Lost in love starlife update Sunday 21 April 2024

Ashwini blesses Savi on her birthday and offers her Bappa’s idol. Savi asks how did the idol come to her, what is happening here. Lights switch on, and everyone wish her happy birthday. Prateek tells Ishan that he made an excellent arrangement and should be in event management instead of teaching.

Durva and her friends get jealous seeing Savi’s birthday arrangements. Duirva calls Nishi. Isha takes Savi away and returns getting Savi ready in a pretty dress. Savi says arrangement is really nice and asks who made it. Prateek asks Ishan to move ahead. Savi asks Shukla if he made arrangements. Shukla points at Ishan. Baji Rao walks in from behind Ishan. Savi asks Baji if he made these arrangments. Baji offers her a rose, wishes her happy birthday, and says he can do a lot more for her. Savi says she can’t forget this birthday.

Isha says let us cut the cake. Savi is about to cut a cake when Nishi walks in with Durva and her gang and orders to stop the party as they can’t party in college’s auditorium on college’s expenses. Ishan says party is organized by students with their personal contribution. Durva’s gang says nobody took contribution from them and they didn’t know about the party. Ishan asks him to let it go. Nishi continues to shout. Preeti says a set of students contributed for the party as they wanted to keep it a surprise for Savi. Shantanu says it’s Savi’s mistake that she didn’t invite Nishi for the party, Nishi likes cake a lot, so Savi should cut a cake and serve it to Nishi fast. Savi cuts cake and serves it to Nishi.

Savi tells Ashwini that she will introduce her to Ishan sir. Ishan gets a call and walks away. Reeva calls Ishan. Baji walks to Savi takes cake from her. Savi introduces him to Ashwini and explains how Baji helped them in Harini’s case. Ashwini thanks Baji. Baji says elders should bless youngsters and not thank them and touches her feet.

Ashwini blesses him. Ashwini then gets emotional with Harini for not being around her when she needed her the most. Harini asks her not to bother as she herself is not bothered at all. Ashwini blesses Savi and Harini and misses Vinu and Bhavani in the party. Savi says let it go as they both didn’t even call and wish her happy birthday. Ashwini offers her home-made modaks. Savi gets happy eating them.

Ishan returns and bumps on Baji in a corridor. Baji asks how is he. Ishan tongue lashes him for gate crashing into uninvited party being an ex-student and taking credit of it. Baji says a man with green blindness sees everything green. Ishan gives him a befitting reply. Baji gets a call and leaves. Prateek walks to Ishan and asks what is he doing here. Ishan asks if he saw Baji’s attitude, what does he think of himself. Prateek asks him to forget Baji and see how happy Savi is. Ishan returns to party and says he feels good seeing Savi happy. Shukla walks to Ishan and takes credit of organizing party. Ishan asks him to stay away from him for sometime. Shukla says Ishan himself told not to give credit of party to him. Ishan says he made a big mistake. Shukla walks away confused.

Savi walks to them and asks what happened to Shukla. Prateek says he is a bit confused. Savi thanks Ishan for giving permission to Baji Rao and her friends to celebrate her birthday. Ishan wishes her happy birthday. Savi thanks him and offers him cake. Reeva looking at Ishan’s photo tells him that they had promised 6 months ago to be together always, she didn’t break her promise and still loves him. She expresses her love for Ishan and slips. Her mother holds her. Savi touches Ishan’s feet and takes his blessings. Ishan says he is not that big that she touches her feet and asks what blessings she wants. Savi says she wants to become an IAS officer and says she wants to introduce him to her grandmother. Ishan asks her to wait for a second and murmurs into Prateek’s ears to bring Savi’s gift. Prateek brings gift and Ishan is about to give it to her when somone comes and Savi pays attention to him/her.

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