Lost in love starlife update Sunday 9 June 2024

Reeva offers juice to Ishan saying he needs energy to face Surekha. Yashwant and Anvi notice that. Anvi thinks he didn’t have anything when she offered him and now having juice on Reeva’s insistence. She informs Ishan that Surekha’s condition is better now. Ishan rushes towards Surekha’s room and asks doctor about Surekha’s condition.

Doctor says her condition is stable now. Ishan asks if they can meet her. Doctor says yes, but Surekha wants to meet Reeva first. Yashwant asks Reeva to go in. Reeva meets Surekha. Surekha asks why did she save her. Reeva says anyone would have done same. Surekha says she saw the pain and concern in Reeva’s eyes which anyone wouldn’t have done and asks the real reason. Reeva says she knows the reason, Ishan considers her as his mother and loves her immensely. Surekha asks why did she leave Ishan when she loves him so much. Ishan walks in and says Reeva’s mother had blackmailed her to commit suicide if she doesn’t leave for London. Reeva pleads Surekha to forgive her for her mistake and says she wouldn’t have enacted in a play as Surekha if she had know about it beforehand. Surekha says it’s Savi’s mistake who created this drama to ruin their lives and Ishan supported Savi.

Savi gets a sari gift from a mysterious admirer. Ninad says he knows who must have sent it and calls Ishan. Ishan asks who Ninad. Savi asks Harini why azoba is calling chidkiya, she should stop azoba right now. Ninad reminds Ishan that he is retired colonel Ninad Chavan and Savi’s azoba. Ishan apologizes him for not identifying him and asks how is he. Ninad says he is fine and thanks him for saving his life. Ishan says it’s okay. Ninad thanks him for sending a beautiful sari for Savi and requests him to attend Savi’s Satkar ceremony. Ishan says he is mistaken as he didn’t send any gift and already informed Bhavani that he can’t attend the ceremony. Ninad gives phone to Savi. Savi nervously thanks him for his help and disconnects call. Ishan thinks Savi knows he can’t bear her face, even then she is doing all this.

Ishan notices nurse taking soup for Surekha, takes it from her, and walks into Surekha’s room. Surekha refuses to have soup from his hand. Yashwant walks in and requests her, but she says she is not hungry. Reeva walks in next with soup. Ishan asks if she has brought soup, then she should take it back as Surekha doesn’t want to have anything. Reeva says it’s for Yashwant. Yashwant ask her to take it back as he is not hungry. Reeva says it’s a question of his health, she knows nobody had food since 12 hours worried for Surekha and she requests Surekha to have soup. Surekha obeys her. Yashwant says Surekha is following this girl’s orders and not them, looks like they need to bring this girl home. Reeva then serves food to Nishi, Alka, and Shikha considering their preferences. They also get impressed with her.

Ashwini finds a note with sari and gives it to Savi. Savi reads that it’s a gift for her wedding and will receive wedding gifts slowly. Ashwini asks who must have sent this. Ninad asks what it means that rest of the gifts will come slowly. Vinayak says that Savi must have troubled someone, so he/she is pranking her; let’s forgt it and have food.

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