Lost in love starlife update Monday 20 May 2024

Bhavani tells Vinayak that when a family member is dying, they don’t see their chance of survival; she will sell her house even if there is a 2% chance of Ninad’s survival. Savi says there is no need to sell the house, she is in talks with trust hospitals and will get Ninad’s admission there in a few days. Bhavani says they don’t have much time.

Vinayak says he will not let Bhavani sell the house, she may stay in an old age home or road, but he wants that house when he returns to Ramtek after his studies to sell it and open his clinic. Savi warns him to mind his tongue. Vinayak warns her to shut up and continues his misbehavior with Bhavani, leaving Bhavani in shock. Savi gives him a tight slap. Vinayak shouts how dare she is.Isha gets out

of interview room. Shantanu asks if she knew what she did just now and tries to explain. Isha with her usual self-obsessed nature asks if he didn’t see Ishan misbehaving with candidates, she can’t let him do that. Nishikant says people say right that it’s kalyug where a mother herself is troubling her son. Isha says she knows he doesn’t like her. Nishi says it’s not a question of him liking her or not, it’s a question of Ishan; does she know whose interview she took just now and supported her. Shantanu says she was Reeva Marathe who left Ishan before their sakharpuda /engagement. Isha is shocked to hear that.

Nishi says Reeva came to college 2 days ago and then home to pester Ishan, Ishan is emotionally distraught with this and his own mother became a reason for his condition. Shantanu asks if Reeva had come to their house. Nishi says yes, how will Shantanu know when he doesn’t stay at home. He asks what kind of parents they are who is increasing their own son’s pain. Isha says she didn’t knew about it. Nishi says whole family is trying to lessen Ishan’s pain and protect him, but his own mother is trying to get a girl in his life who betrayed him; he prays god that no one gets a mother like Isha. Ishan’s delusion of being always right shatters and she sits shattered.

Savi says Vinayak’s acts deserved a slap; she thought getting Isha attacked was his mistake, but he proved her wrong. Bhavani is shocked to hear that and asks if he got Isha attacked, why did he do that. Savi says Vinayak was involved in planning of Ishan’s attack. Vinayak says it was Samrudh and Mandar’s plan. Savi says he was supporting them; badi aaji paid his fees with azoba’s retirement money, he should respect that. Vinayak warns her to respect him as only he can get azoba’s treatment. Ward boy informs him that he needs to deposit 10 lakhs for Ninad’s treatment.

Vinayak asks Savi to pay 10 lakhs and get azoba’s treatment and walks towards door. Bhavani tries to stop him. He says he will not stay here until Savi is here and walks away. Bhavani scolds Savi and says now Vinayak will not help them. Savi says he wasn’t helping them, getting 4000 rs off from 10 lakhs is not a help and above that he was against spending on Azoba’s treatment, she has a an idea for azoba’s treatment.

Isha says she will not let Reeva return in Ishan’s life at any cost. She walks to Reeva and asks if she is the same Reeva Marathe who left her son at sakarpuda. Reeva asks if Ishan is her son. Isha says Ishan is her son and asks why is she troubling Ishan. Reeva says she loves Ishan and can never hurt him. Isha says hurting someone is not love. Reeva says if she is not wrong. Isha also left Ishan when he was a child and whatever the reason is, she didn’t try to contact him again. Isha asks her not to compare herself with her.

Reeva says she is not comparing and says many times things don’t look the way they want to look; there is one thing common in them that they want to return in Ishan’s life. Isha says Reeva lied that she loves teaching. Reeva says she didn’t lie and requests her not to get her out of the interview. Isha says Reeva’s fate is good that she can’t change her marks, but she doesn’t want Reeva to trouble Ishan again and she will never forgive Reeva for what she did today.

Savi visits a trust hospital and asks admin if she can get the medicines for free. Admin says yes. She asks if she can shift her azoba to this hospital. Admin says there is no bed available and surgery schedule is full for 2 weeks. She asks if she can bring her azoba here though. He says she can see if she can get a space in corridor. She walks to corridor and sees many patients lying there. She calls her friend and asks her to bring her foldable bed, mango cartoons, hammer, and some nails to her sent address.

After the interviews, Isha asks Ishan if they can have lunch and she needs to talk to him. He asks regarding interview> She says personal. Ishan walks away from there. He reaches watchman and tongue lashes him for failing to perform his duty and asks why did he let Reeva in even after his repeated warning. Watchman says he sent her out twice, but don’t know how she reentered again. A teacher informs him that it’s not watchman’s mistake but Savi’s who got Reeva inside the college. Ishan recalls Savi trying to introduce him to a girl and thinks it’s Savi’s mistake. Savi sets up a bed in hospital’s corridor and makes a fencing out of mango cartoon box’s wood.

She sends it’s pic to Harini and asks her to to shift azoba there. Harini informs Bhavani that Savi arranged a bed and free treatment for azoba in a different hospital. Ishan calls Savi and asks her to reach college immediately. Savi says she can’t she is busy in her personal work. He warns her to reach college in 45 minutes or else face suspension. Savi thinks what happened to Ishan.

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