Evil Affairs starlife update Saturday 13 April 2024

Nikki wakes up in the morning and sees Rachna and other women waiting. Rachna greets her and tells that they don’t wake up the sleeping princess. She asks her to come and complete yesterday’s ritual. Nikki tells that she will not do any ritual until she meets Piyush.

Aarohi comes there and asks Rachna to go. She congratulates Nikki for become royal bride. She tells that she shall do the rasams, and promises that she will make her meet Piyush once the rasam completes. She tricks Nikki and asks her to think her as her elder sister, and says you have to take Par Dada and Par Dadi’s blessings. She hugs her. Nikki comes to Par Dada and Par Dadi. Par Dada tells that when he saw her lat, he didn’t know that she will do the rasam. He asks her not to fly high and respects all elders. Sumitra asks her to touch only the dust under their feet. Nikki touches the floor where they are sitting. Dadi asks her to complete all the rituals. Nikki looks at Aarohi. Sumitra asks her to take her to take their ancestors’ blessings.

Nikki sees nobody on the chair in the mirror and gets shocked, realizing they are dead. She goes with Aarohi and does the aarti of their ancestors. Anjali’s photo frame calls her and she walks towards it. She touches Anjali’s photo and Anjali’s death flashes infront of her eyes. She shouts Anjali and asks what she was telling about the rasams. Kapalika smiles. Aarohi and Rachna asks how did she know Anjali? Nikki says she was telling about rasams and asks what was her relation with Piyush? Sumitra comes there. Nikki says I will ask Piyush. Sumitra asks her to stop her. Nikki goes out and calls Piyush. Piyush sees her. Nikki asks him about Anjali. Piyush says she was my first wife. Nikki gets shocked. Sumitra tells Vikram that Nikki came to know about Anjali. Vikram asks who told her. Aarohi says Rachna and I didn’t tell her. Prateik says I trust you and asks her to tell. Aarohi says she touched Anjali’s photo frame and took her name suddenly.

Nikki confronts Piyush for telling her first he was an orphaned and then lying about the rasams, and now this. She doubts his love. Piyush says his love is real for her. Nikki asks Piyush to tell. Piyush asks her to come. Prateik tells Vikram that Piyush might have told her, and says she just knows the name. He says what will happen if she refuses to do the rasams then? Vikram tells that everything will be finished and Malik will snatch whatever he has given us, and will give us a painful death.

Piyush tells Nikki that he didn’t tell her about Anjali and don’t want to bring her here, as he didn’t want his past to fall on her. Nikki says it doesn’t matter. Piyush says he had no option, and says Anjali’s death had shattered me. He says he ran away from here and came to Goa, where he met her. He says he was afraid that she will leave him, and tells Nikki that he loves her and she is his first and last love. Nikki asks if he doesn’t love her. Vikram says he got Piyush married to Anjali, as he doesn’t like her so that when she does shaitani rasmein, his heart doesn’t get wrenched, but this time he loves Nikki, says we have to stop Piyush. He says he didn’t know that Anjali’s heart was weak.

Piyush tells that the marriage was forced on him, and tells everyone that Anjali refused to slaughter the goat and running from there. Piyush recalls her accidental death. He then lies to her about Anjali’s mental condition and she committed suicide. He tells that her death shocked him and he came to Goa. He apologizes to her for not telling her. He says now truth came out, my past will not affect our present, we can start our life with honesty.

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