Titli Starlife update Thursday 18 April 2024

Titli consoling Monica. Monica says I m angry on Adi, he didn’t say a word. Manikant scolds Garv. Garv says you should have supported Koel, she is your first wife, you don’t give her any respect, so outsiders come and insult her, you are responsible for all this, you should fall in her feet and apologize to her.

Manikant raises hand. Koel asks Garv to stop it. Titli asks Monica not to stay silent and take a decision. She asks what do you want. Adi calls Monica. Garv says Monica will get a better guy than Adi, Manikant doesn’t need to worry. He goes and sees Monica leaving with Titli. He runs outside to see. He calls Monica.

Koel and Maina asks what happened, where is Monica. He says Titli took Monica. Koel asks why did she take her. Maina asks how can she take her along.

Koel says Titli is very clever, so I was keeping her away from my home. Manikant says it will be a big drama in front of the society. Garv calls Hiral. He asks where is Titli, she took Monica with her, find her out, else you all will go to jail. Hiral asks what, Titli has created a problem again. Koel says Titli would have brainwashed Monica.

Manikant says we should have kept Garv away from the marriage. Manikant and Garv argue. They worry for Monica. Hiral says Titli made Monica run away, I might lose my job. Jaishri asks her to calm down. Hiral complains about Titli. Titli stops her scooty in front of Adi’s car. She says sorry aunty, just let Monica and Aditya talk to each other for 2 mins.

Sushma says my son won’t go against my wish. Titli says you liked Monica a lot, what’s her mistake, I request you, please let them talk. Garv says I will go and get Monica. Jaishri and everyone worry. Chintu comes home. Jaishri asks where is Titli. Titli comes back to Garv’s house. Everyone looks on. Garv asks where is Monica. Koel scolds her. Titli shows Monica coming with Aditya and his parents.

Titli says this misunderstanding shouldn’t snatch two lovers’ reason of life. Koel asks her to shut up. Titli says Monica and Adi could have run away and got married, but they didn’t do it, they chose their families in front of love. Koel asks what do you want to say. Titli asks Koel not to sacrifice their love. She requests them not to separate two lovers. She asks Sushma to say what Garv did wrong, he has respected Koel. She says Koel respects you a lot. Garv looks on.

Monica says Titli is right, Koel wasn’t suspecting you. Adi says mom, I have some duties towards Monica, Titli has explained this to me, we have decided to get married. Monica says we want your consent and blessings, will you accept us. They all smile. Garv asks are you sure. Monica and Adi nod. Garv jokes and hugs them.

Koel hugs Sushma. Garv smiles seeing Titli. Titli hugs Monica. She gives the garlands. Monica and Adi get married. Garv sees Titli. Tu hai to mujhe kya chahiye…plays… He thinks I don’t talk to her well and she fixed my family problem. She gets Jaishri’s call. She goes out. She leaves. Titli comes home and tells everything. Hiral says I could have lost my job. Titli says nothing will happen.

Paresh says we are middle class, we will be in trouble if you do this. Titli says I united two lovers. Chintu jokes on Dadi. Jaishri asks Titli to come with her. She says you did a good thing by uniting two lovers, very soon you will get someone who loves you. Garv calls Titli and says I had to thank you, you did a lot for Monica. She asks why, you were sending police to my house. He says I got angry. She says you get angry first and think later. Dadi comes and says you have to meet Sanket tomorrow at the lakeside, you have to get married soon. Garv hears this. Dadi goes. He says what’s wrong with me… He gets thinking.

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