Vani Rani update Friday 19 April 2024

Vani Rani 19 April 2024: Scene 1Sartak sits next to Anjali/ Anjali says where are you lost? Why are you not preparing? Sartak goes to put his bag in luggage. Adi comes and sits next to Anjali. Anjali says you here? Adi says I am where you are.

Sartak says if professor gets to know he will be mad. Adi says I asked him. i am in team too go and ask him. Sartak says get up this is my seat. Adi says sit behind. Anjali says adi get up. he says you want to me to get up. She says sartak you sit behind. Sartak sits behind in anger.Adi says where will we go? Anjali says how you came? He says on base of my talent.

I told principal that anjali can’t live without me. he recalls Prabah woke him up and said you wanted to go on trip too right? She told him a plan. Adi said wow you made such a good plan. Prabha said never leave your love alone. You never know someone has eyes on her. SArtak is angry to see them happy.

Scene 2Kaviya gets her photoshoot done. She says avinash let me go and change. Nandani comes there.They arrive at the destination. Sartak sees Adi and Anjali together. He says rooms are allotted. Group A and B will be on first floor and rest people on ground floor. Anjali you are in group A. lets go. Anajli and adi are sad. They look at each other. Anjali goes with Sartak. Adi’s boys come as well.

Kaviya says bhabi I.. Nandani says what are you doing? In these clothes? I dont understand you are doing this. Why hiding it from your family? If you wanna be a model there is nothing wrong with it. You are not doing anything wrong. Why are you hiding it? Kaviya says I wish everyone thought like you. Nandani says always follow your dreams. Look at me. I will always be by your side. Kaviya hugs her and says thank you so much. I was so scared. Nandani says fulfill your dreams. Nandan says if you get late I will handle everything. Kaviya says love you. Nandani says in heart now see what I do.

Sartak comes to room and says i don’t know if I did right or wrong but Adi came here to just flirt with Anjali.Adi comes there and says Sartak let me live in this room and you take mine. Sartak says this is my room. Adi says Anjali is on this floor. Sartak says so what? Go from here I have to prepare. Adi says what is wrong with Sartak?Rani recalls Sartak crying. Ajay says what are you thinking? She says I am worried for Sartak. He was crying like a child. He is really hurt. Ajay says don’t worry. He is brave enough. Just pray for him.

Scene 3Mishti says where is Kaviya? She didn’t text me today? Mishti asks rani why you look worried? She says just worried about sartak Mishti says Adi is there for him dont’ worry.Adi and Anjali are together. Anjali says lets go and sid with sartak. HE looks upset. Adi says he is always serious. Anjali says lets go to him. They come there. Sartak wakes up. Adi says look around so much beauty. Sartak says thats your thing not mine.

Kaviya comes home late. She says what to do now. Someone opens the lock. Its Nandani. Nandani says don’t worry its me. I handled everything. Kaviyaa says really? Thank you. Nandani said to Vani kaviya called and said she is studying at a friend’s place and if she gets late I will go and pick her up.

Anjali is discussing questions with Sartak. Adi throws roses towards her. Anjali says stop it. Bon fire is going on. Sartak looks at them. A girl says there will be a friendly football competition. Anjali and Sartak are playing with roses.

Mishti says to Kaviya why didn’t you call and inform me. Kaviya says nandani bahbhi saved the situation. Mishti says but you should have told me. Kaviya says you are young be it. Go and sleep.

Scene 2In the morning. Ajay brushes Mishti’s hair. Rani is looking for thali. She says its in kitchen. Mishti says everyone worries about Sartak. Ajay says you are the real queen of this house. Msihti says Kaviya scolded me. Ajay says but she loves you the most. Ajay saays don’t worry about it.

The match starts. Adi plans for it. Anjali comes and says all the best everyone. Adi says will you cheer for me? She says yes. Sartak says can we start the game? The game starts. Anjali says saartak is playing so well. Sartak doesn’t pass the ball to Adi and their team misses the goal. Adi says to why are you not passing? Sartak says only you can goal? Not everything will go like you. I will do what I think is right. The match starts again. Sartak goals. Everyone cheers for him. Sartak gets a yellow card. Anjali says I think Sartak is in tension. Sartak doesn’t pass the ball to Adi. Another player gets injured. Sartak gets a red card and goes out. Adi does another goal. Everyone cheers for him.

Nandani breaks a vase. Rani comes there. She says this was Vani’s fav. Nandani says i am so sorry I was walking. Vani mama would be so angry at me. Parkash comes there.parkash says rnai can you do anything properly? This was so expensive. Nandani says I broke it by mistake. Rani says no I broke it. I am sorry. Vani saw everything.

Scene 3Anajli says sartak will you tell me what is wrong with you? Adi says it was like he was playing in their team. Anjali says sartak please tell us what is wrong. You are stressed. She caresses his face. Sartak shoves her. Adi says are you mad? Don’t you know how to behave with girls? Sartak says now you will tell me how to behave with girls? Who keepss switching girls. All girls are playing material for you. Anjali says whats wrong with you. Sartak says whats wrong with you? You had so many ethics then how did you fall for a playboy like him? What is your real face? The girl who valued love is loving someone who buys love? You disgust me now. You stooped so low. Anjali shouts shut up.


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