Lost in love starlife update Monday 10 June 2024

Reeva serves food for Chaudhry family. Nishi says he doesn’t like outside food as.. Reeva says she knows sunflower oil doesn’t suit him, she brought food according to his choice. She next serves food to Asmit and Shikha. They both discuss that Reeva knows their choice. Reeva then serves khichdi to Durva.

Durva throws tantrums that she can’t have spicy khichdi and yells at Reeva. Ishan hears that and tongue lashes Durva for herself being irresponsible, chatting with her friends, and when Reeva is following her responsibility, she is criticizing her. Reeva says she got salad for Durva and gave her a wrong packet instead. She thinks Ishan is taking her side for the first time since she returned.

Savi’s family sits for lunch. She calls Harini to come down and have dinner. Harini gets Kiran’s call who threatens her to take back her complaint against him. She refuses. Door bell rings. He asks her to open the door as he is standing at the door. She panics. Savi asks her why she is not opening the door and herself opens door. She finds someone’s shadow. Two hospital staff disguised as Santa Claus try to sell gifts to Reeva as a charity to fund for children’s ward in the hospital. Ishan hears that, buys all the gifts, asks them to share it among themselves, and picks one green pen. He gifts that pen to Reeva. Reeva asks if he still remembers that she likes to write with a green pen. He says when she is taking care of his family’s needs and knows their preferences, why wouldn’t he remember her preference.

Reeva says Durva’s reaction is obvious as any sister wouldn’t like her brother to be a girl who left her brother. Ishan says whatever it is, Durva doesn’t have any right to insult her and apologizes her. Reeva jokes that Bhosale institute’s director is apologizing her. Ishan says Durva insulted her even after knowing what Reeva did for Surekha and their family. Reeva says she didn’t do any favor as she knows what is Surekha for him, and even then if he wants her to go from there, she will go. He holds her hand and asks her not to go. Surekha notices them and thinks Reeva not only saved her life, she also took care of family, especially Ishan.

Savi notices a man and asks who is it. Man runs away. Savi follows him. His watch falls down. He escapes in his bike without picking his watch. Savi picks watch and thinks he is so fearful of being caught that he left his watch. Harini asks Kiran why did he lie. Kiran laughs and says he is still in Pune jail, but soon he will get out of the jail and will punish her and her sister. He threatens her to take back complaint if she wants him to spare her and her sister. Savi thinks if Kiran is in jail, whom did Savi run behind. Isha visits hospital with laddus for Surekha and asks Asmita if she can meet her. Asmita hesitates fearing Surekha’s hatred towards Isha. Shantanu says he will ask Surekha if she wants to meet Isha.

Vinayak asks who was ringing bell since so long. Savi returns. Harini asks who was on the door. Savi says a man who ran away leaving his watch. Harini thinks she can’t tell Savi about Kiran’s call and ruin her happiness. Shantanu informs Surekha and Yashwant that Isha has come to meet Surekha. Yashwant yells at him and asks him to send Isha back. Surekha stops Shantanu and asks him to send Isha in. Yashwant asks her not to or else her BP will rise. Surekha insists. Yashwant asks what is she up to. Vinayak finds a gift at the door. Savi opens it and finds a jewelry box with a bridal jewelry in it. Vinayak reminds that someone had send a bridal gift earlier with a message that he will continue to send her gifts. Harini checks and says it’s a real gold necklace. They find a chit in it reading that until he marries her, he will continue to send her gifts. Bhavani asks if she doesn’t know who this boy is. Savi says she really doesn’t know. Bhavani says someone knows she is in Ramtek on a vacation and sending her gift. Savi says she already told her. Bhavani says if there is someone in her life, she should be clear.

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