Lost in love starlife update Thursday 18 April 2024

Ishaan asks Savi what she thinks about him? Savi scolds Ishaan in her heart. Ishaan guesses correctly about what Savi is thinking in her heart about him. Ishaan says to Savi that he doesn’t care what his students think in their heart. Ishaan says he only scolds his students for their well being so that they will study and move forward towards their goal.

Ishaan asks his students if they understand his intention. Everyone says yes.

Savi comes to the finance department and asks the cashier who paid her canteen bill. Savi decides to return the money to that person. The cashier says that the money is paid in cash and it’s impossible to tell who paid the money. Savi gets disappointed hearing this.

Ishaan talks with Shukla and Preeti about Savi’s birthday celebrations.

Ishaan asks Preeti not to worry about the expenditure and says he will take care of it and asks Preeti to make sure that Savi doesn’t know about this. Preeti agrees. Preeti suggests Ishaan that they should invite Isha to Savi’s birthday’s celebration as she will like it. Ishaan gets upset hearing Isha’s name.

Roopa calls Savi and says to Savi that she doesn’t need to come today as she has other plans. Roopa also says she doesn’t need to come from tomorrow as her novel is completed. Roopa sends Rs 50000 to Savi as advance payment. Savi thanks Roopa in her heart.

Ishaan thinks about Preeti’s suggestion and thinks if he should really call Isha or not?

Savi comes to the mess owner and says to the mess owner that she paid her mess bill and asks the mess owner to check it out. The mess owner says he can’t take this extra money as her bill has already been paid. Savi hearing this asks the mess owner to take this money and help a poor student who is not able to pay the mess bill. Savi leaves from there.

The mess owner calls Ishaan and says to Ishaan what happened. Ishaan hearing this decides to call Isha for Savi’s birthday party.

Ishaan comes to Shantanu and says to Shantanu that tomorrow is Savi’s first presentation and it will be good if Isha is here. Shantanu asks Ishaan if he wants to invite his mother here. Ishaan says to Shantanu that he just wants to invite Dr Isha Bhosle for Savi and nothing more than that. Ishaan leaves from there.

Shantanu calls Isha and says to Isha that tomorrow is Savi’s first presentation and says to Isha that it will be good if she is there and says to Isha that it was Ishaan’s idea to call her here. Isha asks Shantanu to stop joking about this and doesn’t believe it. Isha cuts the call.

Savi gives the money to Harini. Harini thanks Savi and praises her. Susheela seeing this questions Savi how did she earn this much money. Susheela accuses Savi of trapping men and says she also earned this money by trapping men.

Savi puts Susheela in a hold. Savi gives an example and says to Susheela and that they can leave this house if they want and says Harini will stay here alone.

Shantanu comes and says to Ishaan that Isha is not agreeing to come here as she doesn’t believe that Ishaan will call her to come. Shantanu says Isha will only come if he himself will call her. Ishaan doesn’t agree to it.

Ishaan dreams of Reeva coming infront of him and convincing him to call Isha as he wants to seek Savi’s forgiveness for his mistake. Ishaan calls Isha and says to Isha that he planned a surprise birthday party for Savi and it would be good if she comes to that birthday party. Isha agrees as Ishaan called her to come. Ishaan also asks Isha to bring Savi’s family with her. Isha agrees.

Isha later calls Shantanu and says to Shantanu that she couldn’t believe that Ishaan called her. Shantanu asks Isha if she is coming here. Isha says yes. Shantanu teases Isha. Isha after talking to Shantanu cuts the call.

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