Bitter sweet love starlife update Sunday 9 June 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu crying and recalling everything. Vijay comes and sees her. He cries. He holds her. She says Vaibhav and me… He says I understand. She says I feel like someone has pushed me inside a dark deep tunnel, I can’t see anything. He hugs her and consoles.

He says remember one day, the tunnel has to end at some point, the morning has to come, you ended the evil on the auspicious day, forget it now, whatever will happen now, focus on that, don’t lose courage. Kunal says you will shatter with this pain, you have to get up again and be strong. Tara comes and asks Vandu not to get sad. She wipes Vandu’s tears. She gives the teddy and says you can hold this tight, everything will get fine. Vandu hugs the teddy and Tara. Inder says Vaibhav was going to marry Mrunal.

Sonia asks how can someone act so cheap. Inder asks how can Vandu be so stupid and innocent, poor Vandu. Sonia says this happened with Kunal also, he didn’t know about our affair, poor Kunal. Vandu tries to sleep. She gets up. Vijay says I m here with you, don’t worry, I knew you will stay hurt, so I came to see you, you sleep, I will sit awake. She says no, I m fine, you go and sleep. He says it will be a new morning tomorrow, we will think where to go. He sings Main leke chalun… He puts her to sleep. Inder and Sonia argue about Kunal. He says you are feeling bad for Kunal, you regret it.

She says no, we have no right to call Vaibhav and Mrunal wrong, we did the same with Kunal. He says you are fighting me for Kunal’s sake. She says no, I feel bad for Vandu. He says you would feel bad for Kunal also, then go back to him if you want, your divorce didn’t happen, your daughter is already there, live happily ever after. He gets angry and leaves. Kunal sees Vandu sitting on the stairs and crying. He greets her. He says I was going to jog, I saw you and stopped, sometimes we shouldn’t run, but stop. He explains her.

He says I also used to sit like this and cry a lot when this thing happened with me, its not your mistake, don’t waste your life for someone, life will end, days will pass, you want to think of the person who cheated you, I m not saying that I have conquered over my pain, its difficult but I m trying. She asks is it easy. He says no, its very tough, did I ask you to sing, dance and be positive, no, shout, scream, show your sorrow, let the wound burst out and then heal, empty yourself, then move on, don’t wait for someone to come and hold your hand, become your own support, its your life, your decisions, help yourself, else no one will help yourself, you won’t need anyone’s help. He throws the ball. She catches it. He says think its your happiness, hold it tightly that nobody can ever snatch it. He goes. Sunn re musafir… plays…

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