shanti. Suguna gives black pot to Piyush, and he keeps it on his shoulder and takes reverse rounds around the pyre. The women are mourning behind. Piyush breaks the pot completing the ritual.

Vikram says now Nikki can go. Suguna says ok. She tells Nikki that the rasam is completed, come. Nikki gets up from the pyre and gets down. Suguna asks her to come. Piyush asks Nikki not to be afraid, nothing will happen to her. Nikki smiles. Suguna asks her to come. Nikki sits in the jeep along with Suguna, Bhavani and guard. Nikki asks Suguna to tell her, whatever she knows about Dayan.

Suguna says that Dayan’s name is Chaaya, she is Malik’s elder sister and he became Malik because of her. Nikki asks if all those stories really happened, if she is dangerous. Suguna tells that the Dayan leaves 7 houses before attacking, but Chaaya don’t follow this and had eaten all the family where she was married. She says I am worried, what will happen now. The guard tells Bhavani that he dont want to die with Dayan’s hand and falls down from the jeep.

Malik tells that Nikki is going far from him, he has sent his precious to the death jaw, but this is necessary to teach her a lesson. He says only time will tell, if she will return or if Chaaya will eat her. A wolf is running in the jungle when the snake attacks it. Suguna tells Nikki that she told her everything and says your destination is there. She ties black cloth on Nikki’s eyes and says if you see Dayan standing there then will die at the same moment. Nikki asks how I will reach there. Suguna says the wind will take you to the banyan tree.

Nikki starts walking. Aarohi comes to piyush and says you are awake. She says even I couldn’t sleep. She asks him not to worry about Nikki and says she is very strong, sometimes I feel that I should have been like her. She says the way she fought with kapalika was amazing. Piyush says but this time she has to face Dayan.

Bhikshu asks Baal devi to do something and tells that Nikki is going to Dayan. Baal Devi says she can’t do anything as Nikki went with her wish, and tells taht only Nikki’s will can save her now, as nobody comes back alive. Nikki is walking carefully. Dayan is behind the tree.

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