Lost in love starlife update Saturday 13 April 2024

Savi reads Ishan’s message and imagines him in front of her. Ishan says he sent her a study material he used to clear UPSC exam, these books are tried and tested and will help her for sure. Savi says she rightly calls her chidkiya as his mood is unpredictable; she has a lot of tensions in life, she needs to gather money for Harini, is feeling very hungry, etc.

Ishan asks her to stop as he is helping her as a friend and not mentor, she should read these books and make use of it. Savi gets out of imagination and smiles.

Yashwant calls Patil/Mandar and seeks his opinion regarding Sam and Durva’s alliance. Patil says Sam likes Durva a lot and it’s yes from their side, now the ball is in Yashwant’s court. Yashwant says then they will perform sakarpuda ritual after diwali festival. Patil says festivals will happen, they will perform the ritual before that and disconnects call. Samrudh asks Patil why he is is in a hurry. Patil says he spent the money he got in renting this house, Sam’s car, and Leela’s fees, they need to hurry up before all the money vanishes. Samrudh asks him not to worry as he will influence Durva so much that she will believe only him and not even god.

Ashwini calls Savi and asks if she had food. Savi thinks how aaji finds out that she is hungry. Ashwini says she it’s her birthday in a week and preparations start from today itself, she has prepared her favorite food and will have food with her as usual. She asks her to switch on videocall and have food with her. Savi picks a biscuit pack and says there is a network issue, so she can’t switch on video call. She asks about azoba Ninad. Ashwini says he as usual remembers things sometimes and sometimes forgets, he thinks Virat and Sai will return soon and sometimes rememebrs that Savi has gone to Pune to fulfill her dreams.

Savi asks what about badi aaji Bhavani. Ashwini says she is silent after returning from Pune and doesn’t scold anyone. Savi says she supported Kiran here and considered her wrong as usual. Ashwini hears crunching sound and asks what is it. Savi says she is having fritters. Ashwini says she will perform pooja for her tomorrow and disconnects call.

Next day, Savi searches for a teaching job but is rejected sighting her young age and other reason. Kar Hari Maidaan Fateh… song plays in the background. During lunch break, Navya invites Savi to the canteen. Savi says she needs to study and sends her away. She applies for a teaching job online and hopes she gets a job soon. She feels weak during dance practice. Durva’s friends taunt her. Ishan starts his class after a break. Savi gets busy reading a message from Kalra coaching classes and smiles. Ishan notices that and scolds her. Savi says she has some important work, can she excuse herself. Ishan permits her. Savi calls Kalra coaching classes and is invited for an interview after an hour. She gets back to class. Once Ishan’s class finishes, she rushes out of the class, leaving Ishan fuming.

Savi visits coaching class where it’s boss praises her academic achievement and offers her a job. Savi gets happy and asks when shall she start teaching. Boss says it’s a different job. Savi says she has a class to attend now. Boss says she has to accept the job right now if she wants it. Savi agrees. Ishan restarts class and finds Savi missing. Ayush jokes that she is tired of studies now. Ishan warns him not to joke on Savi as she must be having some important work. After class, Prateek meets Ishan and jokes if he got tired of him that he is searching for a girl. Ishan it’s Surekha’s idea. Prateek asks if Savi accepted his friendship. Ishan says Savi is ungrateful to him, he sent his study material to her and she didn’t even thank him, she started skipping his classes and ignoring him. Surekha calls him and informs him that he is going to meeting a girl this Saturday.

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