Lost in love starlife update Monday 27 May 2024

Ishan tells Savi that she has to become IAS officer and fulfill her azoba’s dream of roaming in a red light fixed car, so she has to study well. Savi nods yes. Wardboy informs Ishan that doctor is calling him. Ishan goes to meet a doctor. Bhavani asks who is that boy. Savi says he is he professor Ishan sir.

Bhavani asks why is he helping her. Savi says he helps everyone, he had helped her with her hostel placement and IAS study material, he helped even Harini in her singing career, and even helped with Shukla’s mother’s surgery. Bhavani says it’s obvious to question when a boy helps a girl. Savi further reveals that Ishan is Isha’s son whom she problem with. Ashwini backs Savi and says Ishan and Savi’s friends even celebrated Savi’s birthday.

Bhavani says she will thank Ishan, but will thank Savi first for her efforts towards her family’s care. She says when Savi eloped from her marriage, she doubted her own upbringing, but now she is proud of her upbringing; she had a wrong hope on her grandson who showed her a mirror and made her feel guilty for gender biasing; she realized that daughters can be more helpful than sons sometimes. They go to hospital’s canteen to have food. Vinayak feels guilty for being selfish and apologizes Savi. Savi asks her to forget the past and be happy with the family.

Isha with Shantanu walks to Savi. Savi emotionally runs and hugs her. Isha says she learnt about her azoba via Navya and came to meet her, why didn’t she inform her about her problem. Savi says she had called her, but she didn’t pick her call and later she got busy in the hospital. Ashwini tells Bhavani that Savi respects Isha a lot and hugs her whenever she meets her. Bhavani greets Isha and says her son Ishan helped them a lot in Ninad’s surgery. She apologizes Ishan for her earlier misbehavior and praises Ishan’s good upbringing and says she gave very good sanskars to her son. Ishan returns and tells Bhavani that she is mistaken, he was brought up by his akka saheb and he is thankful to her akka saheb for whatever he is today, so they souldn’t be in a confusion that someone else bought him up. He says it was nice to meet them and walks away from there.

Bhavani says Ishan is like Savi’s father Virat who is Ashwini’s son, but she bought him up and he used to respect her along and used to share all his happiness with her. She then says though he used to do that, he used to go to Ashwini whenever he used to go to Ashwini whenever he was in pain or was hungry. She further says that a mother is most important to the child, and in a joint family, all elders mould a child’s sanskars, etc. Isha gets disheartened and walks away from there. Bhavani asks what happened to her Isha madam. Savi says its a long story, she will explain it to her later. Wardboy informs them that azoba is being shifted to his hospital bed, and they all go to attend him.

Savi visits Isha to celebrate Isha’s birthday. Shantanu opens door and says Isha is feeling low today and asks her not to get disappointed if she can’t get a smile on Isha’s face. Savi walks to Isha and wishes her happy birthday. Isha sits upset. Shantanu asks her to forget an old issue and celebrate her birthday. Isha says she is a bad mother and didn’t take care of her son. Shantanu fails to calm her down.

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