Force of Attraction update Sunday 9 June 2024

Force of attraction 9 June 2024: Ragunath tells Shiv he thinks he is above everyone? Shiv says exactly, I am above everyone in the trust and the best surgeon there. Ragunath says you are really boostful but I will cut your wings by calling a trust meeting and throw you out of the trust.

Mandira smirks and thinks I wanted this only, Padma thinks she gets whatever she wants. Ragunath is about to call a meeting but Dadi stops him and says who are you to do that? Shiv created this hospital to serve people and not become a business center, he treats patients irrespective if they can give money or not so Shiv is the main person to run it, he is the main trustee and will remain so.

Ragunath says look at this condition, he can’t run it. Dadi says he will become fine, you remember the priest said that a girl will come in Shiv’s life and make him better. I am just waiting for that girl to enter his life. Mandira tells Ragunath that its a small mistake, I am an acting trustee because of Shiv’s condition. I have a fear that maybe hospital will have to pay for Shiv’s actions. He looks on.

Shakti looks at Gauri’s photo and says Shiv made my dream come true but I hurt him. I was so happy for today but I feel sad, I won today but I felt like I lost something today. You know you saved me in childhood and today Shiv saved me when that Mandira locked me in the room, when I was weak then he became my strength and made me fulfill my dream. She says Gauri showed me the dream and Shiv fulfilled it. I hugged him in happiness but he got angry, how can I mend things? She cries and hugs her photo.

Mandira is angry at Dadi and says she took away my chance today. She says Shiv challenged me today, he thinks he can rub his power in my face but tomorrow will be the start of Shiv and Shakti’s destruction.

In the morning, the news aboout Shiv and Shakti’s hugging photo gets printed in the news and spread around the city. Shakti and Shiv are praying in the morning.

Shiv tells Nandu that I am trying to calm down but yesterday’s actions are still worrying me. Nandu says you shouldn’t worry about being angry at Ragunath. He says that wasn’t in my control. I am thinking about pushing Shakti away and she was so confused.

Shakti tells Rimjhim that I feel restless, Rimjhim says same here, what if that groom said yes to the marriage? you know I have a prince charming doctor. Shakti says what are you hiding from me? Rimjhim says I mean I have a dream of finding prince charming, she tries to leave but Shakti stops her. She tells her everything that happened in the hospital. Rimjhim says this Mandira is a vamp. Shakti says I can’t do anything about her but I should have controlled myself. She tells her about hugging Shiv and how he threw her away, she says I might have crossed a line. Rimjhim says you are worrying too much about him, what if he is your prince charming? I can see all the signs, you both keep bumping into each other, how he keeps saving you and help you. It feels like you both are soul mates, even your names match. Shakti recalls all her meeting with Shiv and smiles.

Keertan says he should get a gift for Shakti. Sundari puts newspaper there and leaves.

Shiv is getting ready and tells nandu that he will get Shakti’s number. Nandu says you did what you could for that girl, already there was a huge drama in the house because of her so let her be now. Shiv says I feel like I can’t let Shakti be angry or confused because of me, she must be blaming herself because of me.

Mandira comes to the family and sits down for breakfast. She puts the newspaper on the table so they can see the news. Sundari comes there and sees the newspaper, she says Shiv’s photo is in the newspaper. She shows it to Ragunath and is shocked to see it. Dadi asks what happened? he reads the title which says ‘exposing Shiv’s hospital’s malpractices, an affair going on in lieu of scholarships’. All are shocked.

Ragunath reads the newspaper and is shocked to see Shiv’s photo with Shakti hugging him, he reads that Shiv is having an affair in lieu of giving scholarships, all are shocked. Mandira smirks and takes the paper from him. She reads about the scholarship scheme where Shiv uses power to have an affair with students. They were seen in obsene hugging outside the hospital. All are shocked. Ragunath tells Dadi that you still think Shiv is like my father? now I understand why he was taking her side, he is having an affair with her. Gayatri is shocked and says I feel like this girl is right for him but why is all this happening? Shiv comes there and looks on. He sees the newspaper and is shocked. Ragunath says now I understand why you were recommending her and fought with all us, you

never went against the family but you did for a family. You denied Dadi’s proposal of a girl because he has an affair with this girl. Shiv says that’s a lie, I have no relationship with this girl.

Manorama comes to Chacha and tells him about the event where they can earn money for doing pooja. He leaves from there. She takes the newspaper but doesn’t see Shakti and Shiv’s photo.

Mandira tells Ragunath that Shiv is innocent, he might have helped the girl but that girl seems smart, he was helping her and she might have hugged him forcefully, right Shiv? I thought this girl was innocent but then Nandu told me something which I am so ashamed of.. this girl entered Shiv’s room while hiding from everyone. Padma says what? they must be doing cheap acts there. Mandira says these cheap girls can do anything to get money and rich guys.. she might have plotted to trap Shiv. Dadi says Shiv trusts people on their face value, he can’t see all these plotting. Mandira tells Ragunath that if she can reach his bedroom and then she can forcefully hug him too. Shiv starts to leave, Ragunath asks where are you going? Shiv says I am going to Shakti, she needs me right now. All are shocked to hear that.

Shakti is leaving for the hospital but Manorama comes there and slaps her hard. she throws the newspaper at her and says you got the admission like this. Shakti is shocked to read the news. Rimjhim comes there and checks the news. Manorama shouts that Shakti destroyed their honor, we are short on money but all we have is honor which Shakti lost. She tells her that I can live without money but I can’t live without my honor. She is covered in mud and says I went to the mandir and some people insulted me so much and threw mud at me. The flashback shows how in the mandir, women kept taunting her that she is using Shakti to become rich. Manorama tried to stop them but they threw her in the mud and showed her the news, the flashback ends. Shakti cries hearing all that.

Ragunath shouts at Shiv if he is crazy to go there even after all this drama, that girl is a trouble so stay away. Shiv says I need to go there to save her.. look at this photo as it has two people but you all already proved me innocent and say that I was trapped by a gold-digger. Why? because she is a girl so she is characterless and want to trap rich men, why our society keeps blaming girls for everything? If a girl dreams then she has to give her character certificate for everything? you all are blaming her only. I need to save her because I don’t want her to pay this price to fulfill her dream. He angrily leaves.

Manorama shouts at Shakti that I was so proud of you but you brought so much shame on me. I told you that nothing is free in this life, you paid this price to become a doctor? why did you lie and stopp this low? don’t you love us? you just love yourself and your dream. You didn’t even care about honor.

Shiv prays in the mandir for Shakti’s safety till he reaches her.

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