Bitter sweet love starlife update Monday 27 May 2024

The Episode starts with Sonia saying I came here to give you a gift, Tara, you always wanted a daughter, keep her with you. Vandu says how can a mum get away from her daughter. Inder says I have raised her for 7 years, she is your daughter, I should give her to you. Kunal asks why now. Sonia says I m going to marry Inder after giving you a divorce, we will enjoy our married life.

Guneet says you should have some shame. Sonia says this is Kunal’s child, when he asked me to leave his life, I was pregnant, I didn’t tell Kunal thinking he will assume the baby to be Inder’s child. Pammi asks will we believe this if you say. Sonia says get DNA test done and you will know is she Kunal’s daughter or not, I m sure, every mum knows whose baby she is carrying.

Kunal says this is sick, you both listen to me and understand, don’t tie this scam to my neck, take her and get out. Sonia says get DNA test done, she is your daughter. He shouts no, she isn’t my daughter. Inder asks Vedika to explain Kunal. Vedika says you are a stain on the name of friendship, Kunal regarded you a brother, Kunal and dad helped you a lot, you should be ashamed. Pammi scolds Sonia. She says Kunal loved Sonia and married her, but Sonia had an affair with Inder and left.

Sonia says Kunal had no stand, he used to do everything on Kuldeep’s sake, Inder is a self made man, not a puppet. Kunal asks Inder to say how he got success. He says dad and I helped Inder achieve success, Inder trapped you in his love so that he gets trade secrets from our company, he used you, he is still using you. Inder asks what do you mean. Kunal says Sonia came to you because you have success, you are with her to show me that you snatched everything from me. Inder smiles and taunts Kunal.

Kunal and Inder start fighting. Everyone tries to stop them. Mrunal likes the drama. Sonia asks Kunal to leave Inder. She says you are still the same Kunal, you have ruined a lot of things in anger. Kunal says fine, I will always be the same, do you care. Vandu recalls Kunal’s anger. Sonia says send the divorce papers and don’t send your daughter to me. Kunal asks are you mad, take away your daughter. Sonia says bye, I have to make a new start. Inder asks Kunal to have fun. They leave. Kunal says you can’t do this, take her away. Vandu thinks poor Tara isn’t at fault. Tara asks where did mumma and Inder uncle go. She calls Kunal as Papa and holds his hand.

Kunal recalls Sonia’s words. Vandu says I m with you, don’t cry. Vedika says this girl has come home on Navratri, we will take care of her. Vijay asks Vandu to come. Vedika says sorry. Vaibhav asks Vandu to come. Mrunal says leave it, we shouldn’t care. They all go. Tara says I want to be with Vandu. Kunal sits angered and recalls the past. FB shows Kunal sees Inder and Tara at some café. He starts beating Inder and scolds him. Sonia asks him to stop it. Kunal says Sonia, he is using you against me. Inder says you are jealous of me.

Inder asks Kunal to ask Sonia. He says she loves me, not you. Kunal says she loves me. Sonia comes in between and stops their fight. He says I love you Sonia. She says I don’t, I love Inder, let me live, I feel suffocated with you, its my decision to live with Inder. Inder asks did you understand. FB ends. Kunal breaks a mirror in anger. Vandu comes. She cares for his wound. He asks her to leave him. She helps him and asks is it hurting. He says I can’t tolerate this pain. Tara comes there.

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