Lost in love starlife update Sunday 19 May 2024

Ishan tells Isha that it’s not just a question of his college but also his student’s future. Shantanu asks him to be kind to the candidates. Ishan asks Shukla too call the next candidate. Savi shows Ninad’s file to doctors in trust hospital. They all refuse to help her and suggest her to take her azoba back to her village as the chances of his survival are very grim.

She says she can’t let her azoba die just like this. She thinks her azoba took her baba’s place after his baba’s death, she doesn’t know how to save her azoba.

Shukla informs Reeva for the interview. Reeva walks into interview room. Ishan drops his water glass in a shock. Isha asks what happened. Shantanu says maybe glass slipped by mistake. Isha asks Reeva to sit.

Ishan warns Reeva to dare not sit and asks who let her in. Isha asks why is he misbehaving with the candidate. Ishan says she is not fit to be a professor. Isha says she already checked this candidate’s credentials. Shantanu tries to explain Isha. Isha stops him and says she is a Pune education board’s representative and threatens to stop the interview for the day if Ishan doesn’t conduct candidate’s interview. Ishan asks her to go ahead. She threatens to write to the board and get university grants for Bhosale institute canceled. Nishi requests Ishan to take Reeva’s interview as their college is going through financial crisis and will be in big trouble if university grants stop. Ishan agrees to take the interview.

Bhavani cries seeing Ninad’s condition. Haini tries to comfort her. Savi returns and asks her not to worry as they will arrange money somehow and get Azoba’s treatment. Bhavani as usual in her most arrogant tone yells at Savi and warns her not to act as worried for azoba and show her fake effort, Vinu is putting efforts to save azoba and wandering around, her presence doesn’t matter to them here, etc. Vinu returns and says he spoke to the doctor and he agreed to reduce his consultation frees from 10000 rs to 6000 rs.

Bhavani asks what will happen with just 4000 rs reduction. Vinu says he is a student here and that’s all he can do. Savi says he is not doing a favor and it’s his duty to save azoba. Vinu asks who is she to question him, what is she doing here, and what has she done till now. Savi says when she does something, she doesn’t count like him. Harini asks them to stop fighting as it’s a time to stay united and think of ways to save azoba.

Isha asks Reeva to relax, have some water, and then start the interview. Reeva says she is ready. Isha asks why does she need this job. Reeva says this job is everything for her. Isha asks if she loves to teach students. Reeva says she needs this job to get her true love, looking at Ishan. Isha says earlier candidate told teaching is their passion and she said teaching is her first love, getting this job is her chance to get her love. Reeva says absolutely madam. Ishan asks if she was a student in this college before. Reeva says yes. Ishan asks why did she leave midway then. Reeva says she got a chance to study at London Business School and had to leave Bhosale institute. Ishan says she got a better opportunity and left Bhosale institute midway.

Reeva says if she knew the consequences, she wouldn’t have left him. Ishan asks what does she mean. Reeva says she means Bhosale institute, she was forced by her mother to join London business school, but she wasn’t feeling good there and left business school midway and returned here. Ishan says she is such an opportunistic girl who just bothers about herself and doesn’t care what people around her go through because of her, there is no guarantee that she will leave Bhosale institute if she gets some other opportunity. Reeva says she can sign a bond paper that she will never leave Bhosale institute as it’s her life now.

Shantanu says let us stop personal questions and start a property interview. Reeva answers to all the panel’s questions. Isha says she may leave now and they will inform her about their decision. Reeva leaves. Vinu continues to argue. Bhavani says she will sell her Ramtek house to fund Ninad’s treatment. Savi asks where will they stay then. Bhavani says she, Ninad, and Ashwini will stay in an old age or road, but Ninad’s life is more important. Vinu asks if she is out of her mind, there are only 30% chances of Ninad’s survival after surgery and she can’t waste their house for ninad. Bhavani there is no practicality between relationships and she will try to save Ninad even if there are 2% chances of survival.

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