Lost in love starlife update Monday 22 April 2024

Savi tells Ishan that she wants to introduce him to her grandmother and asks him to accompany her. Ishan murmurs in Prateek’s ear to get Savi’s gift and asks Savi to wait for a minute. Prateek brings gift and Ishan is about to give it to Savi when Baji Rao offers his gift to Savi.

Savi opens it and is surprised to see her painting as Jhansi Ki Rani. Baji says he imagines her a Jahnsi ki rani as he always found her fighting for herself and others. Everyone clap. Prateek tells Ishan that Baji won the game even this time, he had asked Ishan to reveal Savi that he organized the party and take credit. Ishan says he didn’t organize party for the credit. Prateek says his face has turned red in anger. Savi thanks Baji for organizing a party for her. Baji says he didn’t and even couldn’t arrange a gift on time and is here on Shantanu’s invitation. Savi asks who organized party then.

Swati scolds Reeva for sitting outside their hotel in a cold and looking at Ishan’s photo. She says she used to be a brilliant student, but failed in her semester and hence college canceled her scholarship and they have to return to India now. Reeva feels happy that she doesn’t have to be in a cage anymore and will return to India to her Ishan. Swati asks if she has gone out of her mind.

Durva and her friends feel jealous seeing Savi’s birthday party and think someone has funded this party or else it’s impossiblefor student to organize such a lavish party. Nishi thinks they are right, he needs to find out who funded this party via Shukla. He tricks Shukla and learns that Ishan organized this party. He thinks he can’t believe that Ishan is wandering behind Sav, he needs to inform about it to Yashwant.

Baji Rao leaves party. Ashwini asks Savi to introduce her to Ishan sir. Savi searches for Ishan and finds him missing from the party. Ishan fumes while driving car recalling Baji and Savi’s chemistry. Prateek asks him to calm down. Isha asks Shantanu about Ishan as she has to go now. Shantanu asks her to wait for 2-3 days. Isha says she needs to drop Ashwini back home. She gets her college principal’s call who informs that she is being transferred to Pune by the education department and needs to report at the office tomorrow.

Isha is shocked to hear that and informs Shantanu. She thinks where will she stay in Pune. Shantanu excitedly says she has her own house and all her stuff is kept same as she left. Isha asks him to take a deep breath and agrees to stay at their house. She says she should inform Ashwini about it. Shantanu calls his friend in education department and thanks him for arranging Isha’s transfer.

Harini tells Savi that he will go home now. Ashwini says even she needs to go. Savi insists her to stay back. Ashwini says she needs to return for Ninad as he doesn’t keep well these days. Harini says they should thank Ishan for everything. Savi asks why Ishan sir. Harini nervously says Ishan gave permission for the party, so they should thank him. Ashwini hugs them both. Isha stops Nishi and talks to him. She asks why didn’t he come to meet her. Nishi says she looked busy, so he didn’t feel to disturb him. Isha says she will talk to him however busy she is.

She congratulates him for Durva’s alliance and asks why he looks angry. Nishi says he felt irritated hearing children shouting. Shantanu walks to them. Nishi expresses his displeasure that Ishan organized Savi’s birthday party and is roaming around her. Isha asks who said that. Nishi says whole staff and students are talking about it. He tells Shantanu that they will talk at home. Shantanu says he will not return home tonight and asks him to inform Yashwant and Surekha about it. Nishi leaves fuming.

Ishan questions Shantanu about Nishi’s rude behavior. Shantanu reveals that Bhosale family thinks she wants to return back in Ishan’s life via Savi and hence is pushing Savi towards Ishan. Isha criticizes their cheap thinking. Savi thinks why Harini asked her to thank Ishan.

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